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The Daily Sheet November 1 - 15, 2009
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spotlight on Slash

by Donna

"Reality" by Bowl of Glow

Have you ever wondered what people still find to write about, since nearly four years have passed since Brokeback Mountain came to the big screen?   That’s the beauty of this rich and robust story- four years later, writers are still finding ways to elaborate with different interpretations of the unseen moments.

Fiction in the "canon" category takes place during the same time period covered by the original story, and does not deviate in characterization or in plot.  Writers in this category seek to deepen their understanding of the characters by exploring what may have happened during the times when the viewers were not shown what was taking place.  One such piece in this category is "Reality," by forum member, Bowl of Glow.

In this tiny 228-word piece, we glimpse an unseen moment where Jack is with someone who remains unknown to the reader.  It is quite clear that the second character is not Ennis:

The bubble that had kept any rational thought out of Jack’s mind exploded. So much tenderness. Something that Ennis would probably never do.”

The scene is set in a nondescript room, in an unknown place.  It could be Mexico, at Roy Taylor’s Lake Kemp cabin, or somewhere entirely different.  A mattress is the only feature the reader is privileged to know about.

Jack’s breath slowed down as he let himself fall on the mattress, rolling onto his back, his sweaty hair sticking to his forehead.”

No one knows how many times a similar scene played out during the months when Jack and Ennis were apart.  Jack’s need for companionship leads him to this encounter, where the reality of his aching for that which only Ennis can provide, hits him hard.  For its few words, “Reality” speaks volumes.

And then, right then, a hand reached out for him, gently stroking his cheek, and two lips brushed a soft kiss against his temple. No matter how hard Jack tried, it seemed that reality always found a way to sneak up on him- and sometimes it was just too hard to deal with. He had said no kisses.”

It may surprise readers to learn that this piece was written by a forum member who is younger than Jack and Ennis were when they herded sheep on Brokeback.  At 18 years old, Bowl of Glow, whose real first name is Giulia, is one of the youngest members of our forum, and this talented young woman speaks Italian as her primary language.  She had this to say about writing in her non-native tongue:

“It’s weird.  In English, I can say and write things I could never say and write in my own language.   Although sometimes it is a little frustrating, because there are times when I can’t really make myself understood the way I want, while I’m so used to be clear in Italian.”

As for reading fanfiction, she says, “It took a lot of reading, of course, which was kinda hard at first, but then it became… almost natural.  At first, I always had the thought ‘I’m reading in English’ in my head.  After a while, I guess I got more into it, so I stopped thinking about that!”

Giulia has always loved to write, and says that canon inspires her a lot.  She is currently in her final year of ‘Liceo,’ which is similar to High School in the United States.  She primarily studies Maths and Science, although she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up.  After Liceo, she plans to attend a University, “but be sure that I won’t do anything that has something to do with Maths,” she warns us.

Giulia tells me that finding this fandom, and the Dave Cullen forum, was the happy result of many coincidences- “I’m so glad I ended up here.  I have met some very nice people.”

Between balancing her studies, her writing, and the everyday pressures of life, Giulia proves to be exceptionally talented, when compared to most. 

She is very grateful to her readers and she is thrilled that they enjoy her writing.  “No matter how many they are, a lot or a few, just the fact that someone takes the time to read what I write makes me so very happy.”

Check out some of Bowl of Glow’s writing on LiveJournal.  Please remember that all contributors write out of love for Ennis and Jack.  The only payment they receive is your appreciative comment.

Bea Arthur's Legacy

The Ali Forney Center in New York learned recently that the late actress Bea Arthur had left it a bequest of $300,000.  The Center offers food, emergency housing, medical treatment, HIV testing, and educational training up to 1,000 LGBT young people every year.

CNN reported that the center had been struggling to keep its doors open. "The last year and a half, since the economic crisis started, it's been really hard to keep this program going," executive director Carl Siciliano said.  "A lot of the foundation and corporate money that we used to get has dried up, and we've been growing. Every day, we have about 125 kids a night waiting to get into our housing."  They had been "really sweating to make each payroll, and we're usually a month or two behind on our rent, and there have been times when I was afraid that I wasn't going to hold it together. That kind of terror of [trying to] keep this thing going has come to an end for now with this extraordinary generosity."

In 2005, when the center was serving only about a dozen young people at a time, Arthur had learned about it from a former set designer.  She flew to New York and performed her one-woman show, "Bea Arthur on Broadway: Just Between Friends" raising $40,000 in one night. From then on, Arthur frequently drew media attention to LGBT homeless youth in interviews.  In a November 2005 interview with Next magazine, she said that "I'm very, very involved in charities involving youth.  These kids at the Ali Forney Center are literally dumped by their families because of the fact that they are lesbian, gay or transgender -- this organization really is saving lives."

In Bea Arthur's final interview, she said that "I have a reason to be here; it's not just fun. I have something to give."  See a video of the interview on YouTube.

AfterEllen singled out the "Isn't It Romantic" Golden Girls episode for praise, providing two videos of scenes were Dorothy tells her housemates about her discovery that a former school buddy is a lesbian. Click on the image to view a clip, and view Part 2 on Daily Motion.

Fan Art, Restored

Brokeback fan art can be in the form of a single image, a collage, or a series of images that make a statement. Lyle related in Respond to the Daily Sheet that he had previously posted a series of fan art images with the lyrics to "Winter Was Warm".  "I finally found it (turns out it was in one of the Laugh-In series of posts) and because of forum formatting changes since then and having to relocate some of the pictures (and replace a couple) from almost three years ago--I had to restore it. One reason I like this post so much is that all of the images used in it are from the talented people who post on the Fan Art thread. If you know, feel free to credit them--I love the work from the posters on that thread!

Winter Was Warm

"Winter was warm..."

                              "Summer soft that year..."

                                                                 "...and winter was warm"

                                                                                               "Without a sign of frost..."

