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Re: Respond to The Daily Sheet
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When I went to read todays TDS I realized I had not read last week's yet!  So, from that one I would like to say:

Thank you Stacey Bailey for just continuing to be yourself and taking the challenge on that was meant to try and stop you from teaching.
Unfortuantely I CAN believe there are people that try to erase even the smallest of facts, like someone is gay or not in the guise of "protecting

I'd also like to thank you for teaching me something...

"...she taught her students about gay artist Jasper Johns..."

I didn't know Jasper Johns was gay, so you taught ME something!  Several years ago I had seen a segment on the
Charlie Rose show when he interviewed someone about Jasper Johns and talked about his work and many other things.
That simple fact that he was gay never entered the conversation at all.  Just a short time later I visited the Bing Theatre
at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see a film there and your ticket to that place allows you to see current exhibits.
I was early, so I went in and to my surprise there was an exhibit of Jasper Johns works for which I'd had a superb introduction
from that program I watched! I Can't believe I didn't know this personal information about the artist previously.

At that same time the museum had an exhibition of Art Deco costumes that the gay designer Erté had produced for productions
in Paris. I knew that Erté was gay and have always been a huge fan of his work. Two gay artists having exhibitions at the same
time at LACMA!