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The Daily Sheet August 16 - 31, 2009
« on: August 18, 2009, 06:50:27 AM »

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tapley: Masculinity In Transition

Everyman buddies: hands off
Last year, the FBI reported good news and bad news about hate crimes. They had decreased overall, but incidents against gays increased by 6 percent, with gay men as the main targets. Brendan Tapley, currently writing a memoir about masculinity, has a theory about this spike in violent hostility. Just identifying it as prejudice is incomplete, he theorizes. "In the case of gay hate crimes," he says, "we increasingly attack [the] messengers of what is a new and coming masculinity."

Tapley isn't suggesting any increase in the number of gay men, but rather a shift in ideals of male relationships and a resulting defensive anger born of deprivation. Noting that any expression of affection between males, even if clearly platonic, inspires the narrow-eyed "look" of often-threatening disapproval, he relates how he reacted to the sight of male couples on a visit to Rome.

"For the third time that day," he recalls "I noticed two men acting affectionately toward one another. I only realized my eyes had narrowed because, when I passed the third pair, they returned my gaze with irritation." Trying to analyze the cause of his reaction, he concluded, with astonishment, that "my problem wasn't prejudice. It was envy."

The source of the envy was the standard rejection of male intimacy that so many men are taught from an early age as a requirement of masculinity, and an unacknowledged sense of loss that makes gay mens' intimacy both "tempting and incriminating." That the reaction is anger isn't surprising: "as is often true of men, anger conceals our real feelings. . . . admitting such love is possible forces men to reevaluate the male 'contract.'

And that contract, Tapley suggests, is a raw deal that often leaves men in the psychic equivalent of an underwater mortgage. It is "an existential cheat that has defrauded men of a full 50 percent of human connection". Nevertheless, redefining masculinity to allow for more affection and intimacy, whether sexual or not, "would also sacrifice male privilege." Among other things, it would make necessary "a standard of brotherhood that exceeded the frat house and was honored beyond the battlefield". For straight men, "the extinction of masculinity's excuses, its low expectations" could even lead into uncharted territory in terms of relationships with women.

As destructive as what appears to be male privilege may be, Tapley theorizes that the source of violent homophobia isn't always as simple as undiluted prejudice. What is more dangerous and explosive is "the man who admits his crimes have always been against himself, and he has become his own jailor."

Read Brendan Tapley's essay here.

Gay buddies: 'tempting
and incriminating'


Thom Bierdz: Not As Young But Still Restless

Not many actors pick up a role where it left off a decade ago, but soap opera star Thom Bierdz is an exception.  Q-Notes reports on Bierdz' return to The Young And the Restless as a gay character.

"Thom Bierdz is a man of many talents. During the 1980s, when he first played Philip Chancellor III on the top-rated soap opera The Young & the Restless, he was a teen idol. But, as he recalls in his memoir, Forgiving Troy, Bierdz had a secret. As millions of teenagers swooned over his stunning good looks, Bierdz struggled to accept his homosexuality. He lived in fear — in those days, coming out in Hollywood meant career suicide.

"In 1989, Bierdz left The Young & the Restless, hoping for a film career. The events that followed proved to be far more dramatic, and traumatic, than any of his soap opera exploits.

"As he recounts in Forgiving Troy, Bierdz had to deal with the murder of his mom at the hands of a mentally-ill brother and his other brother’s suicide. But, he’s a strong guy. He bounced back, came out, and forged a new, successful career as an artist.

"A few weeks ago, the still beautiful Bierdz returned to The Young & the Restless.

"It seems that Philip didn’t die in that car accident all those years ago — he staged his death to keep his loved ones from finding out that he was gay. On July 7, 2009, Philip Chancellor III, back in Genoa City, came out to his “widow,” Nina. Nina is played by Tricia Cast, Bierdz’ co-star from the 1980s. She also returned to the show and couldn’t be happier about the current storyline.

“ 'I’m pleased and proud to be part of such a well written storyline,' Cast said in an email to Q-Notes. 'I’m hopeful that it will be helpful to some people. Perhaps those who have yet to come out will feel freer to do so. And, perhaps, others will be led to a place of love and acceptance.' ”

"Bierdz reports that longtime viewers are 'shocked' by this new development — Philip was one of the show’s 'straightest' characters. But, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

“ 'I get hundreds of emails from people in the closet thanking me,' he says. 'And emails from straight people thanking me for helping to represent the gays in their families. I get kudos from ex-wives of gays and children of gays and mothers of gays.' ”

According to its Amazon listing, Forgiving Troy is a book that "opens all of the doors and windows into his personal life of tragedy and redemption, the murder of his mother, familial mental illness, and Thom's now openly gay and proud lifestyle. Thom has forgiven his schizophrenic brother, Troy, who will spend the rest of his life in a Wisconsin state prison."

