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The Daily Sheet September 16 - 30, 2009
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Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Member Profile: Roby

Hi everybody,

A dear friend in the forum suggested to write my profile so here I am. If you need to blame someone, I’ll give you his name!

My name is Roberta but friends call me Roby. I am Italian, 45 years old and I live in North Italy in the same city where I was born and raised. I’m married; no kids.

English is not my first language and I hope you will forgive my possible mistakes.

I work in the Customer Service Dept. of a company that produces medical devices.

I’m a morning person only when I have to go to work, high sense of duty, but if I could have it my way I would stay up in the night posting in the forum and then sleep till noon!

I am definitely a peace-maker but if someone wants a confrontation or, worse, attacks me or my dear ones I am ready to fight.

I am a sun-bather; never been the life of the party and I love to have cappuccino or hot chocolate with friends.

I love movies, travelling, Greek Mythology, King Arthur’s legend and collecting magnets, mugs and pencils from the places I visit.

What’s the strangest food/food combination that you’ve ever eaten?  No strange food in Italy but only good food!  I do not like the combination meat and jam that is quite popular in some foreign countries.

What is the greatest gift that you have received? Family and friends.
Speaking of material things I received a plane ticket to USA from my boyfriend (now husband). We had been there the previous year and I wanted to visit again but I couldn’t afford the cost so he helped me. It happened in 1993 but I’m still grateful.
Can I consider the ability of thinking with my own brain without being influenced a gift? If so, this is a great gift too.

Currently reading? A lot of BBM slashes, Rupert Everett’s biography, Italian comics.

Biggest challenge? Writing this profile!

Your perfect day?  Spending the day with friends in Venice or Florence or Siena.

What’s your indulgence? Chocolate and Italian ice-creams.

If you could take a class on something that interests you, what would it be and why? Cooking, I’d like to be a better cooker! More serious: law, I’d like to know everything about my rights and duties.

Last major purchase? Our apartment is really owned now, no more mortgage on it.

What was your most embarrassing experience or the strangest situation that you found yourself in? Not embarrassing but funny: in an English pub fully crowded and with no available seats the bartender was asking me “where will you be seated?” and I answered “I don’t know, there are no seats” and he went on asking again and again thinking that I didn’t understand the question while I thought he did not understand that I couldn’t force someone to give me a seat. We were in a sort of loop when luckily some people got up so I readily pointed at their table saying “there, I’ll sit just there!”

Other than BBM, what movie has impacted you the most?  Why? I’m a movie lover and I’ve watched a lot of movies but I have to admit that BBM was the only movie that affected me so much.

If you could ask God one question, what would it be? Could you do something against ignorance?

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Hi, come in! 

What's one thing that you just can't stand, so you're trying to help fix it? I can’t stand ignorance but I can’t do anything to fix it. Faulty brains can’t be replaced.

What do you know for sure? Nothing. 

What brought you to the Forum? I googled “Jack, I swear and forum” because I wanted to know what people think about its meaning and this forum was one of the links. It was love at first sight but it took me a long time before posting.

What do you appreciate the most about this site, what is the most important thing that you have learned as a result of being here? I appreciate people’s frankness and affection. I’ve learned that I was right about thinking that everybody has the right to love and to be loved in spite of what other people may think.
I’ve learned some new words that I can’t use in RL!

Are you more like Jack or Ennis?  Why? I’m a Jack. I never hide my feelings, I’m happy to love somebody and I would do anything to be with the person I love.

Your favorite threads? Slash discussion, LeBar, Jake Heath and others we love, Ignorant straight women (not posting in the last one).

How many times have you watched BBM? Complete: no more than 3 or 4. Just the happy scenes: one hundred, maybe.

Who is the one person that you would most want to see BBM and why? My husband. I would like to show him why I love this movie so much. But I loved his reason for not watching it: “It’s a love story and I don’t watch love stories”. I confirm: he doesn’t like love story movies and I was so happy because he got the message of the movie without watching it.

Your favorite BBM scene? Reunion: like Jack, I did not expect Ennis’s kisses!

What was your take-away message from BBM?   Love, love, love. Don’t waste time, don’t be afraid and say “I love you” more often.

What affected you the most? Thinking that they were together just 2 or 3 weeks in a year instead of having a sweet life and a calf and cow operation.

I would have liked to write a geographic profile but I can’t really use google maps so I’ll list the cities and places that I love and their meaning to me:

  • Venice. It’s an amazing city and BBM was shown there for the first time and it won the Golden Lion award: people began to talk about the movie. We know the rest.
  • Florence: I love art and there is some in this city!
  • Rome: ancient history, beautiful churches and the Sistine chapel: is it possible to ask for more? I had my honeymoon there.
  • London: the first city I visited abroad and alone. I felt so free and adult. My most visited foreign city: 5 times.
  • San Francisco: my favorite city outside Italy. I love the hills, the Golden Gate and even the sudden fog! US West Coast: the first important big trip with my future husband.
  • Florida: the travel paid by my future husband.
  • Grand Canyon, Arches Park, Bryce Canyon and Niagara Falls: breathtaking natural beauties shared with the person I love.

Tom Ford's A Single Man at the Venice Film Fest

"Tom Ford switched from the catwalk to the red carpet on...presenting his directorial debut — an intimate movie about coping with loss and grief — at the Venice Film Festival.

"A Single Man stars Colin Firth as a college professor coming to grips with solitude after his partner of 16 years dies. Also starring are Matthew Goode, playing the professor's partner, and Julianne Moore as a longtime friend who harbors an unfulfilled love for Firth's character.

"A Single Man is based on the book by the same name by Christopher Isherwood. Ford, a former Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent designer, said the film is "the most personal thing" he has ever done.

'"It's really a film about love and isolation that I think all of us feel, so it is very universal," Ford said at a news conference. "When I see someone who sees the film and says, ' It's a gay story,' I don't even know what they are thinking, it just seems to me a human story."

"The movie is set in 1962 Los Angeles during the height of the Cuban Missile crisis and the looming nuclear threat. In an apparent nod to his past career, Ford recreates the era with meticulous attention to details and style.

"Fashion is a very fleeting and commercial art," he said. "This is pure expression."'

Read more. Source:

The film also won the Queer Lion award. See the trailer on YouTube.

British actor Colin Firth with his Best Actor
award for his role in the film 'A Single Man'

James Wharton: 'You're gay. Want another pint?'

"Relaxing at the Household Cavalry's Windsor barracks, Trooper James Wharton chatted happily about his boyfriend over a coffee. Nearby, a gruff looking non-commissioned officer turned in mock horror. "You're gay?" he boomed before the two men laughed. Trooper Wharton's sexuality is old news in this frontline regiment.

