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Re: Most Anticipated Next Film
« Reply #3330 on: December 22, 2017, 11:34:18 AM »
Hey Lyle, I saw somewhere that Michelle is going to play Janis Joplin in a do you think she's going to be in that role?  I think she's a good actress, but how on earth is she going to pull off a voice like Janis's?  Do you think she can?  I can see a lot of voice/dialect coaching in her future.  It's like the polar opposite of Marilyn...

I suppose it really depends on how they do it. They could decide to do the movie like Jessica Lange did when she played
Patsy Cline in Sweet Dreams. They used Patsy Cline's original tracks and she lip synced them. That was a good movie and
Jessica Lange got a Best Actress nomination for that.

I know it's become more and more thought of as better to do your own singing, but the fact that most movies are done that
way anyway, even if you do sing, they lay down the tracks and while filming you lip sync to them anyway, it doesn't bother
me. There's some exceptions here and there, like they recorded the voices live when they filmed Les Miserables, but I don't
think that helped the film much at all, if any. They may have done that, but there was a whole lot of mixing and remastering
afterwards anyway. One song in La La Land was done in live takes. FYI: Because all of Rex Harrison's songs in My Fair Lady
were "talk singing" more or less, it was near impossible for him to lip sync them, so all of Rex Harrison's songs were sung in
live takes, but no one else's were!

I have heard that Marilyn Monroe was really bad at the lip syncing or over-dubbing lines work. I don't have any sources to back
that up, though.

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Re: Most Anticipated Next Film
« Reply #3331 on: December 22, 2017, 11:48:30 AM »

I didn't know about Michelle starring in this film until you mentioned it Nancy, so I was looking up some info.
Apparently they've been trying to do this film for a long time.

I read:

In 1999, Lili Taylor was originally set to play Joplin, but the film never got off the ground.
Pink was cast in the leading role in 2004, when Penelope Spheeris was attached to direct.
Zooey Deschanel was cast in 2006, but in 2011, five years after signing on, Deschanel formally announced that the film would not be happening.
In 2012, when Sean Durkin signed up to direct, Nina Arianda was attached to star in the film that was set to start shooting in 2013.
Michelle Williams signed up to play Janis in October 2016 and shooting is expected to start in May 2017.

There was also a competing Joplin film trying to get off the ground:

The  above project has no connection with the Amy Adams-Janis Joplin project that had been in development since 2010 and got cancelled in January 2017. Producer Peter Newman has been trying to tell Joplin's story for over 20 years. Newman has the rights to 21 of Joplin's songs, in addition to her work with the Big Brother and the Holding Company, the first band Joplin led. The producer also got his hands on the rights to the letter collection, "Love, Janis", David Dalton's biography "Peace of My Heart", hundreds of hours interviews, and three appearances by Joplin on the Dick Cavett show.

The above paragraph makes me wonder what kind of film the Williams project is? If this other guy has all the rights to the music, how would the other film be able to use it without permission? It's like that Jimi Hendrix film in 2013 called "Jimi: All Is by My Side" where they could not play any of his songs that someone else held the rights to. Or, like the situation in the film Hitchcock, where they weren't allowed to use any lines from the copyrighted script of Psycho, which meant showing no scenes from it, and they had to work around that. The Irving Berlin people are also very notoriously stingy about using Irving Berlin songs. In the recent stage musical of Holiday Inn, they left out a great many songs from the movie. (Like half the holidays.) So, guess what? I did not like it.

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Re: Most Anticipated Next Film
« Reply #3332 on: December 22, 2017, 12:05:43 PM »

Of the actors in Brokeback Mountain, hasn't Michelle been AMPAS nominated the most?
I am going to look that up.

Heath Ledger:
2005 (78th)
ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE -- Brokeback Mountain {"Ennis Del Mar"}
2008 (81st)
ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- The Dark Knight {"Joker"} [Winner]

Jake Gyllenhaal:
2005 (78th)
ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- Brokeback Mountain {"Jack Twist"}

Anne Hathaway:
2008 (81st)
ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Rachel Getting Married {"Kym"}
2012 (85th)
ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- Les MisÚrables {"Fantine"} [Winner]

Randy Quaid:
1973 (46th)
ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- The Last Detail {"Meadows"}

Michelle Williams:
2005 (78th)
ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- Brokeback Mountain {"Alma"}
2010 (83rd)
ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Blue Valentine {"Cindy"}
2011 (84th)
ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- My Week with Marilyn {"Marilyn Monroe"}
2016 (89th)
ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- Manchester by the Sea {"Randi Chandler"}

Jake has gotten robbed of a nomination before, most notably for Nightcrawler.
His Stronger film this year is noteworthy, but it may have come out too early
(September) and relegated to background noise with all the new films coming
out the last few weeks.  The Golden Globe people didn't nominate him and they
have more slots to do so. The Critics Choice people nominated him, but I don't
think it's going to help him because even if he wins, the nominations for AMPAS
will already be in. I also don't know any groups that have gotten a screener of
it to watch. Nor of the film Marshall, which got really good reviews, but has not
been evident in awards season.

Such are the vagaries of the awards season.  As Meryl Streep always says, "It's
a crapshoot."

I agree, crap often gets nominated, lol!

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Re: Most Anticipated Next Film
« Reply #3333 on: December 23, 2017, 04:53:07 PM »

It's right in the article you linked.

"Christopher Plummer stars as oil tycoon J. Paul Getty."

...the infamous Getty plays a constant role in the narrative surrounding the 1973 incident in which 16-year-old John Paul Getty III (played by Charlie Plummer, no relation to Christopher) is taken by criminals in Rome and held for a $17 million ransom."

If that's what you meant?

OK... now I get it. There are 2 actors with the last name Plummer in the film which are not relatives... got it.  V.