Mark Oberlin: Agony and Ecstasy

Mark Oberlin works in both fine art and commercial design, with his work appearing on the cover of the international art magazine Blue as well as in graphic designs for IBM, the Chicago Cubs, and Apple.

Oberlin's fine art is the subject of "The Agony & the Ecstasy" exhibition at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center's Advocate & Gochis Galleries until September 4th.  He had another exhibition at the Muriel Kretchner Gallery in West Hollywood earlier this summer.


Oberlin's art covers a full spectrum from light to dark, and manage to both speak specifically to gay experience while pulling straight viewers into his world. Frolicking male angels and sexual images expressed in flowers and fruit are balanced by both paint and silk screen archetypes of fear, conflict and mourning.

View an online exhibition of Oberlin's artwork at the Advocate & Gochis Galleries.

Les Paul: Casting a Long Shadow

Paul in his home studio in
Oakland, New Jersey, 1963

Music icon/guitarist/inventor Les Paul died last week, on August 13th at the age of 94. Of the many tributes that have followed, a story by the Vancouver Sun on "the father of the electric guitar" is among the most informative about Paul's achievements and impact on musicians:

“They called Les Paul ‘the father of the electric guitar,’ and it wasn't hype. Not only did he invent one of the first electric guitars in the early 1950s, the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar became one of the standard instruments for rock and roll guitarists for decades. The list of famous musicians who played Les Paul electric guitars is endless, from Eric Clapton to Peter Green, Duane Allman to Howlin' Wolf, Slash to The Edge. So when Paul died Thursday at the age of 94, guitarists the world over were in mourning.

" 'My 1959 Les Paul Sunburst was the sound of American Woman,' said Randy Bachman of Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive fame. 'Jimmy Page played one in early Zep; it's a template for rock and roll guitar. If you're going to play a Zeppelin song, you're really not going to do it on a Fender, you know what I mean?'

"Bryan Adams favoured Les Pauls on early albums like Cuts Like a Knife and Reckless. A few years ago he gave a 1954 Les Paul to his longtime guitarist Keith Scott as a Christmas present.

"Scott now owns about a dozen Les Pauls, including a coveted 1958 Les Paul with a sunburst finish. 'It's a beautiful guitar,' Scott said. They really are works of art, because they're all made by hand. They weren't stamped out in an [assembly] line like they are today.’

" 'They have a distinct sound. It's an amazing guitar to play, more than anything; it kind of plays itself. But you know what the shame is? I'm so scared to bring it out on the tours in case something gets damaged, I kind of leave it in the closet at home.' "

Read more reminiscences about Les Paul’s life and music at the Vancouver Sun.

Les Paul classics

In the Cyber-Neighborhood

11 Points' slogan says it all: "Because Top 10 Lists Are For Cowards".  A bio of forum host Sam Greenspan explains that "11 was one of his lucky numbers growing up. . . . He doesn't remember why he liked 11."  No matter -- you can find lists here to jog your memory (11 '80s Fads I Totally Bought Into), laugh and shake your head simultaneously (11 Unbelievably Insensitive (and Often Racist) Holiday Advertisements) and even make you think (11 Thoughts on The Dark Knight).

from "80's Fads":

California Raisins.

I'm not sure why these things appealed to me... objectively speaking, they're kind of boring and creepy. But I really got into the California Raisins,
and even collected enough proofs-of-purchase from Raisin Bran to get a cassette mailed to me called "California Raisins Sing the Hit Songs".

Eyebrow-raising holiday ads:

Nothing says "Hannukah" like a good spiral-sliced ham, or at least this grocer thought so.  
For the Spring follies, this list also include a Party Galaxy sign proclaiming the good news that "We've resurrected low prices. Happy Easter."

Why bother with flowers, jewelry or a spiffy night out when you can give your Significant Other a pre-paid funeral plan?  

Also check out the Mother's Day display of Trojan condoms and the bank that had closed "For Martin Luther King Day and the installation of new carpet."

