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Focus Features is rolling out Brokeback Mountain in a “platform release,” where a film opens in a few theaters (five, in this case) to build buzz, and then gradually reaches more theaters in more markets. Fortunately, audiences have embraced Brokeback Mountain better than originally anticipated, so the distributors are accelerating the release schedule.

Box Office

Particularly in a platform release, the key metric for measuring box-office response is the average gross sales per theater. Thus far, Brokeback Mountain has been a phenomenal success. It's broken box-office records for the opening weekend of a live action film, and continues at an amazing clip.

Exploding in platform release with one of the most spectacular grosses ever seen for a limited release bow was Ang Lee's cowboy love story Brokeback Mountain...,

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Week 11: 17-Feb-2006 to 23-Feb-2006

Brokeback Mountain sheds 400 theaters heading into the long weekend with over $68 million.

  • Brokeback tops the box-office list of Jake's recent films (BOX OFFICE MOJO)
  • Week 10: 10-Feb-2006 to 16-Feb-2006

    With $62.5 million cume, Brokeback Mountain sheds 100+ theaters to play at 1,963 locations. Major debuts this weekend include Final Destination 3, The Pink Panther, Curious George and Firewall.

    Week 9: 03-Feb-2006 to 09-Feb-2006

    Brokeback Mountain expands to nearly 2,100 theaters on the heels of the Oscar nominations (building on $54 million cume). On Super Bowl weekend, two films targeted largely at female viewers debut: When a Stranger Calls, remake of the babysitter terror/suspense flick, and Focus Features' Something New, a romantic comedy.

    Week 8: 27-Jan-2006 to 02-Feb-2006

    At 1,652 playdates, Brokeback Mountain adds more than 400 theaters to boost its a cume ($44 million). Buzz builders include Oprah's show on Friday, the SAG awards on Saturday and Oscar nom's on Tuesday. New contenders include a redux of Big Momma's House, family comedy Nancy McPhee, and military drama Annapolis.

    Week 7: 20-Jan-2006 to 26-Jan-2006

    Brokeback Mountain capitalizes on the Golden Globe wins with an aggressive expansion to nearly 1,200 theaters on top of its domestic cume over $34 million. Newcomer Underworld: Evolution (vampire sequel) should easily top the charts. Among the other debuts, only The New World (historical drama) is likely to make the top ten.

    Week 6: 13-Jan-2006 to 19-Jan-2006

    Brokeback Mountain expands to 683 theaters on top of its domestic cume of about $25 million. Four new films open for the Martin Luther King holiday (U.S.) weekend: basketball drama Glory Road, comedy Last Holiday, animated comedy Hoodwinked and the period romance Tristan & Isolde.

    Week 5: 06-Jan-2006 to 12-Jan-2006

    Brokeback Mountain expands to nearly 500 theaters. Three films debut: BloodRayne (vampire thriller), Grandma's Boy (raunchy comedy), and Hostel (horror).

    Week 4: 30-Dec-2005 to 05-Jan-2006

    Brokeback Mountain expands to 269 theaters for the New Year and enters its fourth week with a cume $10.25M.

    • BoxOfficeMojo's daily returns show an outstanding midweek clip of over $2,000 per theater early in the week (05-Jan-2006)
    • BoxOffice Guru's weekend wrap up shows $4.8M for the long weekend, at a "stellar" $17,703 per theater. (03-Jan-2006)

    Week 3: 23-Dec-2005 to 29-Dec-2005

    Accelerating the platform release, Focus Features finds 217 playdates for Brokeback Mountain for the long holiday weekend. Steven Spielberg's Munich debuts. Also, The Ringer.

    Week 2: 16-Dec-2005 to 22-Dec-2005

    Brokeback Mountain expands to additional theaters in the first three markets and other cities for a total of 69 locations. King Kong and The Producers debut.

    Week 1: 09-Dec-2005 to 15-Dec-2005

    Debuted in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in a total of five theaters.