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Re: Were they gay? (Jack & Ennis) - Next chapter
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I think that Ennis and Jack were gay.  I have heard of people insisting that they were bisexual because they both married women and had sex with them. I have heard that  some bisexual people accuse gay and lesbian viewers of the film for being "biphobic" for assuming that Jack and Ennis were gay and for not admitting that Jack and Ennis were bisexual.  I have heard countless stories of gay men and lesbian women who came out of the closet as being bisexual to their family members, relatives and friends because they didn't think that their loved ones would accept the fact that they are actually exclusively romantically, physically and sexually attracted to people of the same gender. They thought that their loved ones would be more accepting if they thought that their gay or lesbian family member, relative or friend had at least some sort of attraction to the opposite-sex.

I don't think that it was or is uncommon for a self-hating gay man or lesbians suffering from internalized and externalized homophobia to enter into mixed-orientation "marriages" and pretend to lead "heterosexual" lives.  I don't and never have bought into the idea of a person becoming "ex-gay" or "ex-transgendered". Self-hating LGBT people have the right to consider themselves as being "ex-LGBT" if they go through one of those religious or non-religious "reparative therapy" programs, but I still think that they are LGBT at the end of the day, even if they deny it.  You can always repress your sexuality or gender identity/and or expression, but is it a very healthy thing to do?  I personally don't think so.  

For instance, there are countless fundamentalist religious groups that insist that their LGBT members not openly talk about their sexual orientation or gender identity and will excommunicate them from the religious community if they dare to pursue or enter into a romantically and sexually-active relationship with another person of the same gender if they are lesbian, gay or bisexual, if they refuse to lead a life of romantic and sexual repression until death or go through a legal sex-change operation if they are transgendered or intersexual, if they refuse to live a life of gender dysphoria until death.  If LGBT members decide to leave the religious community and live life as an authentic LGBTQI person, the religious community will threaten them with eternal torment in a lake of fire and brimstone or they will be threatened with annihilation at the battle of Armageddon by Yahweh's heavenly army and those "unrepentant sinners" who died at Armageddon, including sexually-active lesbians, gays and bisexuals in same-sex relationships and transgendered person who underwent a sex-change operation, shall remain dead for all of eternity.

I think that Jack was more accepting of his sexuality than Ennis was.  I don't think that Jack would have openly referred to himself as being a "homosexual" to anyone else, especially Ennis.  I do think that Jack accepted his sexuality for what it was though.  I think that Ennis and Jack loved Alma and Lureen as people, perhaps even as friends and I certainly think that they loved these women as the mothers of their children, but I don't think that they really were romantically and sexually attracted to them.  I think that Alma and Lureen loved Ennis and Jack and I'm pretty sure that both women knew that there was something going on between the two men. Alma obviously knew since she had seen Ennis and Jack kissing and tried to confront Ennis about his relationship with Jack years later. I think that Lureen had suspected that something was going on between Jack and Ennis, I think that she probably figured out that Jack and Ennis were lovers when Ennis called her to inquire about the circumstances surrounding Jack's death, especially when Lureen told Ennis that Jack wanted his remains to be scattered on Brokeback Mountain because it was Jack's favorite place and when Ennis told Lureen that he and Jack had worked as sheepherders on Brokeback Mountain during the summer of 1963.
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