Thoughts on The Dark Knight:

This list is actually a fairly interesting mini-review in 11-point format.  About Heath as the Joker: "The main event of the movie was Heath Ledger, and he definitely did NOT disappoint. Between the face paint, the voice and his complete immersion in the Joker character, he was unrecognizable and mesmerizing. He did a strong job balancing the Joker's manic laughter with an omnipresent dark side, making his portrayal of the Joker the strongest I've ever seen. Unlike Jack's Joker, Ledger's felt like a serious threat that could actually exist in the realm of the real world. And that's no easy feat for a comic book villain, especially one that's generally such a caricature.

Find other nostalgic, thought-provoking or funny lists at 11

Forum Member Takes On "Groomzilla"

2009 has been a busy publishing year for forum members.  MaineWriter (Leslie), known to Brokeback fanfic readers for A Love Born From Steel \ and its sequel, Through The Veil of Time, has finished a humorous romance novel on a subject familiar to straight and gay readers alike: the ups and downs of planning a wedding.  Leslie has set Taming Groomzilla in her home state of Maine, which recently legalized same-sex marriage but is now facing a referendum challenge.

Leslie describes the plot: “Joel Harfner and Luke Townsend, lovers for two years, have just bought their first home together in Scarborough, Maine. In a moment of domestic impetuosity, Joel proposes to Luke, who says yes. Then, to Joel’s surprise, Luke says he wants a wedding with 'all the bells and whistles.' Joel, who never expected to be married, suddenly finds himself in the midst of planning a full-scale destination event to be held in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

“Why Massachusetts? As Joel says, 'We can't get married in Maine -- yet -- but we are ever hopeful.' Taming Groomzilla tells the story of how Joel and Luke navigate the tribulations of the six months from 'Will you marry me?' to 'I do.' And while they do seal their union, complete with a kiss, there is more than one twist and turn in store to complicate their journey and keep the reader hilariously entertained.”

Leslie has pledged that “a portion of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Maine Freedom to Marry and EqualityMaine, organizations that are fighting to keep same-sex marriage legal in Maine.”

The book is available at All Romance eBooks. A variety of formats are available: epub, prc, HTML and PDF.  The pdf format will work with Acrobat Reader.

Fun Question of the Week

This week’s Question: Which two common household cleaners have a dangerous toxic reaction if mixed together?

Let us know your answer in the response thread.

Last week's question and answer: How is the date for Easter determined?

Our hats are off to full measure, huntinbuddy, and fofol - Easter Day is indeed the Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox (March 21st). If there is a full moon on the equinox, Easter is the next Sunday. Way to go!

The Forum Image

killersmom in Pets and Other Animal Friends

Tootsie and Killer at the beach....

It was windy!

Trigger Hippie found this photo and shared it at Life Through the Lens 3

You know when you are somewhere nice, you fancy a picture of yourself at the location, you set your camera on a timer,
put it down on a rock, rush over to get posed, then Damn! some pesky humans get in the photo too....

Quote of the Day

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

~ Anais Nin ~

Photo Caption Classics

Contributed by Lyle (Mooska), in Photo Captioning Fun 5:

"I taught it to Lureen, but she can't quite get the hang of it."

Contributors: MaineWriter, Trigger Hippie, killersmom, Lyle (Mooska)

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Mini-Slash Bash
Philadelphia - October 23-25, 2009

Let us know of any events you’d like listed here.

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Re: The Daily Sheet August 16 - 31, 2009
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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie Proulx!

Leave your kind words and well wishes
in the Happy Birthday Thread.

The Flag of Equal Marriage

"An evolving protest flag for equal marriage rights in the United States.

"The stars on the flag represent the states that actively perform same-sex marriages. They're arranged in order of each state's admission into the union.

"The stars are:

• Massachusetts - #6 - May 17, 2004

• Connecticut - #5 - Nov 12, 2008

• Iowa - #29 - Apr 24, 2009

• Vermont - #14 - Sep 1, 2009

• Maine - #23 - Sep 14, 2009

• New Hampshire - #9 - Jan 1, 2010"

"We want the Flag of Equal Marriage to be complete, with all 50 stars lit up."

Read more.  Source:

Student Faced Gay Slurs By Teachers

"The Anoka-Hennepin (Minnesota) school district agreed to pay a family $25,000 after two teachers allegedly harassed a boy because of his perceived sexual orientation.