                                                                                                                             "Like winter lost..."
"...its way that year."

See the whole series at Respond to the Daily Sheet.

On YouTube: Gay Family Values

Jay Leffew describes the Leffew family as a "private family living in Northern California who began making YouTube videos to help fight the passage of California's Proposition 8 banning gay marriage in our state constitution. Those videos were meant to show our life as an average, everyday gay family." Jay Leffew (a/k/a Foxworthy) and Brian Leffew were married in California last year, and are among the same-sex couples whose marriages are still recognized as legal there.

The Leffews' newest video based on the story in Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland's the gay-themed children's book  "King and King." "We decided to do this video as a response to the efforts by the Maine Yes on 1 Campaign to vilify this book on their TV ads, and we aimed to present this book in a positive light as it was intended," Jay says.  The family stated on YouTube that "this book is being used to take away marriage equality in both Ca & Maine. Its time to take King & King back and show people what a sweet book this is. There is no agenda in this story just love."

Read more on the Leffews' blog.  Check out the Leffews' "Gay Family Values" series, including Halloween Trick or Treat, the Leffews' recent Family Equality Council Award, and Our Wedding Ceremony.

King and King is available through our Ultimate Amazon Collection.

Making an Unintended Point

On the eve of the Maine election with its vote on marriage equality, BayCityJohn saw something familiar about an ad sponsored by an anti-gay group, which he illustrated News and Current Events:
"Every time I see that frickin anti-marriage Google ad showing the back of the kids head, all I can think of is..."

Our Forum and the Blade

Oregondoggie posted a follow-up to TDS' recent Washington Blade story in the Response thread:

"When the trial was held in Laramie for the killers of Mathew Shepherd, Lou was sent out from Washington by The Blade to cover it. It was said he was the only person in the courtroom wearing a suit and tie! Lou got to know Dave Cullen who was also covering the trial and they occasionally had lunch together.

"Lou and I were briefly roommates in the 70s and lived in the same building on Capitol Hill behind the Supreme Court for years. In the early years of The Blade, Lou had to work as a taxi driver so that he could make ends meet as a reporter. Of course things improved. Today, The Blade could be seen as the gay New York Times.

"I have kept Lou abreast of this Cullen website. He and I were part of a small group of friends in December of 2005 who saw Brokeback Mountain for the first time together in Bethseda, Md. I could hardly speak afterwards and soon found the forum.   

chapeaugris followed up with a comment about one impact that Brokeback and the forum had on her:

"The Washington Blade was one of those free papers it never occurred to me to pick up when I saw a stack of them. I mean, I'm not gay so why would it interest me? That's one way Brokeback affected me: now I read it whenever I'm back in Washington. Heck, now they have a stack of them at the entrance to the Bethesda public library, which I doubt was the case 20 years ago."

Fun Question of the Week

This week’s Question:  When Ennis met Cassie he had just finished castrating calves. Why are calves castrated, what is the benefit? Once castrated, what name is used to describe these animals?

Let us know your answer in the response thread.

Last week's question and answer: What file-sharing software was named for creator Shawn Fanning's frizzy hair? What happened to this software program?

Napster - due to legal battles surrounding copyright infringements, Napster no longer can offer free downloads of copyrighted material.

The Forum Image

dejavu shares photos from the mini-Slash Bash in Philadelphia at Life Through the Lens 4.   

View of Philadelphia skyline, including City Hall (building in center foreground), from the 24th floor window of the executive conference room.
Our group met there on Saturday afternoon for readings of several slash stories in progress.

From the Philly Slash Bash brunch at Cafe Estelle in Philadelphia.

In the past few weeks, Life Through the Lens has seen plenty of fall color in various settings, including this of unusual "siding", contributed by conny.

Quote of the Day

“Maybe all one can do is to end up with the right regrets.”

~ Arthur Miller ~

Photo Caption of the Day

While many of our photocaptions have inspired laughter, some of the most memorable are the poignant ones.  One of the latest is a haunting winter image from AZ.bbm posted at Photo Captioning Fun 5

Scene II. Ghost Camp #1:  'Dust to dust'

Ennis, nesting.

"If you love somebody, set them free......."

Contributors: Donna, BayCityJohn, Lyle (Mooska), conny, dejavu, Oregondoggie, chapeaugris, AZ.bbm

Calendar of Events

If you have ideas about initiating a gathering, go to Start Your Own Threads
and get the ball rolling to plan a get-together near you.

Panel discussion: Ennis del Mar
Los Angeles, Autry National Center - December 13

Let us know of any events you’d like listed here.

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Re: The Daily Sheet November 1 - 15, 2009
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2009, 07:16:20 AM »

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

The Ugly Side of Maine's Gay Marriage Debate

"As a radio host, I've had my career threatened by conservative advocacy groups over my position on the Iraq war and I've been personally threatened for my support of gay marriage --death threats. Advertisers refused to advertise, which is absolutely their right, mind you, but while they may think they're boycotting my opinion, what they're boycotting is free speech. ...

"And it's not just the issue of gay marriage. Last year, a family in a San Francisco suburb awoke the morning after the presidential election and found the tires on their cars slashed, profanity spray-painted on their house and their cars, their house egged, and their political signs destroyed. The signs were in support of Barack Obama.

"I've no doubt this form of political vandalizing was perpetrated by both sides against the other, and far too often.

"But the point is that this behavior is not the sole providence of "homoterrorists" or people on the left or people on the right.

"So what's going on here? I understand that these matters are very close to the individuals who take sides in an argument, particularly over gay marriage, which involves civil rights and religious beliefs. These are core issues very close to the center of our being as a nation and as human beings and when they are challenged, we tend to react viscerally and when we react viscerally we tend to do some of the things we saw in last year's election campaign, at some of the town hall meetings, in some of the rhetoric spouted by pundits, and in ominous promises like the one made by [No on 1 campaign manager] Mr. Connerly in Maine.

