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Author Topic: RULES & TIPS for starting new threads  (Read 13083 times)

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RULES & TIPS for starting new threads
« on: May 12, 2006, 11:14:24 AM »
We hope you all enjoy this area, and that you have fun starting some new topics. The rules and tips are pretty simple:


1. Each thread should be about a single topic. "Politics" or "TV" is way too broad. Threads that succeed tend to be much more narrow, like "Favorite TV Show Ever."

2. We are trying to keep the board simple, so we really want to avoid duplicate topics. Before starting a new thread look to see if we already have something similar. Duplicate or similar threads will be merged into the existing threads.

3. Each thread should be about a topic, rather than an individual. Threads geared toward a specific member will be removed, or merged into the members' introduction thread.


- To start a thread, click on the "New Topic" button on the bottom right of any board (meaning a page listing several threads). We reserve this privilege for people who have been here at least a minimum period, meaning 20 posts. At that point, your status (under your name on every post) will change from "virgin" to "feet wet" status.

- Threads that develop a strong following may be moved to an applicable area of the forum. (e.g., a gay topic might be moved to the gay/bi area.)

- Threads that don't catch on will be archived. Please don't feel bad if that happens. Some threads that seem like sure bets just don't catch on, some real surprises do. Sometimes it takes several tries to get one that hits.
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