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Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

The Story Behind 'Brokeback Mountain'

Still mystified by all the hype over Brokeback Mountain? It’s because of the story, which Annie Proulx first published in The New Yorker eight years ago. The magazine has finally posted the short story online, here. Read it and weep.

Proulx talks about the film version, which she did not write, in this new interview at Bookslut. Unlike many authors who cede control of their work when it’s adapted for the screen, Proulx is thrilled with the way Brokeback turned out. That should reassure her fans, especially after the botched film version of her best-known book, The Shipping News..

The Story Behind 'Brokeback Mountain'

Louisiana AG ‘Loves’ Gay Brother, But Won’t Support His Equal Rights

Louisiana may have an openly gay brother, but that doesn’t mean he’s on board with protecting members of the LGBTQ community in the workplace.

In a Thursday interview with local ABC affiliate WGNO, Landry applauded a state judge’s decision to toss out an executive order issued by Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards this week. On Wednesday, State District Judge Todd Hernandez ruled that Edwards’s order, which had aimed to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in state jobs, was unconstitutional.

‘Louisiana AG ‘Loves’ Gay Brother, But Won’t Support His Equal Rights

Bella Thorne Comes Out As Bisexual On Twitter

Bella Thorne came out as bisexual via Twitter a couple of months ago. The move was different from how other celebrities came out. There were some who opted for magazine interviews and others that went on television to tell their story. So why did Thorne choose social media as her outlet?

“I didn’t want to glamorize it,” Thorne told Paper magazine. “The reason why I did it is for other people’s benefits, [for those who] have the same insecurity that I had. And that’s why I’m doing it. When you do it in a certain way, you just glamorize it so much it’s not easy for kids to relate to. Like a kid could easily write on their Twitter to all their best friends that they’re bisexual and come out like that.”

Bella Thorne Comes Out As Bisexual On Twitter

Lesbians and Key Rings

There’s a beautiful scene in the memoir-turned-musical Fun Home where an elementary school–aged Alison Bechdel spots a masculine delivery woman in a diner, an encounter that sparks a kind of epiphany about her own identity. The little girl admires the woman from across the room, grasping for the right words to describe her fascination. “I thought it was supposed to be wrong / But you seem OK with being strong,” she sings. “It's probably conceited to say / But I think we're alike in a certain way.”

Young Bechdel marvels at the woman’s short haircut, butch swagger, and “lace-up boots.” The focal point of her ode, the unmistakable signifier that gives the song its title, is the “ring of keys” on her belt.

Lesbians and Key Rings

Transgender Black Man Slashed After Offering his Seat

A transgendered black man was slashed multiple times on a subway train Christmas Day after he offered his seat to a woman who refused to sit next to him because he was black, police said.

The 44-year-old victim was headed home on a northbound 4 train in Harlem on Sunday night when two female cousins entered the train car and one took a seat next to the victim, sources said.

The victim then slid over and offered his seat to 30-year-old Stephanie Pazmino, the cousin who was left standing, so that she can sit down next to her relative, according to cops.

“I don’t want your seat,” snapped Pazmino, who then turned to her cousin and stated in Spanish, “I don’t want to sit next to a black person,” sources said.

Transgender Black Man Slashed After Offering his Seat

Pop Singer Finds Her True Self After Intersex Diagnosis

When Alex Jinkinson was born in Lima, Peru, doctors marked "male" on her birth certificate. But she wasn't a boy. She was adopted a few weeks later and raised in Sheldon, Iowa.  "When I went to Iowa, the doctors knew something was different," she said.

Around 4 years old, Jinkinson was diagnosed with partial androgen insensitivity syndrome. It's one of many conditions classified as intersex, when a person's sexual organs do not physically fit the typical definition of male or female.

Despite having some masculine traits, she was born with a partial female reproductive system, a vagina but no ovaries or uterus.  "My parents raised me just as a person," Jinkinson said.

Growing up, she kept her medical condition to herself.  As a teen, Jinkinson struggled with her identity and was bullied in school.  "It was very confusing for people that I went to school with ... because of not developing that feminine look," she said.

Pop Singer Finds Her True Self After Intersex Diagnosis

Brokie Gathering -  2017

There will be a Brokie gathering in 2017 in August.  We're meeting in Casper, Wyoming, to watch  the solar eclipse together.

Here is a link to the thread about the gathering, if you're interested, post in the thread and let us know!!!

Your Laugh For The Day!

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