"In an army where banter is common currency, the 22-year-old has heard all the jokes but said that he would be far more worried if his colleagues fell silent. "If someone is not taking the piss in the Army, it is because they don't like you," he said.

"A youngster from a small Welsh village, he thought little of his sexuality when he signed up to the Blues and Royals at 16. It was only when he went to London for ceremonial duties that he began to consider a social life. When he appeared preoccupied, a Trooper challenged him. "He said 'I know what it is. You're gay'. I just went 'Yeah' and he said 'I knew it. Do you want another pint?'." Within days, everybody was pestering him with questions.

'"I got back to Knightsbridge [barracks] one day and somebody opened a window seven floors up and yelled 'Are you gay?' The whole of Hyde Park must have heard it. They weren't shocked in a horrible way, they were just interested." he added. Most reassuringly, one of the most powerful men in the squadron, his Corporal Major (equivalent to Sergeant Major), "an individual you would never cross", made it clear with a few understated words that if Trooper Wharton suffered any problems, he should inform him immediately.

"Nevertheless, four years ago he was badly beaten by a drunken soldier in a homophobic attack. "I felt embarrassed. The lads were completely supportive. He was a bit of a low life and no one liked him. He was court martialled and I think he has left the Army," he said, insisting it never occurred to him to let it affect his Army career. "In everyone's life, you get a bit of crap, whoever you are."'

Read more. Source:


"Victor Arimondi was a challenging photographer. He challenged Image and Perception – on an international and very high-end commercial scale. In his early years, on the other side of the lens, Victor was a hot young fashion model. His natural beauty freely opened the doors to European fashion houses where he gained immediate acceptance, abounding fame, and the attention of international celebrities. Arimondi was the young god on the runway, the dazzling definition of what it means to be top-tier, ultimately desirable, out of reach and untouchable, yet available and vulnerable to the highs and lows and volatile extremes of Fashion’s trendy people, places, and things.

"Indianapolis" by Victor Arimondi

In his later years, Victor did print work for Macy’s and the Hastings Clothing Company, formerly located at Post and Grant. That is what triggered my memory of him. Victor Arimondi on downtown billboards – “The Hasting’s Man”. In those days, here in San Francisco, some may have thought Victor Arimondi had the plummiest job in town. He was clearly mature, a far different image than the blow-ups of boy models in suits today. When Don Hershman, Victor’s then lover and now protector of his estate, showed me an example of Victor’s print work for Hastings, I exclaimed, “I haven’t seen a man like that since Victor was The Man like that.” Victor Arimondi was sensationally handsome. He also hated modeling to the point of dark despair. He returned to his first love, the camera, and created a body of work that captures a slice of San Francisco, particularly the crisis of homelessness and AIDS like none other. In 2001, Victor was 59 when he fell to the disease.

A Compassionate Eye: The Work of Victor Arimondi will be on display from September 12th through December 10th at the James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center located on the third floor of San Francisco’s Main Library (100 Larkin Street at Grove)."

Read more. Source:

Jake Gyllenhaal Made of Plastic, Portable, Still Dreamy

"McFarlane Toys has announced that it's making a line of collectibles based on Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's forthcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time motion picture. Unlike many of McFarlane's figures, the 4" and 6" mini-Jakes and pals will be fully articulated. We're not certain, though, if the promised "battle horses" will be as limber."

Read more. Source:


This week's WikiWhat? is sticky as hell. Four simple words: Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

"Don't ask, don't tell is the common term for the policy about homosexuality in the U.S. military mandated by federal law Pub.L. 103-160 (10 U.S.C. § 654). Unless one of the exceptions from 10 U.S.C. § 654(b) applies, the policy prohibits anyone who "demonstrate(s) a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts" from serving in the armed forces of the United States, because "it would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability." The act prohibits any homosexual or bisexual person from disclosing his or her sexual orientation or from speaking about any homosexual relationships, including marriages or other familial attributes, while serving in the United States armed forces. The "don't ask" part of the policy indicates that superiors should not initiate investigation of a service member's orientation in the absence of disallowed behaviors, though mere suspicion of homosexual behavior can cause an investigation.

"The policy was introduced as a compromise measure in 1993 and approved by then President Bill Clinton who, while campaigning for the Presidency, had promised to allow all citizens regardless of sexual orientation to serve openly in the military, a departure from the then complete ban on those who are not heterosexual. The actual policy was crafted by Colin Powell and was maintained by Clinton's successor, George W. Bush."

Did you know? Timothy R. McVeigh was the first person to win a case against the DADT policy.

See how other nations of the world respond to sexual orientation and military service. "Most Western military forces have now removed policies excluding sexual minority members; of the 26 countries that participate militarily in NATO, more than 20 permit open lesbians, gays, or bisexuals to serve..."

Read about the Right to Serve Campaign, an organized effort to bring attention to the Don't ask, don't tell policy.

Number of troops discharged under DADT

*Breakdown of discharges by service branch not available

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Re: The Daily Sheet September 16 - 30, 2009
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Anniversary, and Reunion

by royandronnie

In two days, it will be the 42nd anniversary of Ennis and Jack's Reunion. I am now the proud and happy owner of Ennis' Reunion shirt and jacket, so I thought a good way to share this anniversary with everyone would be to tell you about coming to own it, and include a few pictures and details you won't know about if you haven't actually seen the items.

Yes, I know it’s fanciful—but at least here, no one will drip scorn on me: when I first drew the Reunion shirt out of the box, and put it on, I felt awe, that I had come to own it, that Heath Ledger had worn it in Brokeback Mountain—but there was something more. With the Reunion shirt, and the “new” version of the corduroy jacket, whatever it was—probably only my own love—brushed me every time I touched those clothes, for months. Doesn’t matter, really, whether the feeling came from within or without, but I have enjoyed the little conceit that, with Heath gone from us, his spirit was free to give a little something, silently, to all who cared about Ennis, and him. He was generous. If such a thing were possible, I think he would do it.

Less metaphysical, more practical. The story of how these precious artifacts came to me is one some know, but I thought I would tell it here, without violating the privacy of the person who is responsible: on May 20th, 2008, the following PM appeared in my inbox, titled “help please:”

I'm not sure how to go about this…

Ennis' Reunion/Campfire outfit is being "auctioned" by the owner. I wanted to let you know first of all because when I met you your love for Ennis/Heath was so vibrant and I'd really like to see these items with someone who will cherish them as much as I believe you would and they deserve.

Actually, I know that many of us would love these clothes as much as I do, but the offer literally made me gasp, because, after being photographed in the jacket at Estes Park in May of 2007 by our own CellarDweller, I posted the picture with a caption something like “if I could own one thing from Brokeback, other than Jack’s BB coat, it would be this.” And, almost exactly one year later, I did… And I assure you, I do cherish them.