"The Anoka-Hennepin School District has agreed to pay a $25,000 settlement to the family of a high school junior after two teachers harassed the boy and subjected him to classroom jokes, comments and innuendos concerning his perceived sexual orientation.

"The boy's "fence swings both ways," teacher Diane Cleveland commented during a class in the 2007-2008 school year, according to an investigation by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

"When the boy wrote a report on Ben Franklin, Cleveland allegedly said before the entire class that the boy had a "thing for older men." Another teacher, Walter Filson, said in front of other students that the boy "enjoys wearing women's clothes." When the boy decided to report on Abraham Lincoln, Filson allegedly said, "Since you like your men older ..." the Human Rights report said.

"The school district, which has denied it violated the Minnesota Human Rights Act, agreed last month to pay the boy's family $25,000.

"The district reacted in January 2008 to the allegations by briefly reassigning Cleveland, 39, a social studies teacher, and placing her on two-day unpaid suspension.

"It is not known what, if any, disciplinary was taken regarding Filson, 56, a law enforcement teacher."

Read more.  Source:

Daniel Radcliffe Makes Major Donation Trevor Project

"The Trevor Project, the non-profit organization that operates the only nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, today announced that it has received a major donation from Daniel Radcliffe, the critically-acclaimed star of the Harry Potter film series and Broadway's Equus. The 20-year-old actor joined The Trevor Project's Circle of Hope, a community of major donors which plays an essential role in providing the financial leadership that makes the organization's lifesaving work possible.

"The Trevor Project was founded in 1998 by three filmmakers whose film, Trevor, a comedy/drama about a gay teenager who attempts suicide, received the 1994 Academy Award® for Best Short Film (Live Action). Since its founding, The Trevor Helpline has received hundreds of thousands of calls from LGBTQ youth across the country. In the past year alone, call volume to The Trevor Helpline has increased more than 300 percent.

'"I am very pleased to begin my support of The Trevor Project, which saves lives every day through its critical work," said Daniel Radcliffe. "It's extremely distressing to consider that in 2009 suicide is a top three killer of young people, and it's truly devastating to learn that LGBTQ youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. I deeply hope my support can raise the organization's visibility so even more despondent youth become aware of The Trevor Helpline's highly trained counselors and Trevor's many other resources. It's vitally important that young people understand they are not alone and, perhaps even more important, that their young lives have real value."'

Read more.  Source:


"Jamaican born Mark Liddell is considered to be one of the world’s foremost celebrity photographers, having published more than 300 top international magazine covers as well as many celebrity-driven advertising campaigns. ... He has photographed many of the worlds most beautiful and intriguing personalities including Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Heath Ledger, Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford.

"I've seen the best sides and the worst sides of the biggest stars around," says Liddell. "I've seen them vulnerable, and I've seen them proud. I've watched them shed real tears, and I've sat through their temper tantrums. I've had to become a therapist and a best friend for a day. Celebrities were trusting me, and I learned very quickly that this trust is the most important component to a successful shoot."

"This book brings attention to many of today’s issues and causes with a portion of all proceeds going to THE TREVOR PROJECT: A suicide prevention helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth and to JENESSE, the Women’s Domestic Abuse center."

Read more.  Source:

San Diego Rodeo 2009

"The Ride to 2009 has begun. And we are working hard to ensure that this years rodeo is one of the best rodeos on the circuit."

"The 2009 Coors Light San Diego Rodeo will be held September 11th thru the 13th, 2009"

"The Greater San Diego Chapter of the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association is a non-profit, all volunteer organization established in 1988, our first rodeo was held in 1989, and has grown to be one of the best Gay Rodeo Organizations in the country with one of the best produced Rodeos on the circuit.

"The Golden State Gay Rodeo Association was established to further the growth and enjoyment of the WESTERN LIFESTYLE, encompassing every geographic region of California. GSGRA-GSDC provides education and training in all aspects of rodeo production and operation. In support of our community, the GSGRA-GSDC has a tradition of donating to those in need from the net proceeds of various fund-raising events and rodeos throughout the year. To date, the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association has donated more than $210,000 to various charities within the great state of California.

"Why do we do it? Besides furthering the growth and enjoyment of the WESTERN LIFESTYLE and promoting amateur Gay Rodeo, GSGRA-GSDC raises money to donate to local community organizations. We do this by producing the annual Rodeo, donating part of the proceeds to worthy organizations."

