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The Brokeback Mountain cast and crew have been stumping for the film since is began debuting at film festivals earlier this year. Expect the interviews to continue full throttle through the expanded release and into the awards season. Check back often.

Ang Lee (director)

go to the IMDB page on Ang Lee's work (including directing Brokeback Mountain) Taiwan-born director Ang Lee is one of the most gifted directors of the past decade, including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Sense and Sensibility; The Wedding Banquest and The Ice Storm.

E. Annie Proulx (short story)

go to Annie Proulx's website (author of the Brokeback Mountain short story) Annie Proulx writing has earned her National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize awards. Her other notable works include The Shipping News (later adapted to the screen) and her first published novel, Postcards.
  • Annie Proulx describes her encounter with the movie: More Powerful Than My Words (THE AGE [Australia] an essay from Brokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay [Scribner 2005], Annie Proulx, 04-Feb-2006)
  • Terrific audio interview with Annie Proulx (BOOKWORM/KCRW, 19-Jan-2006) also available as a Podcast through iTunes
  • John Detrixhe interviews Annie Proulx (BOOK SLUT, Dec-2005)
  • Annie Proulx discusses the origins of Brokeback Mountain with A.P., courtesy of Newsday (15-Dec-2005)
  • Interview with Annie Proulx at Planet Jackson Hole (07-Dec-2005)
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB) background on Annie Proulx and her movie work including the original short story for Brokeback Mountain

Heath Ledger (Ennis Del Mar)

go to the IMDB page on Heath Ledger's work (including his performance as Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain) Australian Heath Ledger, who has been seen as a future star for several years now, is suddenly breaking through. He's also leads in Casanova in theaters now.

Jake Gyllenhaal (Jack Twist)

go to Jake Gyllenhaal's website (includes his performance as Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain Jake Gyllenhaal captured a lot of attention for a stunning role in the cult classic Donnie Darko. He became a mainstream star with The Day After, one of the biggest films of 2004. He stars in Jarhead, winding up its theater run now, and is working on Zodiac, currently in production.

Michelle Williams (Alma Del Mar)

go to the IMDB page on Michelle Williams' work (including her performance as Alma Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain) Michelle Williams was most widely known for her role in TV series Dawson's Creek. She's worked in several feature films, but garnered little critical attention prior to Brokeback Mountain.

Anne Hathaway (Lureen Newsome)

go to the IMDB page on Anne Hathaway's work (including her performance as Lureen Newsome in Brokeback Mountain) Anne Hathaway was perhaps best known for her breakthrough role in The Princess Diaries, opposite Julie Andrews.
  • Anne Hathaway talks with the Boston Globe about her role and the filiming of Brokeback Mountain (27-Dec-2005)
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB) background on Anne Hathaway and her movie work including her performance as Lureen Newsome, Jack Twist’s wife, in Brokeback Mountain

Roberta Maxwell (Jack's mother)

go to the IMDB page on Roberta Maxwell's work (including her performance as Jack's mother in Brokeback Mountain) Roberta Maxwell gives a stunning but brief performance as Jack’s mother in Brokeback Mountain. The Seattle Weekly rightly noted her performance in its roundup of Two-Minute Oscars for 2005. In her four decades of work Maxwell has delivered as many performance as years she’s acted, including both television and movies.
  • Hollywood Elsewhere fawns over Roberta Maxwell's performance in Brokeback Mountain, plus some interesting insider tidbits (Jeffrey Wells, Jan 2006; scroll way down)
  • Roberta Maxwell talks to the Toronto Star about the twist in her career that playing Jack's mother offered (21-Dec-2005)
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB) background on Roberta Maxwell and her movie work including her performance as Jack’s mother in Brokeback Mountain

Larry McMurtry & Diana Ossana (screenplay)

Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana wrote the sceenplay for Brokeback Mountain Larry McMurtry, a Pulitizer Prize winning author perhaps best known among movie goers for the novel Terms of Endearment, and Diana Ossana, longtime friend and frequent collaborator, have worked on dozens of screen- and teleplays.