So. For those who haven’t seen these pieces up close, and those who never will, some down and dirty details:

The shirt is a non-descript off-the-rack shirt from a maker named Martin Gordon—but inside, you can see where the body seams have been altered to make it smaller. Now, I wear a size 8, and the waist is not especially large on me, though the sleeves are about 2” too long. Heath was SMALL when he wore this shirt. Something you can’t see until you are close is that what appears to be black stripes onscreen are actually tiny flowers—sorry, not roses; more like daisies—and the stripes are not black but brown.

In contrast, the jacket, which is custom made, no labels, SWIMS. It's gigantic. In set shots of Heath/Ennis wearing the jacket, particularly of the deleted bit from the final camping trip where he has just arrived and he and Jake/Jack look like they’re about to hug, you can see that the sleeves are substantially too long, even for him. On me, they look like it’s my dad’s jacket. The same inaccurate sizing, by the way, is found in the You Bet postcard shirt, also custom made, which I got on Ebay in 2007.

I was told that originally the jacket still had some loose tobacco and a candy wrapper in a pocket when it was purchased in 2006, but those were gone by the time I got it. The sleeves are lined with what appears to be quilted vinyl—which would actually have been practical, if the originals had similar lining: when the corduroy got wet, the vinyl would have helped keep the arms warm.  Oregondoggie told me he once owned a jacket exactly like this one--once again, they were pretty accurate.

The jeans, a much more recent find on Ebay, are Levis 501 size 34. They are also button flies, giving rise to all sorts of sexy ideas. The idea I like best, though, is that they might have been the third part of the outfit originally. I’m sure they didn’t have a different pair of jeans for every scene; these, while sold as being from the Thanksgiving scene, are described on the copy of the wardrobe tag that accompanied them as “darker” denims—that is, they were his “best” jeans. So, unless someone can tell me that they’re sure Ennis wasn’t wearing button flies that day, I’m going with the idea that the two occasions on which Ennis would have been wearing his best jeans were when he went to Monroe and Alma’s Thanksgiving dinner—and when he had Jack Twist FOR dinner.

Also included with the jeans was a long strip of thin leather with a tag indicating it was meant to be used for hatbanding for Ennis. As it was something like twelve feet long, they must have intended to braid it, and after thinking about it for a while, I decided that's what I would do. The leather had a curious, not exactly pleasant texture, quite greasy and soft. I found out why this was when I started to braid it--it must have been tanned expressly to be braided in some way, because the leather all but fell into a perfect braid with no special effort on my part.

The jeans too are a wonderful testament to verisimilitude: the pockets have been artistically frayed--as have the backs of the leg hems--a little stitching has been pulled out on the side seams, and the front of the legs bear faint, permanent “dirt” stains.

When I got them, for a little while I felt the same awe, the same sense of presence I did with the shirt and jacket. Like Ennis with The Shirts, I breathed my new treasure in deeply, but nothing was left of Heath except the very real power of Brokeback Mountain that I held in my two hands…

Now if I could only score something of Jack's…
Anti-gay law “flies in the face of European values”

   Officials of both the European Presidency and the European Commission, as well as Amnesty International and LGBT rights groups have condemned and expressed concern about the Lithuanian Parliament (the Seimas) voting to overturn President Valdas Adamkus veto of the "Law on the Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information".

Sophie in ‘t Veld MEP speaking at at the European Parliament debate
The law, passed on June 26 with only 6 out of 140 Seimas members voting against it, put restrictions on public information about homosexuality.  According to  Amnesty International, the law " classes homosexuality alongside issues such as the portrayal of physical or psychological violence, the display of a dead or cruelly mutilated body of a person, and information that arouses fear or horror, or encourages self-mutilation or suicide."

While the law will not go into effect until next March, incidents reflecting increasing hostility have already started. Last month the EU "For Diversity, Against Discrimination" touring truck was banned in Vilnius and Kaunas, with the mayor explaining that "[the] homosexual festival may cause many negative emotions."

In Strasbourg last week, MEPs debated the law, with a clear majority condemning it.  “It’s about European values,” said Sophie in ‘t Veld (ALDE, Netherlands), who described the law as being “allegedly about the protection of minors. But it actually does the contrary, because this law may well foster ignorance, taboo and stigma. It will expose young and vulnerable gay, lesbian and transgender people to bullying and exclusion.  Instead of protection it inflicts harm on young people."

Tavares Eui (United Left – Nordic Greens, Portugal) pointed out under this law, Lithuanian universities could not show “films such as Brokeback Mountain.”  Michael Cashman (Socialists and Democrats, UK) added that it could also ban “works of art created by a gay man or a lesbian,” citing Plato, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, Tennessee Williams and Tchaikovsky as well as more contemporary creative artists such as Elton John, and tennis champion Martina Navratilova.  Cashman said he was proud that the EU Parliament was speaking out on the law, as it "clearly breaches EU Treaties on human rights. It also breaches the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as it encourages discrimination against lesbian and gay young people.”

Commissioner Jacues Barrot noted that Commission had more than once condemned homophobia as "a flagrant violation of the principle of respect for human dignity,” and many of the speakers agreed that the fundamental rights of gays and lesbians.  He emphasized that “children are entitled to have access to information which is necessary to ensure their full development.  The Commission would not hesitate to take any measure necessary to ensure the respect for Community law and, indeed, the respect of fundamental human rights."

Speaking for the Council, Minister Cecilia Malmström (Sweden) agreed that "We cannot expect to stand up for the respect of human rights in other countries if we do not, with in EU, support these fundamental rights."

The law did have its defenders in the debate.  Vytauts Landsbergis (EPP, Lithuania) claimed that “there were two key words in ‘the promotion of homosexuality to minors’ – ‘promotion’ and minors’ – and not ‘homosexuality’ as some are saying.”  Leonidas Donskis (ALDE, Lithuania) countered that the law had "little – if anything – to do with the protection of children. Indeed, it is against gay and lesbian citizens.  It is difficult to believe that the adoption of such a law is possible in an EU country at the beginning of the 21st century."

Lithuanian LGBT activists at Baltic Pride, Latvia, May 16 2009

The MEPs voted 349-218 to condemn the law.  Jean Lambert (Greens, UK) said that "the Greens are satisfied that the European Parliament has sent a clear message to the Lithuanian government that homophobia has no place in the European Union, not in its society and certainly not enshrined in any of its legislation.”

Mandance: Meet Me On the Mountain

In July, several Forum members met in San Francisco for the 'World Premiere' concert of the Man Dance Company of San Francisco, at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. It was a very special performance for Brokies, as it included a male pas de deux set to the Brokeback theme "Wings".  Ryan Harrison's solo of Shawn Kirchner's "Meet Me on the Mountain" was followed by "Last Stand", and the dance interpretation of Ennis and Jack, set to Shawn's piano solo of "Wings".


