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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Ted Cruz & Ellen Page Debate

Hollywood actress Ellen Page and presidential candidate Ted Cruz debated for over five minutes in Iowa Friday on where to draw the line between discriminating against gays and lesbians and protecting religious liberty.

In the lively exchange, made as Cruz grilled pork chops at the state fair in Des Moines, the "Juno" star -- who announced she was gay in early 2014 -- tried to corner the presidential candidate on whether he believed gays and lesbians were discriminated under the auspices of laws meant to protect religious freedoms. Cruz will speak about religious persecution at a large, hyped-up rally and concert on Friday evening.

Page, blending into the crowd in sunglasses and a baseball cap, and Cruz, chewing on fair food in his left hand, traded largely polite arguments and counterarguments. Page began by noting that some opposed to racial integration had hidden behind "religious liberty" arguments in prior generations.   "A lot of religious people also used the Bible to defend segregation, to defend slavery," Page said. "I think religious freedom is so important and so crucial for all religions. LGBT people are worried they will directly be discriminated against."

Cruz replied by saying that Christians led the charge to end segregation, and argued that men and women of faith had a right to act on those beliefs.

Ted Cruz & Ellen Page Debate

Cait Jenner and Low Ratings

In the promo for her docu-series, I am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner sounds awestruck as she announces in her soft voice, “I never had, until a couple of weeks ago, a professional come in and do my makeup. What a difference.” And a difference it does make, as the camera zooms out and we see Caitlyn, looking as glamorous as her K-bearing kin.

But while her big sunglasses and sensual lips may resemble those of the Kardashian’s, her ratings don’t. The fifth episode of I Am Cait will air tonight, marking the beginning of the second half of the docu-series. Though E! may have had high hopes for the show, which documents the life of Caitlyn Jenner since publicly identifying as transgender, the ratings have been low, especially compared to Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

According to Nielson, the first episode, which aired July 26, boasted 2.7 million live plus same day viewers—a respectable, if not excellent number, especially considering the 20.7 million viewers in live-plus-three day ratings that Jenner’s Dianne Sawyer special brought in. But by the second episode, the show seemed doomed for a fate worse than that of Rob Kardashian’s sock line: Its viewership fell nearly in half to 1.29 million viewers. Numbers continued to fall for its third episode, which attracted only 1.19 live plus same day viewers.  These ratings are lower than Keeping Up With the Kardashians generally gets within just the 18-49 demographic and pale in comparison to those achieved by the special Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce, which averaged 4.2 million viewers in live-plus-three day ratings.

Cait Jenner and Low Ratings

Former Rochdale Councillor Reveals She is Bisexual

Former Rochdale councillor Karen Danczuk has used her social media account to announce that she is bisexual.  The self-confessed ‘selfie queen’ announced the news to her 66,400 Twitter followers on Friday evening.

In a tweet on the social media site she said: “I’m sick of people trying to make money off me so let me get it out now. Im bisexual...I admit it. So ex G friend your plan has failed KD”

Karen announced she had separated from her husband, the Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk in June.  Mr Danczuk is thought to have moved out of their home.

Since then there have been rumours that the former councillor, from Middleton, has been considering an appearance on some kind of reality show.  Karen today published her first exclusive blog for Entertainment Daily in which she shared her views on big families.

In the exclusive piece she wrote about her Irish heritage and Catholic upbringing with five siblings in Middleton as well as her struggle with post natal depression after the birth of her first son.

Former Rochdale Councillor Reveals She is Bisexual

Billy Gilman on His Coming Out

Country music singer Billy Gilman finally decided last November that it was time for him to come out to the world as a gay man.  Then the day before he was gong to make his big announcement, fellow country music star Ty Herndon beat him to the punch and did his own coming out.

‘It was purely coincidental,’ Gilman tells Gay Star News. ‘Being so young in the country music industry, I’ve known Ty Herndon and (fellow out country singer) Chely Wright since I was 12 years old so I literally grew up with them. Chely and Ty were literally on the phone within an hour when I released that (coming out) video. It’s a good feeling.’

He had been battling over whether to post his coming out video for three weeks and when he finally decided to do so, and his manager said, ‘Ty Herndon just did the same thing an hour ago.’

Gilman, now 27, was just 11 years old when he debuted with the single One Voice in the year 2000. It was a Top 20 hit on the Billboard country music charts and he became the youngest singer with a Top 40 hit.

His album of the same name went double platinum the following year and two subsequent releases were certified gold. He sold more than 5 million records and seemed to be settling in for a nice, long run.

But his record sales began to slip and as he approached his 20s, music labels wouldn’t even take meetings with him.

There were whispers about his sexuality and for a time, he faded from public view.

Billy Gilman on His Coming Out

Foo Fighters & Westboro

Foo Fighters performed Friday night at Kansas City's Sprint Center, and is customary anytime Dave Grohl visits the Missouri city, the Westboro Baptist Church was situated outside the venue protesting the gig. In August 2011, the Foo Fighters hijacked the Westboro protests with an impromptu flatbed concert. This time around, the church's hateful placards and chants were drowned out by the sounds of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" blasting out of a pickup truck with the Foo Fighters onboard.

