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Re: Forum Outtage this Weekend
« Reply #15 on: July 13, 2007, 02:29:02 PM »
Earlier this week Dave posted the message below in The Daily Sheet. This may provide a little background on the difficulties and the solutions we are trying.
- KH

You might have noticed some server issues. God, they have been killing me. Depending on your time zone, it may have become a minor inconvenience or a huge pain in the ass. The worst of it happens the same time every night—around midnight to 4 a.m.—New York time, when some of us are asleep, but most of Europe is just entering prime time.

The problem is that we're having a hell of a time determining exactly what's causing it—and the timing is just baffling.  We're working on short- and long-term solutions, and we've ID'd a lot of suspects, but I can't claim that we've found them all yet. Our tech team is working their butts off, but we're short-staffed in that department.

Searches seem to be a big part of the problem—and searches come in many forms, which don't necessarily look like a search, but do to the system: eg, the feature to view the last ten posts, requires the system to search them out.

Until we can nail down the problem precisely, we need to take some drastic actions, for the benefit of everyone. We ask for your cooperation, support and understanding. Our next steps will be to remove some of the features to test the effect removing them has on response time. During this week you will see some of the functions disappear. We hope to eventually restore some or all of these features, so please bear with us.

Another big step will be to upgrade the system's underlying software, which we hope may solve the problem. It requires more testing, however. We hope to do that in about a week if all goes well, and that will probably require us shutting down for several hours. We'll give you some advance notice as that gets closer.

There is a way you can help. We're asking you to delete old PMs you've received or sent. Not every one, of course. I'm sure some you'd like to keep. But we'd really appreciate your cutting your number (sent and received) at least in half. That could ease the load for everyone.

One more big thing: We could really use some help! Our tech team is pretty small when you realize they have to be vigilant 24/7: we have members around the globe. We're looking for additional members with good technical skills to help out, and we have outlined some specific skills below. We sure hope some talented people will join our team. Please contact Lydia at if you'd like to talk possibilities.

Thanks for your patience.

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Re: Major Announcements--Current
« Reply #16 on: August 21, 2007, 09:25:17 AM »
Forum News

Readers of Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man's Prison, our Book Club selection for August, will also be able to participate in an on-line chat with the author.  Last week, Forum member and TDS staffer whiplash contacted author T.J. Parsell about setting up an on-line chat, and Mr. Parsell responded, "I'd be delighted to participate in your forum. Thanks for asking. Just let me know when and I'll set the time aside."  The reading schedule for Fish will begin August 20th with the Prologue through Chapter 12 and will conclude on September 16th.  The on-line chat with T.J. Parsell will occur during the week of September 16.  Watch the News Box for more information.

Click on the button to order your copy from our Ultimate Amazon Collection.
Purchases through the Collection help support the forum, at no additional cost to you.
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Re: Major Announcements--Current
« Reply #17 on: March 21, 2008, 01:20:29 PM »
Members have commented that the Forum has slowed down recently.

The tech team investigated and discovered that you may hold the key
to making it respond more quickly.

Check the number of PMs you have in your inbox. Then check your outbox.
Members keeping hundreds and hundreds of messages are causing the slowdown.
Please delete enough messages so that your total is well below 100.

We went through this process about 8 or 9 months ago and our speed of response picked up
significantly as soon as everyone had done this. If you take care of the problem this weekend,
it will be a nice Easter gift for your fellow members.

Thanks to all,

- KittyHawk

ETA: Whoops - I see that the tech team is recommending an even smaller number. Aim for 25, please.
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Re: Major Announcements--Current
« Reply #18 on: July 30, 2008, 11:46:29 PM »
The forum was hacked by someone from Russia.

Some of the forum software files were altered, allowing the spammers to use our server to spam other sites.

Our web hosting company, PowerVPS, helped us identify the compromised files.

We deleted all of the files on the forum server and replaced them with clean files.

We have also updated the forum software to the latest version today.

The forum database, which holds every post made here since December 2005, appears to be ok. We also have backup copies of the database stored offline.

The attack was random. A lot of forums have been getting attacked in the past couple of months. We weren't targeted because we like Brokeback Mountain. In fact, the spammers probably didn't even look at the site, they just wanted a place to play their games.

If you were logged on the forum on Tuesday before 3 pm Eastern time, you will probably want to run a virus scan on your own computer.  I was on early this morning, and I have run a scan on my computer showing no problems.  It's always a good idea to run a complete scan whenever you've been to a website that has been attacked.

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