Meet Me On the Mountain, with Ryan Harrison

Last Stand / Wings Ballet sequence

For those who missed the performance BayCityJohn has posted videos of Ryan Harrison singing "Meet Me On the Mountain" and "Last Stand" followed by the Brokeback dance. Click on the images to view.

Brokies might also enjoy listening to the song set to a montage of BBM images, here at YouTube.

For  more pictures of the performance see Brokeback Mountain Ballet and San Francisco: July 10-12.

Other highlights from the show can be viewed at the Mandance website.

"Meet Me On the Mountain" is available in CD at Amazon, with individual songs available in MP3 for 99 cents.

Meet me on the mountain
When summer comes again.
Meet me on the mountain –
I’ll be waiting for you then.

Oh, the open sky was always on our side;
It never asked us why –
And I’d like to think that the sun so high
Had a smile in its eye.

(Chorus) Meet me on the mountain...

Oh, the winter was never our friend
Sometimes it brought the early snow
That drove us down to the narrow towns
That gave no shelter from the cold.

(Chorus) Meet me on the mountain...

It’s not a matter of yes’s and of no’s
When you feel it in your bones;
A love like ours and the grace-filled hours
Was no one’s business but our own.

Meet me on the mountain
When summer comes again
Meet me on the mountain –
I’ll be waiting for you then.

In the Blogosphere: Whoodles and Doodles

Dogs have always been one of the precious links between human beings and the rest of the animal kingdom.  Along with cats, they are the only animals that we allow to share our homes as animal family members not confined to cages, aviaries or stables.  Sherry (forum member doodler) has made her love for dogs a way of life as a breeder.

"For a 'dog breeder', I am ancient," she writes.  A number of years ago, AKC statistics showed the average lifespan of a breeder was 5 years. I bred my firsdt litter when I was in high school... and I graduated in 1961. I am happy to report my dogs, mixes and purebreds alike, are all long lived as well! I don't have a kennel. I believe dogs are happiestwhen around their people. All my dogs are housedogs. Puppies are born and raised in the tv room, the bedroom, the kitchen... whichever room has the most room at the time. I love puppies and find myself playing with them when I should be doing other things (an aspect of my personality that is reflected in my housekeeping.) Unlike many breeders, I keep pups until they are 11-12 weeks old. I feel this is better for them because it gives them a chance to learn what being a dog is all about and it is better for my puppy buyers (many of whom have never had a pet before) because the older pup is more mature mentally and physically and, therefore, easier to house train.

On Whoodles and Doodles, Sherry specializes in "Whoodles" (a cross between a purebred Poodle and a Wheaton Terrier.) and "Doodles" (a cross between a Poodle and a purebred Setter or Retriever).
The blog has useful information on dog and puppy psychology and health issues such as viruses and the pitfalls of worming and flea medications, dog care tips, stories both funny and poignant, and a few other animal friends. There’s useful information on dog and puppy psychology and health issues such as viruses and the pitfalls of worming and flea medications.  

Sherry's experiences with her dogs include moments of celebration....

“Another couple taking a boy is getting married soon. The pup is their wedding present to each other. I took this photo for them so they can show it at their dinner and everyone will see what a great idea they've had.”

A believer in a dog’s long-term welfare being the most important consideration in making decisions.  In contrast to breeders who sell puppies as soon as possible, “I am of the opinion that puppies need to stay with their litter for much longer than most of them normally get to... that's where they learn to be dogs.”

... and some inevitable moments of sadness.

Seiz In March, "Right now I have an 18 weeks old tiny fellow who has (we think) a liver shunt. The prognosis for him is not good; in fact, it's dire. So I'm planning to keep him until whenever. I've named him Seiz which is short for "seizure." He used to have them just about every other day but over the last 2 months, they've gotten farther and farther a part... he actually went 12 days between them a couple weeks ago." A month later, in April, Sherry reported with sadness that Seiz had not made it. Like any loving dog owner, she had to make a difficult decision to do the right thing. "My vet is so supportive. She always makes me feel like I've made the right decision. Guess after all these years she knows how much of an effort it is for me, even after I've reached the point where I know I don't have another choice."


"After having him in the family a month, Brady's mom writes: I wanted to let you know that Brady is doing beautifully. We absolutely adore him, and he has won over everyone he has met! I'll keep sending the occasional update to show you how he is doing!"

Whoodle puppies

And New York is not Going to Be Outdone This is Lulu, modeling the latest in Spring fashion:

Blue's a good color for her!

Annie Proulx at the New Yorker Festival

From The New Yorker, whose annual festival includes some Brokeback connections. If you're in New York on Saturday, October 17th, you might want to check out these events:

"This year, the acclaimed New Yorker Festival celebrates a decade of highlighting the people on the cutting edge of contemporary culture. Join us for our tenth anniversary as we bring together today’s most talked-about personalities from the worlds of literature, politics, music, and film.

"Tickets will go on sale Friday, September 18th, at 12 P.M. E.S.T."

Annie Proulx interviewed by Deborah Treisman
West is west.

Annie Proulx won a PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction for her first novel, “Postcards,” and a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award for her second, “The Shipping News.” Two of her New Yorker stories have received National Magazine Awards for fiction: “Brokeback Mountain,” in 1998, which was the basis of the Oscar-winning film; and, this year, “Them Old Cowboy Songs,” which appears in her most recent story collection, “Fine Just the Way It Is.”

Deborah Treisman is the fiction editor of The New Yorker.
10 a.m. Florence Gould Hall
55 East 59th Street ($27)

Go here to purchase tickets.

Loudon Wainwright III talks with Susan Morrison: A Conversation with Music
Folk father.

Loudon Wainwright III has been a folk musician since the late nineteen-sixties. He has recorded more than twenty albums, including the Grammy-nominated “I’m Alright” and “More Love Songs.” “High Wide & Handsome,” his album celebrating the music of Charlie Poole, was released in August. He is the son of the late Life editor and writer Loudon Wainwright, Jr., and the patriarch of a musical family that includes Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, and Lucy Wainwright Roche.

Susan Morrison is the articles editor of The New Yorker and the editor of The Talk of the Town and of Shouts & Murmurs. She edited the anthology “Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary: Reflections by Women Writers,” which was published last year. 7:30 p.m.

The Bell House
149 7th Street, Brooklyn ($35)

Purchase tickets here.

