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Which do you rate as 'better'?

The Film
208 (44.2%)
The Book
45 (9.6%)
195 (41.4%)
Haven't seen/read both yet
23 (4.9%)

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Author Topic: Film vs. Book -- Which was better?  (Read 174272 times)

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Re: Film vs. Book -- Which was better?
« Reply #990 on: November 27, 2017, 01:37:56 PM »
The New Yorker just featured the story in an email, and I'm reading it again after many years.

(I don't know if the story has always been available free online, but it is right now, here:

I was taken by it immediately, but as I read, I'm also struck by how bare-bones some of it is, which I think the film did a much better job fleshing out. (That first summer on the mountain, for starters. I would have loved much more in the story, and so glad it was in the film.)

Yes, they really complement each other. But as I said, I think it's a bit unfair to compare them, because they just use different languages. Both are unique and IMHO masterpieces.