"It fits right in with what we've seen in the country as a whole for the past 20-25 years, the politics of personal destruction… the idea that your political opponent is not just your political opponent, but he is your enemy, and he must not only be defeated on the political matter before us but destroyed personally and professionally --crushed, ruined, driven out of politics, driven out of business, out of public life, humiliated and denigrated. Some practitioners of my own profession which I've been fortunate enough to practice have indulged in that kind of behavior.

"Winning on the merits of the argument isn't good enough? Not unless and until you've left your opponent battered and bleeding in some back alley, rendered incapable of ever engaging in public discourse on issues of the day?"

Read more. Source:

Ang Lee Recalls Heath Ledger Kissing Scene

"Director Ang Lee has spoken out about his favourite memory of Heath Ledger - a kissing scene between him and Jake Gyllenhaal while new girlfriend Michelle Williams was watching.

"Lee was directing the trio Brokeback Mountain, which won Heath a best actor Oscar nomination for his role as a gay cowboy.

'"I was directing Heath kissing [Jake Gyllenhaal] and I told him that you would never kiss a woman that hard," he told Metro exclusively.

'"He needed to do it in a heroic Western way, more passionately."

'"I remember seeing Michelle watching while we filmed - at that point they were already 'friends' - and she had a look of concentration on her face because she also thought he should be stronger with Jake."'

Read more. Source:

Ewan McGregor: Roles with Controversy

"Ewan McGregor's next films are surrounded by controversy. There's Roman Polanski's unfinished film The Ghost, a thinly veiled indictment of Tony Blair. The satirical The Men Who Stare at Goats, also featuring George Clooney and Jeff Bridges, alleges that the U.S. military engaged in "psychic spying" against the Russians. And in I Love You, Phillip Morris, out in February, McGregor plays tonsil hockey -- and then some -- with Jim Carrey. But first, he'll star as the young All-American Gene Vidal (father of Gore) in Amelia, director Mira Nair's Amelia Earhart biopic.

Is there anyone you really want to work with? Yeah, I've never worked with Johnny Depp, and I'd really love to. Kate Winslet. Rebecca Hall. Directors, I don't know. I'm odd with directors because I don't have a kind of wish list. Daniel Day-Lewis? I don't know. I think I'd like to work with him.

"You think? Daniel Day-Lewis has made me want to give up acting a lot. Whenever I watch him, I think, "What's the point? There's no point in carrying on. That's it." I remember watching In the Name of the Father and coming out of the cinema and burning my equity card and going "I'm finished." There's no way I can ever be that good, and it's so depressing. I feel like I'm talking myself out of it again . . .

"Do you think America is ready for I Love You, Phillip Morris, which is based on the true story of a man who falls in love while in prison and then stages multiple successful escapes to be with his lover after his release? It seemed to go down very well there at Sundance. It's a love story, an escape movie and a comedy, all about this man who goes to incredible lengths to be with the man he loves. I like it because it's a gay film, which is to say it's a film about two men in love, and I think that's an important element of it. But it's not a film about them being gay. They just happen to be gay. I also got to French kiss Jim Carrey a lot, and I quite like that too."

Read the full interview.  Source:

Exploring Australia's Outback with GayCampingNSW

"Gay Camping NSW [New South Wales] is a friendly group of non-straight and supporting people who enjoy the outdoors and have a passion for going camping. Day trips including bushwalks and beach visits are also organised. Being queer is not just about hitting the bars and clubs. There are other ways, shall we say, of camping it up!

"The group is based in and around Sydney with members also from the ACT [Australian Capital Territory]. Trips are planned in NSW and the ACT to offer a variety of geographical experiences and include costal locations, some fantastic mountain areas and even a couple of locations out west. Trips occur frequently and are usually organised around long weekends, sites booked in advance, or just on the spur of the moment.


L-R: The group's first outing in the Kangaroo Highlands; exploring the Wombeyan Caves;
Darling River; Going Hillbilly at Wollondilly; Camp Coolendel;  (click images to enlarge)

"Whatever level fitness you are, you're welcome to come along. At camp, we organise activities like hiking, bushwalking and beach visits, but some may stay at the camp site to relax and unwind while enjoying the friendly communal atmosphere."

"While we started off as a Facebook Group, now with over 700 members, and it is there that most activity takes place regarding the group's activities, being a Facebook user is not a prerequisite to attending or co-ordinating a Gay Camping NSW event or activity. You can use this site to receive notifications of events by email or RSS, and to contact event creators."

Read more. Source:  Check out the Gay Camping NSW Facebook.

Prince of Persia Sneak Peek

Check out the official trailer for Prince of Persia,
released last Monday over at

For Your Consideration: Oscar’s Gay Tendencies

"A lot has gone down for the gays since Brokeback Mountain's cries-of-homophobia inducing loss for Oscar’s biggest prize four years ago, both in Hollywood and in America as a whole.  And with another award season upon us, we’re again faced with another big gay contender.  Following last year’s eight-time nominated Milk, Tom Ford’s A Single Man is set to begin its Weinstein Company-orchestrated push for gold any day now. Even if, like Brokeback, the phrase “universal story of love and loss” gets thrown around endlessly in Single Man's regard (and it will), it remains that the film depicts gay love and gay loss, and last time I checked - a good chunk of America sees a difference. And while A Single Man is likely to be nowhere near the Oscar juggernaut Brokeback or even Milk was, the way Hollywood and the Academy react to it might give us a good perception on how far we’ve come.

"While at this point it’s a challenge to really make predictions for this year’s awards with any sort of certainly, Colin Firth seems like A Single Man's best bet at major contention. His startling turn as a suicidal gay man mourning the loss of his long-term lover seemed to win over even the film’s many detractors when it descended on Venice and Toronto last month. And when I consider Firth’s potential win, there’s one thing that really stands out to me when picturing it: After Sean Penn’s last year for Milk the Academy would be handing back-to-back best actor statuettes to depictions of gay men."