Brokies Across Canada

atruant and Chuck Ivins recently combined a long-distance move with a mini Brokie get-together:

"It's been a while since I've logged on to DCF as Chuck and I were driving across Canada on our move from BC to Hamilton, ON (on Lake Ontario between Toronto and Niagara Falls). A beautiful trip with sunny days, little traffic and minor construction (this can't be Canada!!). Chuck's two kitties caused no problems.

"In Winnipeg, we spent the night with our dear friend Dan in his beautiful home. He took time to show us around some of the sights in Winnipeg, such as 'The Forks' where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers join and the monument to Metis rebel Louis Riel. Dan then cooked us a delicious meal. Love these mini-reunions! Thanks again Dan!"

Dan (phrag3), John (atruant) and Chuck (Chuck Ivins)

The Forum Image

One of a series of simple, elegant nature images posted by Cally, at Life Through the Lens 4.

And a forum classic -- a tranquil image to lower your blood pressure, from Rei-gyoku in the original Life Through the Lens thread.

"I took a walk to the center of the city [Matsumoto] today.  It was a half-hour walk to the Matsumoto Castle."

Quote of the Day

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music.”

~ George Carlin ~

Photo Caption of the Day

From bubba, with another theory about Alma's dream man, in Photo Captioning Fun 5.

Because what happens in Riverton might not always stay in Riverton.....

Alma:  I would love to go to Vegas and do something....and leave it there.

Contributors: royandronnie, atruant, doodler, bubba, Cally, Rei-gyoku, BayCityJohn

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Re: The Daily Sheet September 16 - 30, 2009
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Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Counselors Get at the Heart of Issues for Same-Sex Couples

"It was a strange summer of heartbreak for Salvatore Garanzini and his partner, Alapaki Yee. They were happy together, but three of the same-sex couples they were closest to underwent painful breakups in quick succession.

"His friends' romantic distress reinforced something Garanzini, a San Francisco counselor, had already begun to suspect about his addiction therapy practice: that he was largely treating a symptom of a much bigger problem.

'"A big source of what led [clients] to their habit was a . . . kind of a self-hatred," says Garanzini, 32. "And I started to say, 'I wonder what would happen if we were able to create something that taught gay and lesbian folks that their relationship was normal and empowered them with skills they could rely on to keep the relationship together -- if they would start feeling less illegitimized and more validated."

"At the end of that 2007 summer, Yee, also a therapist, took Garanzini on a surprise trip to Seattle to attend a weekend workshop hosted by John Gottman, a psychologist and relationship expert they both admired.

Alapaki Yee and Salvatore Garanzini

'"So we're sitting in the Gottman workshop and I'm listening to this stuff and the research behind it, which is basically 35 years of just watching couples interact," Garanzini recalls. "And I looked over at my partner, Alapaki, and I said, 'Why don't we do this, but for gay and lesbian couples?' "

"Within months the two had co-founded the Gay Couples Institute, which Garanzini says is the "only gay and lesbian relationship counseling center in the world, where all it does is same-sex relationships." Today they work with 200 gay and lesbian couples a year and hold weekend workshops every other month.

"Though romantic relationships have been rich territory for academic researchers in the past half a century, most of the studies were limited to heterosexual couples. The Gay Couples Institute has created a research arm to add to the now growing body of knowledge about same-sex couples, Garanzini says, and they're hoping to set up counseling centers in New York and Los Angeles in the next few years.

"The goal, he says, is to create a network of centers where gay and lesbian couples can work with counselors "who are practicing something you can really trust. Where you're getting good care, but you also feel safe to go where you need to go."'

Read more. Source:

TV Dance Show Makes Peace with U.S. Gay Community

"Popular reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance has made peace with America's gay community by putting a same-sex Latin ballroom couple into a new round of competition and appointing an openly gay judge.

"Producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe caused a furor in May when he told another gay couple he thought their samba routine would "probably alienate" a lot of the show's five million viewers.

"Lythgoe later wrote a Twitter message saying he was "not a fan of 'Brokeback' Ballroom," alluding to the 2007 [sic] gay romance film Brokeback Mountain.

"On Wednesday's episode, [Sept. 16] Jason and Willem De Vries danced an emotional audition routine, causing choreographer and judge Mia Michaels to tear up and drawing a compliment from Lythgoe.

'"I celebrate the courage that you guys have to just expose yourselves and your hearts and your passion and who you are," Michaels told them.

"The pair told the panel they were determined to show the judges and America there is "a world of same-sex dancers."

"Lythgoe, who started his career in Britain as a dancer, told the pair; "Thank you for showing me that same-sex ballroom dancing can be very strong and very good."'

Read more. Source:

Book Stew: Taschen's THE MALE NUDE

"While the female nude has long played a concpicuous role in western iconography, the male nude has not always enjoyed such adoration. This collection provides an overdue review of material that at one time could only be bought under the counter, beginning with the anonymous erotica of the 19th century. It features the pioneer homoerotic nude photographs of Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, posing nude youths in classical postures at Taormina in Sicily. It includes illustrations from groundbreaking magazines such as Physique Pictorial, the leading organ of the mid-50s gay scene, and it covers the entire range from classic masters of male nude photography, such as Herbert List, George Platt Lynes or Robert Mapplethorpe, to the pin-up beefcake of the sex magazines."

Here's a review: "....The Male Nude from TASCHEN is a rare and amazing book introducing history of men's nude from the very beginning of the photography in the 19th century to today's Weber or Tillmans. It is also very interesting to see the illustrations from the gay magazines in the 50's, as well as the text by the author David Leddick, who was an army officer, dancer and creative director." -- Barazoku, Tokyo

Read more. Source:

After Turing, The Shameful Abuse of Gays Goes On

"I'm glad that [Gordon] Brown felt bad about what happened to [Alan] Turing, but I wonder whether he spends any time considering the ongoing harassment of homosexuals in one of our former colonies, a country millions of Britons visit and one with very close ties to a large number of British citizens I'm talking about Jamaica, where ... John Terry, a British diplomat, who was made a MBE for services to tourism, was found murdered at home in Montego Bay. A note attached to his body reportedly called him a "batty man", slang for homosexual.

"Whether this particular murder was homophobically inspired or not, the context is not encouraging. The attitude of most Jamaicans towards gay men and women is prehistoric – in a survey last year, 70 per cent questioned said they didn't think homosexuals should be entitled to the same rights as other citizens; only 26 per cent disagreed with that. In a recent poll of Jamaicans, 96 per cent were against legalising sex between consenting males. The Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has gone on record saying he would never allow gays in his cabinet. Popular musicians including Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks, Elephant Man and Beenie Man have all had hits with lyrics that call for gays to be attacked and killed.

"In 2006, Time called Jamaica "the most homophobic place on earth". Prominent gay activists have been murdered and homophobic attacks are routine. Homosexuality itself is not illegal, but sodomy is. Organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have long complained about the treatment of gays in Jamaica, to no avail.