Read more.  Source:

Brentwood Ho!

jim.grrr writes in the Cowboy Up! thread:" James on the barrel and Ernie bucking on the streets of Brentwood (LA). Getting ready for the San Diego Rodeo. The neighbours loved us - we could have sold a lot or Rodeo tickets." Watch the video on Youtube.

Parnassus Finds Stateside Buyer

Sony in advanced talks to pick up Ledger film.

"Heath Ledger’s final film has finally found a Stateside buyer.

"Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group is in advanced talks to pick up The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, with plans for it to go out theatrically, likely this year, via Sony Pictures Classics.

"Parnassus was officially unveiled at Cannes this year in an out-of-competition slot toward the end of the festival. Several buyers screened the film just before Cannes, but a deal didn’t immediately emerge.

"Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group has been a key player in a number of pic deals lately, including for "The Young Victoria." That film will go out theatrically via Bob Berney and Bill Pohlad’s new Apparition label, and SPWAG will handle all ancillaries as part of a three-way deal on the pic."

Read more.  Source:

Watch the trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus on Youtube.

For more information, please contact donnab or lawgoddess.


This week's WikiWhat? puts the spotlight on three actors that are openly gay. Hip hip hooray! And they're all "micks" in a way: veteran actor Sir Ian McKellen, Canadian hottie Luke Macfarlane, and the long-rumored to be lesbian, Kelly McGillis:

•  Sir Ian Murray McKellen, CH, CBE (born 25 May 1939), is an English actor of stage and screen. He has received a Tony Award and two Academy Award nominations.

In 1988, he came out as gay and became a founding member of Stonewall, one of the United Kingdom's most influential LGBT rights groups, of which he remains a prominent spokesman.

He was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1979, and knighted in the 1991 New Year Honours for his outstanding work and contributions to the theatre. In the 2008 New Year Honours he was made a Companion of Honour (CH) for services to drama and to equality.

•  Kelly Ann McGillis (born July 9, 1957) is an American actress whose movies include Witness, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination, Top Gun, and The Accused.

McGillis, long rumored to be a lesbian, came out in April 2009 during an interview with, an LGBT-oriented web site. She said that coming to terms with her sexual orientation has been an ongoing process since age 12, and she was long convinced that God was punishing her for being gay.

•  Luke Macfarlane (born January 19, 1980) is a Canadian actor and musician.

Macfarlane went to school in L.B. Pearson school for the Arts, then later studied drama at Juilliard in New York City, where he starred in the productions of Romeo & Juliet, Richard III, The School of Night, Blue Window, The Grapes of Wrath, and As You Like It before graduating from the drama division in 2003.

Macfarlane is openly gay.

There's some room to add another out and proud Mc to the list -- not an actor, but the American playwright (Love! Valour! Compassion!, Kiss of the Spiderwoman) named Terrence McNally (not pictured):

•  Terrence McNally (born 3 November 1939) is an American playwright who has received four Tony Awards, two Guggenheim Fellowships, a Rockefeller Grant, the Lucille Lortel Award, the Hull-Warriner Award, and a citation from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He has been a member of the Council of the Dramatists Guild since 1970 and has served as vice-president since 1981. McNally is married to Thomas Kirdahy.

After graduation [from Columbia University], McNally moved to Mexico to focus on his writing, completing a one-act play which he submitted to the Actors Studio in New York for production. While the play was turned down by the acting school, the Studio was impressed with the script, and McNally was invited to serve as the Studio's stage manager so that he could gain practical knowledge of theater. In his early years in New York, he was a protégé and lover of the noted playwright Edward Albee.

The Forum Image

Posted by dejavu in The Forum Meetings/Reunion/Visits Pics Thread III




Forum member dejavu posted some wonderful shots of the, "I Wish I Knew How To Quit You Lake."
Be sure to check the thread for more great photos of the Alberta, Calgary, Brokie get together.

Post of the Day

Posted by trekfan in Planet Heath

Heath Ledger earns posthumous award from PETA   "Ledger had deep sensitivity regarding the cruelty of the whaling trade, and was a member of Australia’s Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s advisory board. Australia has had problems for many years with illegal whaling, particularly with ships coming from Japan. PETA has granted Ledger with the “Compassionate Artist” award for August, 2009 for his work on this video, which provides frank insight into the brutality of this disturbing practice."  Read more.

Quote of the Day

“Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives:
where we focus our attention.”

~ Greg Anderson ~

Photocaption of the Day

By RickB in Photo Captioning Fun 4

Mrs Twist:
Oh great, now we've made them angry!