Read more.  Source:

Toronto's Newest Club Features BrokeBack Wednesdays

"CABIN FIVE is Toronto’s newest party bar, launched in September 2009. The ambience is very welcoming, helped by the warm, inviting décor which is equal parts ‘Aspen Chic’ and ‘Northern Canadiana’.

"The walls are covered in rough timber. The room is dominated by two rustic wooden bars with back bars being created out of original pine windows and lit with turn of the century coach lights.

"In the middle of the dance floor a unique wood wagon sits converted into a draft beer station, behind it a fireplace with an old thick piece of lumber for a mantle, moose antlers above and… cowhides on the walls, a stage built with old cedar railings, and antique tools/ toys/ trinquets throughout.

"If you’re tired of the same old club scene with its overpriced drinks and doormen with attitude, then Cabin Five is the place for you.  It’s a no-nonsense party bar with a ‘No Bottle Service, No Guest-list and No Attitude’ motto that puts a premium on fun rather than worrying about velvet ropes."

Watch a video on Billie's blog.

Read more.  Source:

November 7th, Pine Creek

Brothers Gathering in Los Angeles

lawgoddess posted in Brothers screening- LA/South Bay Area- New Jake Gyllenhaal film:

Forum member deblibidir is interested in getting together a group of LA/South Bay Brokies/Jake fans to see Jake's new movie Brothers, which opens on December 4, 2009.

She's thinking of either Friday, December 4 or Saturday, December 5.

Please post here if you're interested in this event.

Need a teaser? Watch the Brothers trailer over at

WikiWhat? -- Christoph Schmidberger, Artist

Wikipedia's entry for Christoph Schmidberger is short and sweet, but it doesn't include any of his gorgeous imagery. For that, we've linked to the blog of  melllllabellllla, who provides us with the image shown, entitled "Lonely Cowboy."

Christoph Schmidberger (b.1974, Eisenerz, Austria) is a painter based in Los Angeles. He studied from 1989-1994 at the Higher Technical College of Graphic Art in Graz, Austria, and graduated with an Honours and Master of Art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2002.

His works, drawn or painted in a hyperreal style, typically use traditional compositional forms (woodland scenes, reclining lovers, portraits with pets, etc) to portray youthful eroticised figures relaxing in modern suburban settings. ("Christoph Schmidberger paints a kitschy dream of pre-Raphaelite surrender, revelling in pornography's influence on today's sexual economy").

Melllllabellllla's review of Schmidberger's work is much more enthusiastic:

Christoph Schmidberger is the man. his oils are to diiiie for. beautiful. you can tell he is very focused on lighting which he displays effortlessly. seriously most of his works look like pictures, especially his landscapes or skyscapes. most of his paintings are very sexual and focus on the reclining position. which reminds me of henry moore! anyways, incredible work. has a website where you can view his full collections. i hope you find him as incredible as i do.

See more of the artist's work on his website's online gallery.

The Forum Image

Posted by Sason in Life Throught The Lens 4

"...I have a few pics from Stockholm Old Town a couple of weeks ago."

"No horses, no sheep, no cowboys, no tent..... but a campfire!  :D  Well, sort of..."

Post of the Day

Here's a retro post by CellarDweller115 in The Forum Meetings/Reunion/Visits Pics Thread II

"...Truman took us to show us his "Jack & Ennis" brick, which he had made
up as part of a fundraiser.  It's been placed in front of a museum in Virginia."

Quote of the Day

“We don't stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing”

~ George Bernard Shaw ~

Photocaption of the Day

By doodler in Photo Captioning Fun 5

One little curve in the road and they missed it.

Contributors: Sason, CellarDweller115, doodler

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Panel Discussion: “Whatever Happened to Ennis del Mar?
Autry National Center, Los Angeles - December 13, 2009

Let us know of any events you’d like listed here.

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Re: The Daily Sheet November 1 - 15, 2009
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2009, 05:41:16 AM »

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Literary Honors Week!

It's close to the end of the year -- the start of the annual "Best Of" season. First, Dave has been praised in reviews of Columbine and the book is now appearing on "Best of 2009" lists.

Columbine news

Publisher's Weekly has released its annual "Best Books" list, choosing the categorized 100 books from a selection of 50,000. Columbine was included in the Nonfiction list:

Dave Cullen (Hachette/Twelve)

After a decade on the Columbine beat, Cullen skillfully dismantles all the media myths about the 1999 school massacre in an edge-of-your-seat account of how two troubled boys terrorized a town.

In its review last February, PW commented that "Cullen expertly balances the psychological analysis—enhanced by several of the nation's leading experts on psychopathology—with an examination of the shooting's effects on survivors, victims' families and the Columbine community. Readers will come away from Cullen's unflinching account with a deeper understanding of what drove these boys to kill, even if the answers aren't easy to stomach."

This week,  included Columbine in the Current Events division of its Best Books of 2009 list. The top 10 covered a wide range of subjectes including health care, global oppression of women, whistle-blowing, abuses of eminent domain, the hidden history of New Orleans including the Katrina disaster, and the pitfalls of getting involved in guerrilla warfare.

Dave Cullen on Fort Hood

Dave was asked by Newsweek to do an online column about the recent mass shooting at Fort Hood:

"The Ft. Hood perpetrator appears pretty transparent. The “obvious” factors include: His religion  -  His ethnicity  -  The ridicule he endured for each - His profession as a soldier  -  His profession as a psychiatrist  -  His exposure to guns  -  Relentless exposure to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in his patients  -  Opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan  -  Imminent deployment there.

"We have heard a lot of facts related to each of those factors already. I expect that most will turn to be true. Historically, we get the what right pretty fast. But we have a terrible record on why. An oddsmaker could reasonably predict that some of those items will prove relevant and others true but unrelated to the crime. The problem is predicting which is which.