"In spite of the image of sun-kissed beaches and carefree living, Jamaica is now one of the most violent places on earth. After the government announced a new "peace management initiative", 13 people were killed in the first 48 hours of 2009. More than 1,600 people were killed in 2008 and almost as many in 2007. Last January, at the height of the tourist season, there were 70 murders in less than three weeks. Gay rights groups estimate that more than 30 gay men have been murdered between 1997 and 2004."

Read more. Source:     Photo:

Auction Items Related to Heath

Items related to the late actor Heath Ledger will soon be available on the auction blocks. On October 8th and 9th, you'll have a chance to win a piece of cinematic history. Articles of interest include:

"Heath Ledger vintage Hawaiian shirt from Lords of Dogtown. (Columbia, 2005) This Hawaiian style shirt with eagle motif was worn by the character “Skip” portrayed by Heath Ledger in Stacy Peralta’s 2005 motion picture Lords of Dogtown, which traced the early beginnings of the skateboarding and surfing scene that emerged in Venice, California during the 1970s. Mr. Ledger wore the garment in the scene where Skip pulls up in his car to the boardwalk restaurant where the rest of the Dogtown boys are eating burgers and angrily confronts them for missing practice. The garment is in very good screen worn condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house."

"Pair of Heath Ledger “Joker” blood-spattered folding knives from The Dark Knight. (Warner Bros., 2008) A pair of knives (one butterfly-style) used by Heath Ledger in his memorable role as “Joker”. They exhibit some studio blood on the blades from production use. Includes COA from Wild Horse Prop House."


"Group of four Heath Ledger “Joker” playing cards from The Dark Knight. (Warner Bros., 2008) Group of four Joker playing cards from the exploding Mercedes scene in the film. The gold crown Joker card exhibits some studio burning for the scene. The cards measure 2 ½ x 3 ½ in. A wonderful group of signature props from Ledger’s final performance. Includes a letter of provenance."

"Heath Ledger “Joker” playing card from The Dark Knight. (Warner Bros., 2008) This Joker playing card features a black & white Joker and handwritten ink notations of maniacal laughing as well as, “I believe in Harvey Bent Too”. In Heath Ledger’s amazing performance as Batman’s arch villain, the Joker, he would leave his macabre calling cards at the scene of the carnage he created. It measures 2 ½ x 3 ½ in."

Source: and

Randy Quaid Nabbed in Marfa

Randy Quaid freed on bail after arrest in Texas -- "Randy Quaid was given a ride from a small West Texas jail to get bail money from a bank after the actor and his wife were arrested for allegedly skipping out on a $10,000 California hotel bill, according to the sheriff who drove him.

"Quaid and his wife, Evi, each posted $20,000 Thursday night after spending several hours in the jail in Marfa, Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez said.

"Quaid won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of President Lyndon Johnson in LBJ: The Early Years, but he's perhaps best known for his roles in the National Lampoon's Vacation movies, Independence Day and Kingpin.

"He also played a hard-nosed sheep rancher in Brokeback Mountain, then sued Focus Features and the film's producers in 2006, claiming he was compelled to work cheaply when told the film — which earned $82 million at the domestic box office — had no prospects of making money.

"Marfa, a remote West Texas town, is no stranger to Hollywood attention.

"More than 50 years ago, filmmaker George Stevens settled on the area for his epic Texas oil tale Giant, which starred Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. (Stevens won a best director Oscar for Giant in 1957, the only win of that film's 10 nominations).

Read more. Source:


The WikiWhat? entry this week is simple and sweet, a wonderful concoction from the south of Germany called Black Forest Cake. Why? because it has cherries in it.

"Black Forest cake (American English) and Black Forest gateau (British English) are the English names for the southern German dessert Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (literally "Black Forest cherry torte").

"Typically, Black Forest cake consists of several layers of chocolate cake, with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. Then the cake is decorated with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings. In some European traditions sour cherries are used both between the layers and for decorating the top. Traditionally, Kirschwasser is added to the cake, although other liquors are also used (such as rum, which is common in Austrian recipes). In the United States, Black Forest cake is most often prepared without alcohol."

Post of the Day

Posted by southendmd in the What's Your Poison? thread:

The newest, bettermostest drink, just invented in Provincetown by a bunch of Brokies this summer:

The Broketail

Canadian whisky (or other whiskey of your choice)
dash cherry liqueur (such as Cherry Heering)
lemon Twist
club soda (optional)

Serve over ice and get to drinkin' and talkin' an' all.  Ahhh.

And Jer009 posted another one here, called the Brokeback Mountain cocktail:

This is a cocktail recipe made up by Francesco LaFranconi, the mixologist in the Alex restaurant of the Wynn Las Vegas resort, prepared on the Martha Stewart Show:


3 sprigs fresh mint
2 ounces fresh sweet ’n sour or fresh lemonade
1 1/2 ounces Bulleit Bourbon
3/4 ounces Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur
2 tablespoons sliced canned peaches

Place the mint in a highball glass and muddle it for few seconds. In a shaker, combine lemonade, peaches, bourbon, and Amaretto. Fill with ice, and shake vigorously for few seconds. Transfer to a highball glass (do not strain).

The Forum Image

Posted by coal615 in Cowboy Up!

Quote of the Day

“Success is the sum of all small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

~ Robert Collier ~

Photocaption of the Day

By Marz in Photo Captioning Fun 5

'Junior was in shock. Alma actually looked happy for once.'

Contributors: southendmd, Jer009, Lyle (Mooska), coal615, Marz

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Re: The Daily Sheet September 16 - 30, 2009
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coming Out in Middle School

When Benoit Denizet-Lewis first worked for the male gay magazine XY in 1998, "we received dozens of letters each week from teenagers in the depths of despair. Some had been thrown out by their families; others lived at home but were reminded often that they were intrinsically flawed." This wasn't surprising: gay teenagers have been at high risk of depression, substance abuse and suicide and account for a disproportional percentage of homeless youth. Three years later, however, he noticed that the content of many letters suggested a "new kind of gay adolescent -- proud, resilient, sometimes even happy."
This year, Denizet-Lewis took a look at gay middle-schoolers in Oklahoma, in Michigan and in Los Angeles, California. He found that bullying in school and rejection at home were still significant problems, with one parent of a gay teenager comparing her child’s middle school to a "war zone." At the same time however, social changes, technology and a lower age of puberty have resulted in many gay teens often coming out before they get to high school.

At the Openarms Youth Project  in Tulsa, Oklahoma, about 130 showed up for prom night, "from all corners of the state. Some danced to the Lady Gaga song "Poker Face," others battled one another in pool or foosball and a handful of young couples held hands on the outdoor patio. In one corner, a short, perky eighth-grade girl kissed her ninth-grade girlfriend of one year. I asked them where they met. ‘In church,’ they told me."