Contributors: trekfan, dejavu, Lyle (Mooska), RickB

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Re: The Daily Sheet August 16 - 31, 2009
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Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Please excuse us while TDS takes a brief intermission.
We'll have our regular edition on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a reader pointed out to us how popular member profiles were. We thought we might bring them back but with a difference. Instead of asking you to answer a long list of questions (you verbal types can still do that) we thought it would be fun to tap your creative juices and try some new approaches.

Check out the profile types listed below and let us know what you think in the Respond to TDS thread. Or give us a better idea! And definitely let us know if you'd like to participate.


Playlist Profile:

Steve made up his playlist on iTunes. Just list ten songs and the artists which describe you. Link to them on YouTube if you wish. Don't forget to blurb each of your selections and tell us how or why each song is included.

Gallery Profile (Photographs, Sketches, Paintings, Essays, Poems, Sculptures, etc.):
Show us a collection of your favorite works. Include comments, descriptions of your process, or titles for each one. You may want to make it chronological, in a variety of media or styles, or completely random.

Bookshelf Profile:
(Thanks to the newsletter Shelf Awareness for the original list and to author Susie Bright for the e-book and erotic additions.)
A list of questions about your reading that will help us get to know you:
On my nightstand now:
Favorite book as a child:
On my e-book reader now:
When people ask me what great erotic literature is, I say:
Best book on pornography: (I'm thinking this one probably goes over the line.)
Reading I hid from my mother:
My top five authors:
A book I faked reading:
Book I am an evangelist for:
Book I've bought for the cover:
Book that changed my life:
Favorite line from a book:
Book I'd most want to read again for the first time:

Geographic Profile:

Create a Google Map showing us places that have meant something special to you. Be sure to add comments about each location.

Twitter Profile:
Sum up what you'd most like people to know about you in 140 characters or less. If Martha Stewart can tweet recipes in 140 characters, you can do this! Spaces are free. Or we could handle a series of several tweets.

Classic/Traditional Profile:
1. Are you a morning person or night-owl, peace-maker or comfortable with confrontation, more of a sun-bather or rock-climber, life -of-the-party or desiring a quiet cup of coffee with a few friends?
2. What’s the strangest food/food combination that you’ve ever eaten?
3. Currently listening to?
4. What is the greatest gift that you have received?  Why?
5. Currently reading?
6. Biggest challenge?
7. Your perfect day?  
8. What’s your indulgence?
9. If you could take a class on something that interests you, what would it be and why?
10. Last major purchase?
11. First job?
12. What was your most embarrassing experience or the strangest situation that you found yourself in?
13. If you were able to re-do something in your life and do it differently, what would it be and why?
14. Other than BBM, what movie has impacted you the most?  Why?
15. What is the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received?
16. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
17. Other than your parents, who has had the greatest influence on your life?
18. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
19. What's one thing that you just can't stand, so you're trying to help fix it?
20. What’s your inspiration?
21. What do you know for sure?
22. What brought you to the Forum?
23. What do you appreciate the most about this site, what is the most important thing that you have learned as a result of being here?
24. Are you more like Jack or Ennis?  Why?
25. Your favorite threads?
26. How many times have you watched BBM?
27. Who is the one person that you would most want to see BBM and why?
28. Your favorite BBM scene?
29. What was your take-away message from BBM?  What affected you the most?

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Re: The Daily Sheet August 16 - 31, 2009
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2009, 08:33:12 AM »

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Big Opening for Epilogue to The Laramie Project

"The creators of The Laramie Project, the acclaimed play about the 1998 murder of a 21-year-old gay man, Matthew Shepard, are finishing work on an 80-minute epilogue to the original work that will be given its debut simultaneously at dozens of theaters across the United States on Oct. 12, the 11th anniversary of Mr. Shepard’s death.

"Moisés Kaufman, the playwright and director who, with his Tectonic Theater Project company, wrote and produced the first Laramie Project, said the epilogue would explore the impact of the Shepard killing on the residents of Laramie, Wyo., where it occurred. The dialogue will be drawn from interviews with dozens of people there, some of whom were involved in the crime, including Aaron McKinney, who was convicted of murdering Mr. Shepard and who gave an interview to the Tectonic artists.