Columbine memorial, Littleton, Colorado

"If we guess now, the myths will be us forever. Ten years after Columbine, most of the public still believes it was about jocks, Goths and the Trench Coat Mafia. No, no and no. It wasn‘t even intended primarily as a school shooting: the failed bombs were supposed to be the main event. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were not loners, outcasts or misfits, nor were most of the school shooters. Most shooters do not fit the profile we have come to accept, because no accurate profile exists.  Eric and Dylan don’t even fit a profile of each other: they were dramatically different boys in both personality and motive. They set the bombs and pulled the triggers for very different reasons."

Read the rest of Dave's analysis at Newsweek.

Annie Proulx' New York archive

In the future, Brokback fans visiting New York might want to include a few hours at the New York Public Library:

"A celebrated chronicler of rural life, E. Annie Proulx, has found a literary home in the big city.

"Proulx, whose works include the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Shipping News and the short story "Brokeback Mountain" that was the basis for the film starring Heath Ledger, has donated her papers to the New York Public Library.

" 'What writer would not be honored to be in the company of Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Thoreau, Saul Bellow, Nabokov, Jack Kerouac, Virginia Woolf, Marianne Moore, Paul Auster and W. H. Auden?' Proulx said in a statement released Monday by the library. 'To me there is an odd sense of balance that material dealing with some of the most rural landscapes in North America will reside in our major city.'

"Proulx is giving tens of thousands of pages to the library, including diaries, journals, manuscripts and notebooks. The collection includes early versions of "Brokeback Mountain," with such working titles as "Bulldust Mountain" and "Swill-Swallow Mountain," and drafts of the film's screenplay written by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana."

New York Public Library President Paul Leclerc (left) and Chairman Catie Marron (right) with Library Lions
honorees David Smith, Annie Proulx, Janice Moore-Smith, Hilary Knight, and Julia Chang
Photo by Patrick McMullan

Tom Bierdz: Sharing the Past

Thom Bierdz, known to fans of the CBS’s The Young and the Restless as Phillip Chancellor, III, has won a National “Best Books 2009” award for his book Forgiving Troy: A True Story of Murder, Mental Illness and Recovery.  The annual awards are sponsored by the Best U.S.A. Book News organization.

Bierdz told Canyon News that “This was a huge surprise. The autobiography category is the biggest category with the most entries. I had no idea I would have a chance to win it."  He added that it was "very important to share my past so others can benefit.”

Bierdz wrote Forgiving Troy during his hiatus from The Young and the Restless, focusing on the life-changing aftermath of family tragedies.  His mother had been murdered by a paranoid schizophrenic brother, Troy, and another brother had died by suicide.  In an extensive interview with AfterElton last spring, he recalled that "I was there when the police knocked down his door and found him. They didn't want me to see him, and I said please, let me see him. . . . I didn't see my brother in that body. He had put a gun to his mouth, apparently a day or two before. There was no sense of who he was. For me, it reaffirmed my belief in life after death, because it wasn't like it was him."

About this return to The Young and the Restless: “I owe Josh O’Connell and Maria Bell so much. They offered me an opportunity to go back to a show that I feel like is my home. They have broadened my character, [who has] become a gay man, just as I am.  Daytime sure has changed. I can add this new honor to a number of honors I’ve been lucky enough to receive recently. To have one’s writing work given such exposure and honor is a dream come true. I put this win up there along with my being asked to return to Y&R.

Maine: In-State Law, Out-Of-State Financing

Last week, Maine decided by vote to not be the sixth state in the US to grant marriage equality to gays.  Despite the state’s traditional reputation for independence and skepticism of outsiders, most of the funding for the repeal campaign in Maine came from anti-gay religious organizations in other states.

According to the Irregular Times, in the third quarter of 2009 StandForMarriage Maine got funds from four major sources:  The Knights of Columbus, The National Organization for Marriage, Focus on the Family and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.  

"The campaign for Question 1, the successful push to repeal gay marriage in Maine, was funded almost entirely by churches and conservative organizations. . . . The measure pitted conservative groups and churches against gay-rights groups, a few wealthy donors, and more than 10,000 smaller donors from Maine and around the country.

"The committees that supported Question 1 got their funding almost entirely from churches and conservative Christian organizations and their employees, who gave $3 million, which is 89 percent of the proponents' total. Almost half of proponents' contributions came from the National Organization for Marriage, a conservative Christian group based in New Jersey, which gave $1.6 million. Focus on the Family gave $179,500.

"The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, another large donor, gave $285,988—all to its own ballot committee. In total, dioceses and churches provided $578,904. Out-of-state churches sent in $269,650."

In August, the Diocese announced that it was closing five churches; two this fall and three at the end of this year, citing a declining Catholic population and funding problems as the reason. The Diocese has an annual deficit of $48,000, with a projected shortfall of $170,000 for next year.

Fire and Brimstone and Brad Pitt, Oh My

A group of conservative Christians plan to stage a "challenge" to the newly-signed hate crimes law with a preach-in event in front of the Department of Justice in Washington DC.  Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission announced last week that he is organizing a group of ministers to "preach from the Bible on the prohibition against homosexuality, then present a letter to [Attorney General Eric] Holder demanding that the religious liberty of all Americans be respected."  

They also plan to test the hate crime statute. "We're going to declare the whole counsel of God, including those parts that some may consider 'inciting a hate crime' to see if the attorney general is going to come down and arrest a group of peaceful clergy exercising their First Amendment rights," Cass stated.  

Gary Cass was executive director of Coral Ridge Ministries' "Center for Reclaiming America" from 2004 until 2007.  Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was formerly headed by the late Rev. D. James Kennedy, a vocal opponent of church-state separation. The  Southern Poverty Law Center's "Intelligence Report" includes the Center For Reclaiming America in a list of 12 organizations that "have turned the anti-gay movement into a virtual industry over the last three decades."  Three groups on the list -- American Vision, Chalcedon Foundation and the Family Research Institute -- are classified by the SPLC as hate groups.