Prom Night at Openarms, Tulsa
Denizet-Lewis talked with Tim Gillean, co-founder of Openarms, who "like many adult gay men who came out in college or later, couldn’t imagine openly gay middle-school students. ‘But here they are’ he said, looking out over the crowd. ‘More and more of them every week.’ "
Much of the change, Denizet-Lewis suggests is due to "increasingly accurate and positive portrayals of gays and lesbians in popular culture," and to Internet usage. "Going online broke through the isolation that had been a hallmark of being young and gay, and it allowed gay teenagers to find information to refute what their families or churches sometimes still told them — namely, that they would never find happiness and love."
Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that bullying from peers and rejection from family is a thing of the past. They are now being challenged in middle schools by Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) groups – about 120 middle schools nationwide at present.

GSA members at Daniel Webster Middle School in Los Angeles told Denizet-Lewis of reactions from parents that ranged from acceptance ("Tina" ’s father was relieved she was dating girls – no worries about pregnancy) to grudging toleration. "Joe" ‘s mother "has made it very clear that he’s not allowed to bring a boyfriend over to the house. ‘She’s like, O.K., I accept you, but you better not bring any of those people around.’ "

"Lala’ "recalled that her family as ‘a lot better now’ but initially ‘the first thing one of my relatives did when I told them I was bisexual was hit me on the head with a Bible. So while I was dealing with that insanity at home, I at least had a safe place at school to talk about what was happening.’ "
Some of the changes have a familiar sound. At one point, Denizet-Lewis listened to a sharp exchange between a woman and her gay son, Ely, over Ely’s boyfriend. The conversation ended with the mother exclaiming in exasperation: " I know, I know, you can’t wait to move away from me. You have the most unfair mother in the world!" He recalled Ritch Savin-Williams, author of "The New Gay Teenager," remarking that "this is the first generation of gay kids who have the great joy of being able to argue with their parents about dating, just like their straight peers do."

Read Benoit Denizet-Lewis’ entire article in the New York Times Magazine.

Mayor, Equality Convert, Cast Member

Jerry Sanders, San Diego's Republican mayor, had been an opponent of marriage equality, but changed his mind in 1997 when the issue became personal.  His daughter Lisa is a lesbian, and Mayor Sanders announced earlier this year -- at a rally opposing the anti-gay Proposition 8 -- that Lisa was engaged to her partner, Meaghan Yaple. On October 12th, Mayor Sanders will be a cast member of The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later in San Diego's La Jolla Playhouse.  The epilogue will be read at theatres across the country the same day.

The La Jolla Playhouse announced that “the reading will be helmed by acclaimed director Darko Tresnjak. In addition to the mayor, the cast includes Doug Wright, Pulitzer Prize-winner and adapter/director of the Playhouse’s upcoming production of Creditors, San Diego Rep Artistic Director Sam Woodhouse, as well as the acclaimed actors Mare Winningham, Robert Foxworth, Amanda Naughton, James Newcomb, Stark Sands, T. Ryder Smith, James Sutorius, among many others.”

Theatremania reported that "Tectonic director Moises Kaufman and his co-writers -- Stephen Belber, Leigh Fondakowski, Andy Paris, and Greg Pierotti -- returned to Laramie last fall to reinterview several townspeople who originally gave accounts to Tectonic in 1998 about Shepard, and also spoke with Aaron McKinney, who was convicted of murdering [Matthew Shepard].

"Over 100 theaters and institutions around the world, including Arena Stage in Washington, Seattle Repertory Theater, Berkeley Repertory Theater, the Newman Performing Arts Center in Denver, and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, will stage a reading of the 80-minute piece that evening. There will also be performances at the University of Wyoming and Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center."

Readings will be held in all 50 US states and in Canada, the U.K., Spain, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela and Israel.

Go to the Laramie Project site for a complete list of locations.
           Poster for Manchester’s
         Hope Theatre Company, UK.

The Parable of Brokeback

Brokeback Mountain has a way of showing up in unexpected places.

The latest venue was  Princeton Theological Seminary, in the opening Convocation Address for the 2009-2010 academic year.  Dr. Robert C. Dykstra, Charlotte W. Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology, quoted a familiar parable: that of a shepard and his tireless search for a lost sheep:

So [Jesus] told them this parable: “Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it? When he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders and rejoices. And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.’ Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”

Dr. Dykstra noted that the recurrent Biblical symbolism of shepards and sheep was sometimes criticized as being rather irrelevant for modern urbanized life.  In 1966, Carroll A. Wise of Garrett Seminary wrote that the symbol of the shepherd ”iis too dated and rural and therefore cannot have the power for modern [persons that] it had in the first century”. It might also be too patriarchal: “One of the dangers of this [shepherd] symbol is that it can subtly but powerfully convey the idea of the superiority of the pastor over [the] ‘sheep.’”  Others wanted to restrict its meaning to a formal theological one, eliminating the question the parable implied: does God have regard for me?

In defending the relevance of Jesus' fable, Dr. Dykstra used Brokeback as an example of a modern story with pastoral elements:

"Consider, for example, the best-known shepherds in recent memory, who, though fictional and living in an era and region of the country that inexorably consigned their story to tragedy, managed to catch up the rest of the nation and much of the world in their plight. I’m thinking, of course, of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, those young shepherds finding themselves lost on Brokeback Mountain in the summer of 1963. Brought to life by Annie Proulx (2003) in her short story in The New Yorker in 1997, a prophetic full year before that other Wyoming Shepard’s—Matthew Shepard’s—murder there, and later by the Ang Lee film, Jack and Ennis found that after a night on the mountain sharing a bedroll for warmth, they, in Proulx’s understated words, “deepened their intimacy considerably” (p. 261). The story unfolds as their lives and loves unravel for another twenty years, mostly apart from one another but sometimes reunited in the mountains, until near the fateful end when Jack cries out in anguish, 'You’re too much for me, Ennis…. I wish I knew how to quit you.' As it turns out, some thugs with a tire iron help him find a way (p. 278).

"Too rural for the modern mind and church, the shepherd and one lost sheep? Given recent disputes within the church, the artistry and tragedy of Proulx’s and Lee’s shepherds somehow suggest a vocation remarkably current and suitably complex for shaping our discourse about God.

"Far from exhibiting a dangerous form of lone external hierarchical authority. . . we shepherds and we sheep share much in common here in the Neighborhood, here on Brokeback Mountain, here on Planet Princeton, here in the Kingdom of God. In attending when we can and must to the one over the many—to the individual, to the particular, to the singular, to the lost, to the special, to the marginal in the other and in ourselves—we discover not superiority and hierarchy but our only hope for mutuality without coercion."