'"We wanted to see what occurs in a small town in the long run when it’s been subject to such a devastating event," Mr. Kaufman said in an interview. "What has been the long-lasting effect of this watershed moment? Is the fallout of these events positive, negative or perhaps a better question, is it measurable in those terms?"

"In holding multiple premieres of the play on the same night, Mr. Kaufman said he was taking a page from the Federal Theater Project, the New Deal program that often opened plays in a multitude of cities on the same night."

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The Meaning of Matthew: My Son's Murder in Laramie, and a World Transformed

The mother of Matthew Shepard shares her story about her son’s death and the choice she made to become an international gay rights activist.

Today, the name Matthew Shepard is synonymous with gay rights, but before his grisly murder in 1998, Matthew was simply Judy Shepard’s son. For the first time in book form, Judy Shepard speaks about her loss, sharing memories of Matthew, their life as a typical American family, and the pivotal event in the small college town that changed everything.

The Meaning of Matthew follows the Shepard family in the days immediately after the crime, when Judy and her husband traveled to see their incapacitated son, kept alive by life support machines; how the Shepards learned of the incredible response from strangers all across America who held candlelit vigils and memorial services for their child; and finally, how they struggled to navigate the legal system as Matthew’s murderers were on trial. Heart-wrenchingly honest, Judy Shepard confides with readers about how she handled the crippling loss of her child, why she became a gay rights activist, and the challenges and rewards of raising a gay child in America today.

The Meaning of Matthew not only captures the historical significance and complicated civil rights issues surrounding one young man’s life and death, but it also chronicles one ordinary woman’s struggle to cope with the unthinkable.

About the Author

Judy Shepard is cofounder of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which is dedicated to social justice, diversity awareness and education, and equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Shepard speaks across the country on behalf of the foundation.

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Brokeback Mountain Shirts on Display at Gene Autry Museum

"GLAAD was present last week at the Autry National Center as the historical cultural institution held a ceremony to induct “the shirts” from Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain into the Center’s collection of movie memorabilia that symbolize the American West. The shirts will be on display in the Gene Autry Imagination Gallery at the Center.

"In a news release issued from the Autry National Center, the Center noted, “The iconic shirts are at the center of the Contemporary Westerns case in order to highlight Brokeback Mountain’s significance in keeping the Western genre alive and thriving in the new millennium, and also to spotlight the LGBT community’s struggle for safety and inclusion in the rural, Western communities from where many originate yet often feel forced to abandon.”

"Last week’s induction ceremony was the brainchild of author and filmmaker, Gregory Hinton. It was Hinton who tracked down Tom Gregory in January, 2009 to inquire about the shirts.  With Hinton’s persistence and dedication, he persuaded both Gregory and the Center’s Staff to bring the shirts to the Center for display.

"In the wake of enthusiasm about the event, the Center along with Hinton, are planning upcoming panels on media images of gays in the West. Throughout the rest of the year, GLAAD will provide programming support for future panels designed to raise the profile of gays in the historic West and contemporary Western culture and ask provoking questions like one Hinton posed at the ceremony, “Where are the Ennis and Jacks of today?”'

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Gregory Hinton

Bea Arthur's Lasting Gift to Fight LGBT Homelessness

"Earlier this year the world lost one of its biggest gay icons, when former Golden Girl Bea Arthur died. Arthur was ever the champion of LGBT causes, so much so that her name will now carry on in the fight against LGBT homelessness.

"The Ali Forney Center, which for the past seven years has worked to serve the LGBT homeless population in New York City, announced today that they would rename one of their shelters after the legendary television and theater performer. The official renaming will take place at a memorial service at the Majestic Theater, and will commemorate Arthur for her work to end homelessness among LGBT youth."

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Gay Studies Among New Classes at UWP

"The University of Wisconsin-Platteville English Department recently approved four new classes that will be offered beginning in the fall semester. One of the classes will be a course in postcolonial literature and the other three will be courses in gay studies.

"One of the new courses is an introduction to gay studies that focuses on the treatment of same-sex relationships in cultures around the globe and throughout history. The course will also cover contemporary issues and popular culture, including gay and lesbian cinema.

"The second course that is offered is an upper-level class in gay and lesbian literature for young adults. The class has the same structure as other young adult literature classes, but will focus on books written about gay teenagers or teenagers that have homosexual family members or friends.

'"Many gay and lesbian issues come up in pubic schools today, yet few teachers have any training on how to handle these issues," said Hale. "My hope is that future teachers who take this course will have a better understanding of the problems faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and other students who are facing anti-gay bullying. When teachers understand the problems, they are better able to offer the assistance that could keep some kids alive through the bullying that occurs in secondary schools."

