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Re: Alma & Lureen
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I felt sorry for Alma and Lureen.   What was Alma's maiden name? Beers or something like that?  Alma was a working mother and seemed to lead such a stereotypical " June Cleever" kind of life although I am sure Barbara Billingsley can testify that naming a child "Beaver" isn't exactly something an ideal mother would do. LOL! Lureen was a workaholic, once a rodeo girl.  She had to become more serious when she became a mother. She has to help L.D. Newsome run the business.  Her mother , well we don't know anything about her.  She seems nice enough.  L.D. was just a mean old ass.  He constantly treated Jack like shit until Jack stood up to him during the Thanksgiving scene. Well that old tub of lard needed to be put in his place.  Alma seems to be attracted to Monroe from the time he first makes his appearance in the film.  Before Alma even heard of Jack.  I could tell right off the bat in 2005 that they would end up getting together, Monroe and Alma.  How do we really know she didn't ever cheat on Ennis with Monroe? We don't.  She does seem to work alot to take her mind off her anger over Ennis' love affair with Jack.   Alma seems to like city life compared to the rural area they once lived in.  Ennis prefers rural life because he was raised on ranches as stated in the film.  Jack was just into being a rodeo-clown.  I though Jake looked on riding that bull. He got tossed on his ass but he hung in there for a good few seconds ! LOL!  Bobby, we don't know much about him except he has trouble in school, academically and is fascinated with watching sports on TV. Alma Jr, very quiet. Jenny? Almost nothing, except she has asthma and loves her father very much.