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Author Topic: TV Right Now: The Good, the Bad, and the Totally Sucky - Volume 2  (Read 452079 times)

Online Lyle (Mooska)

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Re: TV Right Now: The Good, the Bad, and the Totally Sucky - Volume 2
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Is anyone still watching MODERN FAMILY?

I watched the last two episodes of the season last night.
They still have some really amusing episodes!

I've had the feeling this year, though, that this year should've been their last year on the air.

I understand they were renewed for a final year, their 11th season, so one more to go.

Offline Jeff Wrangler

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My plan is to check out Blood and Treasure tonight. I wouldn't be especially interested, but I remember Matt Barr from Sleepy Hollow, and I, er, liked him then.

I haven't seen him since Sleepy Hollow. I just now learned that he was also in Valor.

Another actress on Blood and Treasure was also in Sleepy Hollow: Katia Winter.

The previews I've been seeing for this show have been starting to grow on me.
I might also give it a shot tonight, although I just learned it is going to be a two hour premiere.

The first episodes are intriguingly called The Curse of Cleopatra, Part 1 & 2.

I am not a big fan of shows that premiere as a two hour story. Because those are usually written
differently than a regular episode will be like.  I'm more open if they show two episodes in a premiere. 

I give it a "so-so." Clearly derivative of Raiders of the Lost Arc (the direct reference to it in dialog did make me smile), but I more or less expected that. I didn't mind that it was a two-hour premier; the time somehow went very quickly for me. The jumping back and forth in time, I guess meant to bring us up to speed to what was happening in "the present day," confused me a bit in the sense that I had a little trouble keeping those segments in chronological order in my mind.

Sofia Pernas is new to me (gorgeous woman!). I happen to find Matt Barr sexy (something about that Texas accent, I guess; see: George Eads). I liked their interaction.

Lyle: If you watched the entire show, did you notice that the scene in the Vatican, where Danny is talking to his clerical friend, and Lexi subsequently says she could overhear what they said, was different from in the TV commercial for the show?

Still, I need to see what the show will be up against in its regular time slot before I decide if I'm going to stick with it. It didn't grab me enough that I'm looking forward to the next episode. I liked the interaction between Danny and Lexi the best--and you know they're going to "do it" eventually.

And why does the terrorist do what he does? For the fun of it? I got no sense of fanatical devotion to any cause whatsoever. I guess maybe they just needed a bad guy into blowing up things.

Online Lyle (Mooska)

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Hi, Jeff, I didn't notice the difference you spoke from the show and commercial, but I don't
recall seeing that particular one anyway.

I liked the two hours enough...I thought it was a bit too complicated for a "getting to know you"
pilot episode. A LOT was going on, not to mention a lot of different locations that might distract
you from paying attention to dialogue. It lacked a certain central "hook" that you gravitate to
and then want to follow. One should never be "confused" in a pilot episode!

I liked it enough to watch it next week again and we'll see week by week. And that doesn't even happen
with me much lately, so it already is a positive in that regard.

Still, I need to see what the show will be up against in its regular time slot before I decide if I'm going to stick with it.

Next week it is on CBS at 10pm. It'll be up against the premiere of NBC's new competition show SONGLAND, which is a
show geared to songwriters coming up with a new #1 song hit. (All of a sudden that strikes me as odd; these kinds of
shows don't usually air in a 10pm slot.)  On ABC, it'll be up against their documentary series 1969, which has been on
for several weeks now.  CW & Fox have news programs at 10pm.