"The last class offered will be another upper-level course in gay and lesbian literature. This class will focus on classical homosexual-themed works, such as the Calamus poems by Walt Whitman, that are often overlooked in other literature courses. It will also focus on contemporary works, such as Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx."

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BBM Stars Included in Actors, Authors, Others

"Don Florence's paintings of Edward Albee, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Tennessee Williams will be exhibited as part of Actors, Authors, Others in September.

"Phantom Audio will host the exhibit at the company's Chelsea loft space Sept. 24-27. The exhibit benefits the Playwrights Realm Theater Company. All portraits will be available for purchase.

"Artists depicted in Florence's paintings include Joel Grey, Anne Hathaway, Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Woody Allen, Tennessee Williams, Ethel Merman, Liz Taylor, Terrence McNally, Nathan Lane, The Marx Brothers, Dorothy Parker, Sir Ian McKellen, Edward Albee, Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Neil Simon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, Gloria Vanderbilt, Barbara Hutton, Babe Paley, Rock Hudson (shown), James Dean, David Sedaris, Meryl Streep and Marlon Brando."

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The WikiWhat? for this week is about Whisky:

"Whisky or whiskey refers to a broad category of alcoholic beverages that are distilled from fermented grain mash. Different grains are used for different varieties, including barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, and maize (corn). Most whiskies are aged in wooden casks (generally oak), the exception being some corn whiskeys.

With few exceptions, the spelling is Scottish, Canadian, and Japanese whisky (plural: whiskies), but Irish and American whiskey (whiskeys).

Whisky is a shortened form of usquebaugh, which English borrowed from Irish Gaelic uisce beatha and Scottish Gaelic uisge beatha. This compound descends from Old Irish uisce, "water", and bethad, "of life". and meaning literally "water of life". It meant the same thing as the Latin aqua vītae which had been applied to distilled drinks since early 14th century. Other early spellings include usquebea (1706) and iskie bae (1583).

Whisky or whiskey. Yes, it's brown, but it's also the phonetic sound representing the letter W in the NATO phonetic alphabet. It's also red, as in the russett exterior of the famous Los Angeles nightclub, the Whisky A Go Go. Or you might find it used to describe a One-horse Shay, which doesn't really have anything to do with booze at all.


Fun Question of the Week

This week’s Question: What do "D W" and "40" stand for in the spray lubricant WD-40?

Let us know your answer in the response thread.

Last week's question and answer: Which two common household cleaners have a dangerous toxic reaction if mixed together?

BayCityJohn got it right (unfortunately from personal experience!) the answer is bleach and ammonia, which produce toxic chlorine gas when mixed together.

The Forum Image

Posted by conny in Life Through The Lens 3

"a very windy beach today, sunny though"

Post of the Day

Posted by tfferg in What's Your Poison?

Forum member tfferg spoke of his partner's father, who welcomes him, "every time we go there with two shots of lao khao - rice spirit. Sometimes he mixes medicinal powdered herbs into it." He's also fond of whiskey:

At first sight, he looks quite formidable. His face looks tough and inscrutable and he wears his grey hair in a very short crewcut. He's wiry, with deep brown skin and a tattoo that loops over his chest. But when he smiles his face is transformed. He's actually very welcoming to me and delighted when we visit. I think he was probably something of a Casanova in his younger days. I wish I could master enough of the language to ask him to tell his story, especially as he used to be the village head. My partner and his brothers are all fond of him and reminisce happily and joke on family occasions about his strict discipline when they were kids and he sits and smiles benignly.

In the first year or so, I think he was concerned about whether I wanted to stay here and  on each visit, he would ask me if Thailand was fun.

He has difficulty walking these days and uses a stick, but still gets around the village on a bicycle rather to the consternation of the family. He takes himself off to the ricefields (with a bottle of lao khao probably) for some peace and quiet - Thai villages are very noisy places and there's a pretty constant stream of traffic.

On family gatherings, people drink ordinary whisky sodas, but he prefers to drink straight shots.

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Quote of the Day

“I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host.”

~ Dorothy Parker ~

Photocaption of the Day

By CellarDweller115 in Photo Captioning Fun 4

Unsure of how to deal with the sudden, awkward silence between
she and Jack, Lureen breaks the ice with her Madonna imitation.

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