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What scene on BBM did you like best (other than the tent scenes)

Jack naked in the river washing clothes
16 (2.4%)
Ennis naked by the tent washing himself
38 (5.7%)
Ennis alone in the field on their last day on BBM
86 (13%)
Water-walking Jesus scene
44 (6.6%)
Jack smiles when Ennis talks so much and then dances around
208 (31.4%)
Jack tries to wash the blood off Ennis' face
115 (17.3%)
Ennis looks up from washing dishes and sees Jack far above
86 (13%)
Untangling the sheep and then Ennis telling Jack he might run them off again
41 (6.2%)
Other--post below to tell us
29 (4.4%)

Total Members Voted: 385

Author Topic: Scenes on Brokeback Mountain  (Read 388355 times)

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Re: Scenes on Brokeback Mountain
« Reply #1920 on: October 25, 2018, 11:11:25 PM »
Brokeback Mountain is the only place where Ennis and Jack could really be themselves, well, outside in a secluded part of nature were the only places that they could be themselves.  Its just too bad that damned harmonica was invited on the their various fishing trips, LOL.