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Re: The Daily Sheet September - December 2014
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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

85 Most Powerful Coming Outs in 2014

There comes a time in the lives of most LGBTI people when they decide they can hide and lie no longer, and they must come out of the closet, and admit who they are, and start living the lives they were meant to.

This is a personal decision, but we all celebrate when someone comes out, especially people in the public eye, because we are hopeful that the more 'high profile' people come out, the more people will realize that they know more LGBTI people than they thought, and perhaps this will give them more of a reason to be allies to the LGBTI community.

With the nearing of the year end, we are seeing countdowns of the best of movies, tv or music for 2014.  Well Towelroad has put together a list of the 85 Most Powerful Coming Outs for 2014.  The list features people from around the world, and from all walks of life.  Recording stars, sports stars, politicians, news commentators, actors, vloggers and many others, who came out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

85 Most Powerful Coming Outs in 2014

Tylenol - For What Matters Most

The internet was buzzing not long ago when a Tide commercial premiered that featured a gay couple, bickering and doing their laundry.

Tylenol has decided to join the ranks of companies that are embracing the idea of using an 'alternate' family in their advertising.  They've released a string of commercials that is titled "For What Matters Most", each one features a different family in their commercial.  One commercial features the Beser Carr Schneider Musich Family, a family that includes a lesbian couple.

The commercial was posted to YouTube in the middle of December, and already has over 77,000 views.

Tylenol - For What Matters Most

Gay Marriage in Taiwan?

Will Taiwan become the first Asian country to allow same-sex marriage?

The government of Taiwan began discussions today, the topics being the legalization of same-sex marriage, and the bill which would legalize it goes on to discuss ways to replace "man and woman" with more gender-neutral ones like spouse.  The bill was drafted by Opposition Democratic Progressive Party’s Cheng Li-chiun.

Introducing the bill, Cheng said:  “No one deserves to be deprived of their rights at birth to be on an equal footing with others just because of their psychological or biological differences.  If we cannot break the cycle of discrimination, then everyone could become a victim of discrimination because of their respective differences.”

In a statement opposing the amendment, the Taiwan Religious Groups Alliance for the Family accused pro-equality politicians and gay rights activists of "pretending to be civic groups" to "terrorize" other lawmakers with opposing views on same-sex marriage.

Gay Marriage in Taiwan?

20 Amazing HIV-Positive Gay Men of 2014

When HIV/AIDS first became public knowledge, it was referred to as "GRID" (Gay-related immune deficiency) or even "gay cancer" and it was a death sentence.

There is still no cure for HIV/AIDS, but it is no longer considered the death sentence it once was.  Medical advances have helped with the disease, but this is a double-edged sword.  On one side, young gay men who were not around for the first outbreak are not afraid of AIDS, and because of this, are being exposed to AIDS with unsafe practices.  On the other side, however, are survivors of the disease who are living their lives, and are an example of how to live without hiding themselves away from society. has published a list of 20 HIV Positive gay men who are living their lives and being examples to other gay men who are positive as well.

The list includes celebrity trainer Sam Page, Andy Bell from the dance/pop group Erasure, author Tom Spanbauer,  activist Cleve Jones, drag queen and RuPaul's Drag Race alum Ongina, and many others.

20 Amazing HIV-Positive Gay Men of 2014

Top 100 Songs of 2014

Billboard magazine has been counting down the Hot 100 songs on a weekly basis since the 1950s, and each year at year-end they release their charts that count down the hottest songs of the year.

I have copied and pasted the chart into the "What Are You Listening To" thread, and you can view it at the link below.

So what songs rocked 2014 and ended up in the Top 10?  Songs like "Shake It Off",  "Happy", "All About That Bass" and "Let It Go" seemed to be everywhere this year.  Who took the crown for the #1 song of the year?  Click the link to find out.

Hot 100 of 2014

Secret Behind The Joker?

So. The Joker.

He's one of the most iconic bad guys in comic-dom, and - especially when played by Heath Ledger - one of the most memorable screen villains in recent years.

The Dark Knight's Joker, though - as played by Ledger - might well be hiding a huge secret behind that grin.

That's right, it's fan theory time again, gang - and this time, we're going old school. Specifically, to a theory that's been doing the rounds for a few years now - but that, with the recent announcement of Jared Leto's casting as The Joker in Suicide Squad deserves another look, just in case any of you missed it.

To read about the theory, click the link.  If you agree, post up in the Serious About Heath thread!!!

Secret Behind The Joker?

Your Laugh For The Day!

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