Cass recently dabbled in entertainment commentary in an online essay about Brad Pitt and his beliefs.  Focusing on Pitt's support of marriage equality for gays, Cass asserted that "as a father, [Pitt] is not just leading himself to hell, he is taking his whole family with him," adding that Pitt "is also corrupting his fans with his infernal beliefs." After learning that gay bishop Gene Robinson had a marginal role in President Obama's inauguration last January, Cass recommended that his followers "keep the kids away from the TV and pray that God will not rain fire and brimstone down on Washington DC."

Read more at Right Wing Watch.

In the Blogosphere

Forum member chapeaugris' (Kim) Ariège-Pryrénées Photo Blog is a scenic guide to the Pyrenees region in France. The blog is biligual, so non-French speakers needn't be intimidated; Kim supplies enough translations to keep the narrative clear.

"This meadow near the Foix castle was one of the locations used for filming a documentary about the Cathars for the American cable channel The History Channel. The extras were members of an amateur theatre troupe that during the summer produces an evening outdoor spectacle in front of the castle."

"While on a walk in the woods above the col d’Ayens in the Couserans we discovered a homemade mountain biking course in the middle of ferns and brambles (!). Looking at it, we wondered if it had been sponsored by the local hospital, which is regularly threatened with closure. It turned out to be the project of an association of extreme mountain biking enthusiasts called “Alternative VTT”. On their site you can watch a video of riders zooming along the tracks and flying through the air."

The "Pastorale" page gives glimpses of mountain sheepherding.

"Le domaine des chèvres / The goats’ domain"

"Only ruins remain of the château of Mirabat in the Couserans, which has become the domain of goats. From there one has a 360° view of the Salat, Garbet and Alet river valleys, dominated by the emblematic Mont Valier (2,838m).

"This château dates from the 12th century probably was a lookout fortress for surveying the border. Le Mirabat means “Look down” in Occitan.

"Le Mirabat is also the ending point of a very lovely walk starting from just above Oust, about 3 hours there and back, through woods and shaded tracks — very pleasant on a hot day."

Video: Returning to Brokeback

Last summer Forum member foreverinawe reworked the audio on the "Brokeback Dream" video.  Ennis hears a song on the radio that brings the time on Brokeback back to him, and he heads back up the mountain "to see if anything would happen."  The video takes a viewer through a montage of scenes on Brokeback, with the song Ennis heard in the background expressing Jack's hopes, dreams and sadness.

Ennis: "Nothing I see touches me, not even the world.  Hard to believe the time was when we owned this world and nothing was wrong."

Song: "I dreamed a dream of times gone by / When hope was high and life worth livng."

Ennis: "Yeah, I dreamed a dream too.  When we would ride under cloudless skies.... Around the campfire at night, we'd listen to the endless soft wind."

Song: "And still I dreamed he'd come to me / That we would live the years together / But there are dreams that cannot be / And there are storms we cannot weather."

This is a must-see for all Brokeback fans. Click on the image to view the video, or to enjoy it again.

foreverinawe told fellow Forum members: that "For all of the personal shortcomings we explore in these beloved characters, keep in mind that their demons were real to them, just as yours are to you, and mine to me. To say "if only they had done such-and-such" is to project our own reactions onto them; they did the best they could.

I don't know why they loved each other. All I know is that I came away from that movie convinced and overjoyed that they did. And I felt, Good for all of us.

Forum Fan Art

Janie-G, who's treated fellow Forum members to more than a few touching and beautifully done items of fan art, recently re-watched Casanova and was inspired to do this portrait of Heath in the role.

And andy shares another example of Janie's work, in Forum Meetings:

"As a result of JanieG's visit to the Island earlier in the year when both Sara and I were presented with original copies of two of her art works, I am pleased to be able to show mine to you all in it's new housing which came back from the framing shop recently. I had to get Sara to take the pic as my camera is kaput.

"It now has pride of place in my living room and looks absolutely fabulous, as they say, and waiting to be admired by the next troupe of Brokies to come through the front door. :D "

Fun Question of the Week

This week’s Question: The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) trademarked the Gold Record and awarded the first official Gold Record single to whom and for which song?

Let us know your answer in the response thread.

Last week's question and answer: When Ennis met Cassie he had just finished castrating calves. Why are calves castrated, what is the benefit? Once castrated, what name is used to describe these animals?

Fofol and Brianr got this one right: "Calves are castrated for two reasons: to maintain bloodlines (superior breeding) and it also 'gentles' the males so they're easier to direct to the stockyards." These animals are then called steers.

The Forum Image

A classic from TriggerHippie, at Life Through the Lens, of a moment of glowing Fall colors.

A view of the Tamar Valley in Tasmania, Australia, courtesy of Tasmaniac.

Quote of the Day

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr ~

Photo Caption of the Day

At Photo Captioning Fun 5.

BayCityJohn tweaks a scene to fit Annie Proulx' original vision:

"So what we got now is Swill-Swallow Mountain"

Contributors: BayCityJohn, Janie-G, chapeaugris, TriggerHippie, Tasmaniac, foreverinawe, andy

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Saturday, November 14th, 2009

A Quiet Voice for Gay Marriage

Legalization could avert doomed relationships, straight ex-spouses say

"The marriage ended when he
became involved with a man."
"If anyone could have talked himself out of being gay, Kimberly Brooks said, it was her husband.

"He wanted to be straight; she wanted him to be straight. She once followed his gaze across the beach to another man but quickly dismissed the thought. No, he couldn't be. Then he started spending more time with one particular friend, and an unease pushed Brooks to ask the question that ultimately confirmed her fears: Was that friend gay?

'"He said, 'I don't know.' And in that moment, I knew," said Brooks, who is a therapist in Falls Church. "That day, the marriage was over."

