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The Daily Sheet December 16 - 31, 2009
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Saturday, December 19th, 2009

First Things First

29 in 2009

Autry Weekend Recap: Brokies Out West

By Lyle (Mooska)

About 25 Brokies, mostly from the West Coast, arrived in a rainy L.A. this past weekend to celebrate the "Whatever Happened to Ennis Del Mar?" event at the Autry National Center.

Saturday evening many gathered at the home of forum member Sparky for a holiday party. A bright fireplace and numerous candles hid the fact the electricity had been out for a while that evening! Sparky was an original contributor to The Daily Sheet when it first began. His huge collection of "penguin" related items is always a highlight (for me!) at his Christmas gatherings!

On Sunday, most of the attendees gathered at the Golden Spur Cafe at the Autry at noon for lunch. We got to meet Deb (deblibdr) a new forum member and welcome her to the forum! The food items were all western themed or named, and I know a couple who tried the Buffalo Meatloaf. While there, the director of the Autry museum visited with us as well as Gregory Hinton, the event organizer, and a reporter from the L.A. Times spoke with several members. I felt we were quite warmly welcomed there all afternoon.

Before the event, which was held at the Wells Fargo Theater, several of us toured parts of the museum and browsed through the gift store, which does indeed have the dvd of Brokeback Mountain available for purchase. A current exhibit at the museum features the artistry of Indian basketry. Another section which houses the Western theme in entertainment has items from Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley all the way through Gene Autry, Thelma and Louise and Brokeback Mountain. Gary Cooper’s Oscar for High Noon is prominently displayed. The painting exhibits are spectacularly lit and inviting.

The actual event has been described elsewhere, but afterwards there was a dessert reception in the lobby where we could mingle with the panel participants and have personal Q&A’s with them if we desired. Tom Gregory, who owns the BBM shirts was present and many took the opportunity to view that display which was opened free of charge for this event. Gregory mentioned that the Smithsonian Institution has asked him to consider donating the Brokeback Mountain shirts to its collection! Perhaps a Topic of the Week Question should touch on this, whether they should be toured around by Tom Gregory here and there or have a permanent place at the Smithsonian?

It was a unique afternoon in a lovely setting (Griffith Park) which was made all the more special in the company of our forum member friends.

'Out West' at the Autry Examines the History of
Homosexuals and Transgender People in the Old West

"Say the words "gay cowboy" and chances are the conversation will turn to Brokeback Mountain, the 2005 film starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, and based on the Annie Proulx short story.

"The Oscar-winning drama, which is set in the 1960s to '80s, highlighted a long-submerged facet of frontier culture. But as a new series at the Autry National Center shows, the presence of homosexuals and transgender individuals in the American West is much older than the movie might lead you to think. It is, in fact, almost as old as the West itself.

'"It doesn't just start with Brokeback Mountain. In a way, the movie is an exclamation point to that history," said Stephen Aron, an executive director at the Autry.

"The series is the first of its kind hosted by a Western-heritage museum, say people associated with the Autry. It consists of a gallery tour, panel discussions, lectures and performances to be rolled out in four installments over the course of 12 months. Dates for future events are being finalized.

"Organizers are planning to return to Brokeback Mountain with a performance of fiction and other literature written by "Brokies" -- an informal group of fans who strongly identify with the film.

"Eric Hooper, who lives in San Jose, is a Brokie who said he has seen the movie 56 times in theaters, flying across the country to catch screenings at various festivals and events.

"The movie came as a revelation, he said, after living in a city for most of his adult life. "That's what really struck me about Brokeback -- it presented the possibility of being gay and living in rural America."'

Read more. Source:

A Message from Gregory Hinton

On Sunday, December 13, the Autry National Center hosted What Ever Happened to Ennis del Mar?, the first program in our LGBT series, Out West. For me, and I hope all those attended, it was a great success. First, it was preceded by a week of the worst winter storms of the season. A number of new friends were flying down from San Francisco and I didn’t want anyone to be stranded. Sunday morning, the skies were clear. It portended good things.

We had an excellent, energized panel of scholars, and a disparate, enthusiastic audience. In addition to members of the International Gay Rodeo Association, and representatives of the Ultimate Brokeback Forum and Bettermost Wyoming, we also had many friends from the Los Angeles area LGBT community, and senior executives from GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign. Numerous media outlets attended. The Los Angeles Times sent a very thorough reporter to cover Out West, and he was diligent in his interviews of all who attended the event. So too, were NBC4, NPR and KPFK, and the multiple blogs who reported on Out West before and after.