Read the full text of Dr. Dykstra's speech.

Around the Cyber-Neighborhood

Castles of the World is straightforward in its name and purpose: It's a "reference for castles, palaces and monasteries including: castle tours, medieval architecture, hotels, travel, plans, weddings, castles for sale, souvenirs, books, directory, site of the week, and history of castles."  Special pages cover tours, castles converted into hotels, architecture, educational pages for children and even guides to castles for sale.  The "Showcase" offers information about castles in locations as diverse as China, Canada and Guatemala, although the section is still a work in progress and not every page include photographs.  Readers are invited to submit reviews and further information about any of the castles they have toured.

"Toronto's Majestic Castle, Casa Loma. The former home of Canadian financier, Sir Henry Pellatt. Canada's foremost castle complete with decorated suites, secret passages, an 800 foot underground tunnel, towers, stables and beautiful 5 acres estate gardens, all in a 98 room castle. Open daily 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Self-guided audio tour in 8 languages, included with admission."

Edinburg Castle has played a central role in the history of Scotland. Its site, on a rock rising 300 feet above the city, has been fought over more than 2,000 years. Edinburgh's have been repeatedly battered, razed and restores. Most of the present castle dates from the sixteenth century and after. In 1566 Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to the future James I (VI of Scotland) within the castle.

"Ludwig II built this secluded hunting lodge, it was known as the Kings Hut. Ludwig decided that this will be a New Versailles. It was planned as a modest villa but had become a splendid Rococo palace in the ornate French style. Linderhof is the smallest of the three royal castles, and the only one which was completely finished. (1878). "

"Visitors are most interested in the Kings bed chamber. The bed is 2 meters by 2.5 meters wide. A giant sized bed for a large-than-life King."

Don't Miss the Bash

lawgoddess reminds slashers and all other interested Forum members that "the Mini- Slash Bash starts Oct. 23, 2009!

"If you are thinking of attending and haven't yet let Donna or Lawgoddess know, please do so.

"There is no deadline, and we'd love to have anyone come right up to the last minute, but we would like to have an idea of numbers for our planning.

"Donna and I are still finalizing the schedule, but it should be posted by next Monday at the latest.

"REQUEST- if you will have a car in Philly and would be willing to drive people to Dawn's suburban house for the Saturday night event, please post here or PM me or Donna. There will be roughly fifteen of us that need transportation, so we'll need four or five drivers. Thanks."

Fun Question of the Week

This week’s Question: Where on the human body is the muscle known as the corrugator? What does it do?

Let us know your answer in the response thread.

Last week's question and answer: How many men have walked on the moon - can you name them?

12 men have walked on the moon:
Apollo 11 - Neil Armstrong; Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 12 - Pete Conrad; Alan Bean
Apollo 14 - Alan Shepard; Edgar Mitchell
Apollo 15 - David Scott; James Irwin
Apollo 16 - John W. Young; Charles Duke
Apollo 17 - Eugene Cernan; Harrison Schmitt

Once again we're impressed by the wisdom and knowledge of royandronnie, fritzkep and
Trigger Hippie - thanks for your answers!

The Forum Image: Pets and Animal Friends

LoveEmBoys, at Pets and Other Animal Friends   

"Two weeks ago we brought a new horse, Taiga, into our herd.  She's a real
beauty and I think will become a valuable contribution to our lesson program:"

"And secondly, today we found a great new home for our horse Joey, who
was getting a bit too aged to be used in lessons regularly.  We're thrilled with
the family who showed up to adopt him, he's such a great guy."

and Rosewood shares a series of fanciful watercolor artwork spotlighting pets and their personalities:

"Here's my painting of my boy Rocky, a chihuahua of dubious disposition."

"This is Sadie the French Bulldog. As you can see, she is tres French and all feminine."

Rosewood has started a new pet portrait business.  "I work in watercolor, pen and ink and pencil, the old fashioned way. The client supplies the photos and the answers to our questionnaire and I create from that. (We ask questions re: personality quirks, favorite toys, funny stories, things the client might collect, favorite colors, etc. etc. etc.)

"What I do is not a literal lifelike portrait but more a humorous, whimsical interpretation of the animal's personality. The client gets the original art, I get to keep a few prints for my use.

"I think I've found a nice niche for myself and have high hopes."

Rosewood has named her new business PAINT BOX FIDOS.

Topic of the Week

This week's topic is familiar to many Forum members who are intrigued by the film's visual symbolism. Submitted by Suelyblu:

"As in movies of the past, do you think Ennis and Jack were given an appearance that was supposed to depict their personalities ?? Ennis, the alledged virgin ("You might be a sinner Jack but I ain't yet had the opportunity") and then Jack, who is supposed to be a little more "shady" giving the impression he has had some sort of sexual encounter with a man before Ennis and his knowledge of "Mexico" ?? Hence Ennis light color hat and Jack the black hat (except for the reunion scene). This also applies to their clothes they wear.  It can even work with their facial appearance.  Light-haired clean shaven Ennis against dark-haired, mustachioed Jack."

AZ.bbm's take on the "Taoist" aspect:

AP wrote in the story that the boys were "from opposite corners of the State"

Ang Lee being Chinese says he is of course heavily influenced by Taoist philosophy, evident all of his films, so it's not surprising to find these elements in Brokeback Mountain...

The "yin-yang" concept of Taoism -- the two opposing energies combining to make the "whole" -- even played a part in the selection of the horses...The scene called "Riding Horses" shows the dark vs. light duality in their coloration and manes/markings.

  • I suspect that the shot was originally set up this way, with Ennis riding the white horse and Jack the black one --

  • but the Taoist aspect of the shot was so obvious, my guess is that Ang had the boys switch horses..-- LOL! :D

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“Throughout history, we have only moved forward when society has distinguished between traditional values and valueless traditions.”

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Photo Caption Classics: The Series

In January 2007, Forum member jnov  noticed that some of our members post photocaps with themes as a "series".
He started the 20-page Photo Captioning Series thread.

from the "Happy Ending" series, by michaelflanagansf:

Auntie Em:  And then we got hold of Annie and changed the ending and now Jack and Ennis have lots of sex
and opened a boutique in Laramie.
Dorothy: Oh goody!  Now can we get Tennessee to change then endings so that Blanche becomes a supermodel
and Sebastian Venable opens a boys school?

and from jasonwv, in the Other Cowboys Comment series:

It Wasn't Just Alma that caught them kissing!

(Butch Cassidy):" I couldn't do that. Could you do that? How can they do it? Who are those guys?"

Sundance Kid: It looks pretty hot to me!

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