"As the debate over legalizing same-sex marriage in the District grows louder and more polarized, there are people whose support for the proposal is personal but not often talked about. They are federal workers and professionals, men and women who share little except that their former spouses tried to live as heterosexuals but at some point realized they could not.

"Many of these former spouses -- from those who still feel raw resentment toward their exes to those who have reached a mutual understanding -- see the legalization of same-sex marriage as a step toward protecting not only homosexuals but also heterosexuals. If homosexuality was more accepted, they say, they might have been spared doomed marriages followed by years of self-doubt.

'"It's like you hit a brick wall when they come out," Brooks said. "You think everything is fine and then, boom!"'

Read more.  Source:

Was Jack's "Pornstache" Inspired by Playgirl Magazine?

Could it be that Jack Twist (or Ang Lee) was inspired by the trends of mustachioed male models of the 1970's?

Take a peek into the world of azure-eyed former model David White (NSFW).

"Totally straight David White's appearance in October's 1976 Playgirl cemented his status as a gay sex symbol. It also appears to have launched a very successful modeling career for the young heterosexual stud.

"...most stories about his modeling career begin post-Playgirl. The story goes that White was a tanned young lifeguard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when he was spotted by a California modeling-agency scout. The scout thought David was perfect for a new Winston cigarettes ad campaign, and in 1977 he began to appear as the "Winston Man". After that, David was the cover model for the August 1978 issue of GQ magazine. White's success continued in the 1980's as he became the face of Aramis cologne."

Duncan Jones to Direct Source Code
(with Jake Gyllenhall as Colter)

"Duncan Jones was the recipient of critical plaudits aplenty earlier this year, courtesy of his existential science fiction ponderer Moon. And, following that triumph, the director (and son of David Bowie) has now signed on for his next project, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that Jones will helm sky-high concept thriller Source Code.

"The script has been penned by screenwriter Ben Ripley, with a polish applied by Billy Ray... Slash Film has apparently seen a copy of the Ripley draft, and report that the story centres on a man named Colter who wakes up on a New Jersey train, having no clue as to how he got there. ...

"No stranger to a spot of time-hopping lunacy (Donnie Darko), Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to tackle the role of Colter."

Read more.  Source:

Aussie Rap Video Directed by Heath Ledger Hits the Net

"...Australian rapper N'fa, of hip-hop collective No Fixed Abode, released a music video that was directed by actor Heath Ledger. N'fa and Ledger had been friends since childhood and the clip for N'fa's song Cause An Effect is believed to be Ledger's final directorial work.

"The three-and-a-half minute music video was shot in 2007 at Ledger's beach house in the Australian town of Bronte, a beachside suburb of Sydney. A few days before the production, Ledger woke N'fa at 5AM with a surprise phone call and an idea for the video. According to the rapper, Ledger wanted to do an "artistic" video that had "a kind of a revelatory kind of feel about it."

"The day before shooting, both friends went out to find wardrobe, a massive black sheet to use as a backdrop, and two makeup artists to assist on the shoot. The vision of the video -- the idea, the design, the look and the makeup -- was all Ledger's. Australian director Michael Gracey, a friend of Ledger's, helped with the lighting. Ledger shot the video with a single camera in the garage of his Bronte beach house. N'fa remembers him as a very animated and hands-on director during the shoot, "Heath was basically running around directing each shot -- This! This! Hands up, move! Step left, step right! Keep still, keep still!' -- so it was a really cool day," recalls the rapper."

Watch the video on Youtube.   Read more.  Source:

Karol Szymanowski ~ Complete Works for Violin & Piano

MDG [A German label specializing in Classical and Early music] has recently released a new album of works by Polish composer Karol Szymanowski, featuring Joanna Madroszkiewicz on violin and Paul Gulda on piano.

"Although Karol Szymanowski's operas, ballet and orchestral pieces enjoy a steady popularity, his compositions for small ensemble are considered to be more of a curate's egg so this generously filled CD is quite welcome. Both soloists impress with their great virtuosic abilities and their wonderful sense of ensemble unveils the many sensitive nuances hidden in these works. Fine sound and an excellent essay complete a valuable addition to the Szymanowski discography."

Read the rest of the review.  Source:

About the artist:

"Karol Maciej Szymanowski (1882 - 1936) is one of the most important composers in twentieth-century music. He is interesting not only for his music, but also because he was a well-known gay in his times and his artistic development is clearly linked to his orientation.

"In 1911 Karol visited Sicily with its remains of the ancient Greek world together with his friend Stefan Spiess, but in 1914 they made a much more significant journey to North Africa (Algiers, Tunis). This journey changed Karol's life and his music completely. It began his fascination with the culture of the "golden orient" and gave him a strong urge to understand himself and his situation as a gay man. He had also an opportunity to visit Paris and London and to get to know modern French music by such composers as Debussy and Ravel, who influenced his own style of music. Szymanowski's music seems close to the impressionist trend of that time. His narcissistic personality warmed to French culture and his sexual orientation was now more clearly reflected in his music.

"Homosexuality becomes visible in his works through ancient themes (Myths), and the choice of implicitly homosexual texts (Opera: King Roger op. 46) or texts from the homosexual tradition used in vocal works (3rd Symphony op. 27 (1916) or Love Songs of Hafiz op. 24 (1910) and op. 26 (1914)). His music in this period (and also later) extends from the lyricism of love to ecstasy - both an evident expression of intensive sexual feelings.

"Karol was very ambitious, with a strong need of fame, but despite this, his approach to his own career, was neither especially active nor systematic. Very intelligent and with great personal charm, he gathered around himself a large community of friends, musicians, artists who shared his ideas, admired his talent and were devoted to him.

"He is admired in Poland as a composer of genius, the first master and Father of Polish contemporary music and a great personality of gay culture."