I overheard John Gray, the President of the Autry say that he was pleased that the event was informative, poignant, passionate at times and without agenda. As our community continues to get to know the Autry, and to value western art museums in general, they too, have gotten to know and like us. For me, the Autry Museum is an ark, and because of Out West, the western LGBT community is safely on board and sailing forward into the future.

Autry Hightlights

For a peek at the Autry National Center and the panel discussion last Sunday, head over to the Whatever Happened to Ennis del Mar panel in LA! thread and see the photos posted by killersmom and others.

Shown at left is one of the panelists, Kenneth Turan (Los Angeles Times and NPR film critic), reading his contribution to the discussion.

Actor, radio personality, and Tony nominated producer Tom Gregory, also at the Autry last Sunday, has posted an article on Huffington Post about the event. Here is an excerpt:

"The Museum's Wells Fargo Theater was full of western film fans, scholars, and people anxious for more of the story they can't get out of the soul. Like The Grapes of Wrath, The Searchers, or High Noon, BBM has grown a patina of scholarly importance over the last few years. BBM rocked the paradigm of the Hollywood love story, and became a personal catharsis, then a call to action for fairness and equality among LGBT people."

Check the thread for additional information on the Autry event, including links to radio shows and news stories, and poems about the Old West.

William Handley at the Autry

The forum's book, Beyond Brokeback, was a bigger part of the "Whatever Happened to Ennis del Mar" event at the Autry than we had anticipated. William Handley, Associate Professor of English at the University of Southern California and author of the forthcoming, The Brokeback Book: Essays on the Groundbreaking Film, referred to our book and displayed the cover on stage several times during the panel discussion.

Here is an excerpt from An Anatomy of Feeling Western; or, The Good News about Estrangement, William Handley's address at the Western Literature Association Conference in Boise, Idaho, on October 19, 2006:

"...when Jack and Ennis greet each other for the first time in four years after that summer, their bliss and passion almost uncontainable as our perspective is that of the close-up—until, that is, we are abruptly in the position of Alma, Ennis’s wife, who has accidentally seen them. Then we see the look on her face that expresses a flood of almost unnamable feeling, except that we know her feelings have almost nothing in common with the feelings felt at that moment by Jack and Ennis. I have heard Annie Proulx say that she found it disturbing to hear audience members laugh at that moment. Her implication seemed to be that laughter expressed both an indifference to Alma’s shock and a belittling of Jack and Ennis’s passion."

Read more. Source:

What Did Happen to Ennis del Mar?

According to forum member Chanticleer, the question was not really ever answered:

"The discussion ended with a question about how Brokeback Mountain has influenced culture and society and what its influence would be in the future.

"The consensus was that it's too early to tell. None of the panelists would say what the influence is or will be, but they agreed that the important thing was that the door has been opened and there will be an impact."

The second installment of  the Autry's "Out West" program, "Hidden Histories", is scheduled for May of 2010. It will include a gallery tour. See you there, friend.

Law Joins Ledger Scholarship Panel

"Jude Law has joined a panel of Hollywood stars to judge the winner of an Australian film scholarship which was created as a tribute to late actor Heath Ledger.

"The inaugural Australians in Film Scholarship was set up by Ledger’s ex-fiancee Michelle Williams, and is supported by the Ledger family, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Baz Luhrmann.

"He says, “I am delighted and honoured to do what I can to keep Heath’s legacy alive. He was a brilliant actor and a wonderful man and it is only fitting that this scholarship has been developed in his name.”'

Read more. Source:

About the Australians in Film Heath Ledger Scholarship:

"In honor of Australians in Film Ambassador Heath Ledger a scholarship fund has been established to capture Heath’s generous spirit and serve our mission to help and celebrate Australian actors. The Australians in Film Heath Ledger Scholarship will provide talented Australian actors in the early stage of their careers the chance to travel to the US to further their training and international acting opportunities."

Visit the AIFHLS website.

Bookish Cowboy Heads Off to the Corral

"Larry McMurtry has won a Pulitzer Prize, for his novel “Lonesome Dove,” published in 1985. His criticism appears regularly in The New York Review of Books, this country’s leading journal of mandarin literary opinion. He won an Academy Award for writing, with Diana Ossana, the screenplay for the film Brokeback Mountain. For two years in the early 1990s he was the American president of PEN, the august literary and human-rights organization.

"Yet Mr. McMurtry, who is 73 and has written some 40 books of fiction, essays and memoir, nonetheless feels like a man who gets no — or at least not much — respect. His books are rarely reviewed, he complains in his new memoir, “Literary Life,” and the reviews he does get aren’t interesting or intelligent. “Should I be bitter about the literary establishment’s long disinterest in me?” he asks. “I shouldn’t, and mostly I’m not, though I do admit to the occasional moment of irritation.”"