As video from the scene shows, with the Westboro protestors set up across from the Sprint Center, a pickup truck rounds a nearby corner loudly playing Green Day's "American Idiot" out of its speakers, a nod to the group that protests everything from Foo Fighters concerts to military funerals. As the pickup approaches, drummer Taylor Hawkins is seen holding a poster that reads "You Got Rick Roll'd (Again)" as Astley's 1987 single begins to play. Grohl, Pat Smear and Nate Mendel are also seen on the truck along with a colorfully dressed, very muscular associate, the Kansas City Star reports.

Dozens of Foo fans – perhaps anticipating another surprise for the Westboro Baptist Church courtesy of the band – stormed the truck, creating a giant dance party that engulfs the protests. Grohl also held up a sign that read "Keep It Clean," a reference to the last time the Foo Fighters spoofed the Topeka, Kansas church.

Foo Fighters & Westboro

Anne Hathaway Heads to TV

As the old saying goes, if it’s good enough for Matthew McConaughey, it’s good enough for Anne Hathaway. O.K., so that’s not a saying, but the fact is, like McConaughey before her, Anne Hathaway is headed to television. The news is that Hathaway is set to star in a television adaptation of the novel The Ambassador’s Wife, about an, um, ambassador’s wife who is kidnapped in an Arab country. The book, written by Jennifer Steil, herself an ambassador’s wife, apparently weaves together past and present narratives to create a portrait of a Muslim country in turmoil and the cloistered life of a diplomat. (And, uh, a diplomat’s wife.) So, this could be interesting?

Sure, it would be nice to have a story set in an Arab country that wasn’t about a white lady, but what can you do. In the vaguest of senses, this sounds like it could have some parallels to SundanceTV’s beguiling 2014 mini-series The Honourable Woman, which featured a white lady being taken prisoner in Palestine. That white lady, Maggie Gyllenhaal, is justly nominated for an Emmy for her exquisite performance, so maybe Hathaway will find similar success with her limited series. As expected, this news has everyone saying that Anne Hathaway could be on her way to an EGOT, but let’s calm down about that. She already has an Emmy, for doing a voice on The Simpsons in 2010; so she’s no closer to the EGOT career milestone now than she was yesterday.

Anne Hathaway Heads to TV

Counting For Thunder Is An Award Winning Film!

From the Counting For Thunder Facebook page:  An actor unlucky in work, money and love goes back home to the deep south to help out during a family crisis and is inspired to find his true voice as his mother is finally finding hers before it's too late.

Based on the stage play that successfully ran for 7 months,  Phillip Irwin Cooper's film is now making the rounds at film festivals, and can now be classified as an award winning film.

At the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Counting For Thunder won its first prize when it was awarded the Best Picture Alternative Spirit Award.  But this film isn't finished yet.   

The next stop was the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, and when all was said and done, Counting For Thunder was awarded the Audience Award for Best Feature Film!

Congratulations to Philip, Ellen, Sparky, and everyone else associated with Counting For Thunder!

Counting For Thunder Is An Award Winning Film

Brokies Gathering in Arizona!!

Celebrating its sixth year in 2015, The Loft Film Fest (located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona) is dedicated to showcasing the best independent, foreign and classic films, as well as celebrating the work of established and emerging directors, writers, producers and actors. The Loft Film Fest, through its eclectic and diverse programming, aims not only to expand the audience for cinema that challenges, inspires and entertains, but also to honor those artists whose talent and passion bring that cinema to life.

Described by Filmmaker Magazine as being “geared truly toward cinephiles of nearly every stripe,” and praised for its “phantasmagorical programming … and astute choice of guests,” The Loft Film Fest was created in 2010 as a showcase for the very best independent, foreign and classic cinema. For five days in October, The Loft Film Fest provides an intimate and unique setting for film fans to experience hand-selected festival favorites from Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, etc., and to meet internationally-renowned artists from the world of independent cinema.

According to their Facebook page (and posted by BayCityJohn) this year's event (October 21-25) will feature both Diana Osanna and Lary McMurtry, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Brokeback Mountain.

***We are now up to 18 definites, and 15 maybes for a list of attendees***
Brokies Gathering in Arizona!!!!

University of Wyoming & Out West

The American Heritage Center (AHC) at the University of Wyoming, which houses several significant collections related to slain UW student Matthew Shepard, is currently developing “Out West in the Rockies,” a first-of-its-kind regional lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history and culture archive of the American West.

The archive will welcome collections from eight Rocky Mountain states: Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

Retiring AHC Director Mark Greene helped inaugurate and Associate Director Rick Ewig will oversee this effort. Gregory Hinton, creator of Out West, an acclaimed national LGBT western museum program series, introduced the concept to the AHC and serves as project consultant. Hinton announced Out West in the Rockies at the LGBQT Alliance luncheon during the recent American Alliance of Museums annual meeting and museum expo in Atlanta.

Through BayCityJohn, Gregory Hinton has reached out to the fourm, to get the word out, and ask for any help that members would be willing to give him.

University of Wyoming & Out West

From Gregory Hinton

Your Laugh For The Day!

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