Read more. Source:

Finally, A Lady

On "June 15, Richard Ramsey checked into Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol Township for major surgery. When he left three days later, Ramsey was no longer Richard, but Renee. Her first words to her doctor when she awakened after the operation were, "Now I'm the lady I always knew I was."

"Ramsey, a tall, lean woman, neatly turned out in black tailored pants and a lavender turtleneck sweater that used to be her wife's, is likely the oldest person in the United States to have surgery to change genders, experts say. She is 77.

"He couldn't have the surgery when he was in his 20s or 30s because he didn't know about it then. He was still groping for his identity in his 40s. And he couldn't have the procedure in his 50s or 60s because he was in love with his second wife. When she died in March, there was no longer a reason to delay.

'"I would have liked to be a lady a long time ago," says Ramsey, a U.S. Navy veteran of 20 years who also says he served in special operations in the Army.

'"Now, the hardest thing I have to do is learn to be a lady," said Ramsey, who grew up in northern New Jersey and still lives there. "Little girls learn it from the time they're 5 or 6 or even younger. I'm just starting out. I have to learn and unlearn. When I get angry at someone, I have to practice acting like a lady instead of sounding off like I used to do.

'"But now I feel calm, happy, and relaxed. And do you know what makes me feel the best? When I get on a train and the conductor says, 'May I have your ticket, ma'am?' I feel like a million dollars."'

Read more.  Source:

Mr. Monnier Makes His Mark

"When it comes to making his mark on the page of international illustration, Queensland illustrator Ron Monnier never draws a blank.

"Ron was the only Queenslander to win a spot in the prestigious illustrators ‘bible’, Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide – an international publication for art buyers.

'"I was really thrilled to hear that I had been invited to take part – it was a pretty tough competition going up against some of the most respected names in illustration – many international illustrators that I’ve admired for years," Ron said. "To have my work selected from more than 4,000 entries – and be recognised by the best of the best in the industry was really a wonderful feeling."

"Ron is no stranger to the publishing world. As a freelance illustrator he has created and designed fresh and unique illustrations for TIME Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Bulletin, Readers Digest and many more publications.

"Ron’s style is an eclectic mix of collage, drawing and digital illustration. He often draws on iconic images in popular culture and juxtaposes them into a unique situation. Every illustration has an idea, which intends to create intrigue for the reader."

Read more.  Source:

Gay Male Witch Hunts of Past Centuries

Here's something grim, but sadly, it's true:

"The deadly “outings” lasted roughly from the 15th through the 17th centuries in Europe, and the people who accused gay men of being witches even had at their disposal a handbook: the Malleus Maleficarum (”Hammer against Witches”), which was published in the 1480s by two Dominican Catholic priests...

"The horror stories were passed from generation to generation and encouraged by local government and religion: The witches would come at night and steal the villagers, forcing them deep into the forests. Once in the woods at a magical fire, all sorts of horrible things would then happen to these poor folks, from being eaten, to being used in pagan rituals and orgies, to being turned into wolves. Basically, anything that went wrong in your life could be blamed on the “witches” who killed babies while they slept, who caused male impotence and female infertility, and miscarriages. If all that weren’t enough, they also were busy spoiling the crops and causing the plague. And just who were these demonic witches? Usually the social outcasts, such as mentally and physically disabled persons, and of course those who were suspected as behaving like queers.

Read more.  Source:

Ocean to Outback: Australian Landscape Painting 1850–1950

As part of a month long "show", TDS will be featuring select artwork from the online gallery for the Ocean to Outback exhibition, which toured Australia earlier in the year. We start this week with an idyllic scene of sheep grazing on pastures in a mountain setting at a made-up place called the Murrumibidgee Range.

"Ocean to Outback reflects the great strengths of the National Collection and includes works taken from the permanent display, others restored and reframed in period style, a number of new acquisitions, and some works that have never been shown before."

Elioth Gruner, Murrumbidgee Ranges, Canberra 1934, Oil on canvas.

"Murrumbidgee Ranges, Canberra is an arrangement of several views looking south-west from Canberra towards the Tidbinbilla and Brindabella ranges. While there are no Murrumbidgee Ranges as such, the Murrumbidgee River runs between Canberra and the Tidbinbilla Range. Gruner would have painted this work outdoors, and possibly in one sitting. Through his use of colour he has captured the sharp light of the Canberra region and the cool velvety softness of the surrounding mountains. He has also depicted signs of settlement, including sheep grazing quietly near the ‘bush capital’, distant trails of smoke and a car heading west towards the Murrumbidgee River."

See more. Source:

Brothers Gathering in Boston

As seen in Brothers Screening- Boston Area- December 4, 2009:

Forum members donna and heathyluv are organizing a screening of Brothers.

The screening will take place at: The Boston Common LOEWS Cinema

This is a stadium seating style theater that will allow for maximum Jake-watching. Convenient parking is available in the Common Parking Garage. We are not sure what time we will attend, because the time slots have not yet been announced, but it will be sometime after 6:00, when most people have gotten out of work and can get to the theater. We will likely stay for food and drink after the movie as well.  

Please post here to indicate interest, and feel free to pm donna or Heathyluv (Kelly) for more info.

And to help in gathering a group to see Brothers in Los Angeles, please post here.

The Forum Image

Posted by dahlia in Room for interior decoration

"view from living room, on a special October day

You could see aaaallll the way to the Alps...."

Fan Art of the Day

Posted by gnash in BBM Fanart

click image for full view

Quote of the Day

“If we cannot end now our differences, at least
we can help make the world safe for diversity.”

~John F. Kennedy ~

Commencement Address, American University, June 10, 1963

Photocaption of the Day

By Lyle (Mooska) in Photo Captioning Fun 5

Alma: "Thank you, Thing."

Contributors: dahlia, Lyle (Mooska)

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Panel Discussion: “Whatever Happened to Ennis del Mar?
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Today’s edition formatted by gnash

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