Read more. Source:

Jake Presents and Promotes at the VGA Show

Jake Gyllenhaal presented the Best Video Game of the Year award to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, at Spike TV's 7th annual Video Game Awards Show, Saturday, December 12.

Presenters included Zachary Quinto (Star Trek), who announced he will lend his voice to the multiplayer game Star Trek Online. Gyllenhaal also promoted the game of his upcoming action movie Prince of Persia due next summer and played a sneak peek.

Read more. Source:  Watch Jake on Youtube.

Study: Accurate Gaydar Is Nearly Instant

"A new study by Tufts University shows that people can identify others' sexual orientation after looking at them for just seconds.

According to, researchers Nalini Ambady and Nick Rule used college students in a test to accurately identify gay men based on 90 photos from dating websites. None of the men in the photos — half of whom were seeking male partners, the other half seeking females — had facial hair, jewelry, glasses, or other accessories.

"The study's authors said the reason people may have keen gaydar is so heterosexual women can find a suitable mate and so that men can easily identify their competition."

Read more. Source:

Forgettin Somethin?

Need to do a little last minute holiday shopping? Try for some truly unique stuffers for stockings. They may not have electric knives for sale, but there are plenty of other things that are cool.

The Titinanium Spork might come in handy over on Le Bar or SD.

"The great outdoors and geeks don't often go together but when they do this is the utensil those outdoor geeks carry. This ultra-tough and incredibly light weight spoon-fork combination saves space in your picnic basket, lunchbox, purse, or briefcase and it weighs next to nothing. It adds a genteel touch of class to the least classy utensil ever devised. Titanium sporks are machine washable, heat resistant, and Teflon-friendly."

Hogwild RoboVacum can help you get up what you've dropped.

"What's the deal with poppy seed bagels? They taste just like plain bagels, but they leave lots of seedy debris all over your desk. Well with RoboVacum, it's no problem. This little desktop robot excels at cleaning up small messes left on your desk. Just press the top button and slide RoboVacum over any small dry debris. Then just pop open the top and empty him out. No vacuum bags required. Colors vary. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included."

Fred Screwed Up Magnets offer a twist on the usual fridge magnets.

"If cute little kitchen magnets aren't your style, here's an alternative mas macho. Great for man-caves, workshops and other testosterone-rich environments, these magnets make your notes and reminders look like they are bolted in place. Each pack contains 4 magnets."

Check out for hundreds of other items, including useful gadgets for computers or iPods, brain teasers, office supplies, home goods and gifts just for fun. Order by mail, phone, fax, or online, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

WikiWhat? The Autry National Center

The Autry National Center of the American West, located on the eastern edge of Griffith Park in Los Angeles, was where a fair number of Brokies met to kick off the Out West program on December 13th.

"The Autry National Center of the American West is an intercultural center and museum in Los Angeles, California that celebrates the diversity and history of the American West through three important institutions: the Southwest Museum of the American Indian, the Museum of the American West, and the Institute for the Study of the American West. The Autry's mission is to explore the experiences and perceptions of the diverse peoples of the American West, connecting the past with the present to inform our shared future. All of the exhibitions, public programs, K-12 educational services and publications are designed to further this mission.

"The Southwest Museum's 238,000-piece collection is one of the most significant and representative of its kind in the United States, second only to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian. Comprising 14,000 baskets, 10,000 ceramic items, 6,300 textiles and weavings, and more than 1,100 pieces of jewelry, the collection represents indigenous peoples from Alaska to South America, with an emphasis on cultures from California and the Southwestern United States. The Southwest Museum was founded in 1907 and is the oldest museum in Los Angeles.

"The Museum of the American West was established in 1988 by Gene Autry to explore and share the comprehensive story of the American West and the multiple cultures, perspectives, traditions, and experiences–real and imagined–that make the West significant. Its collection is composed of 21,000 paintings, sculptures, costumes, textiles, firearms, tools, toys, musical instruments, and other objects."

Photo by killersmom

Visit the Autry National Center online.

Today and Tomorrow: A Very Mary Christmas in San Francisco

Jump on Side Saddle with the Brokeback Nutcracking Prince as he takes you through this campy tale of a boy, whose only dream is to become a professional dancer.

The boy must first jump the hurdle of his Dad's divorce and his Sister's neuroticism...not to mention her Hair!

Featuring other characters like the Jewish American Prince, Ballerina Barbie, and Sugar Rum Daddy! This show will send you on your MARY way for a "Fantabulous" Holiday season!!

A Very MARY Christmas III

at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music's Osher Salon
50 Oak St (near the corner of Van Ness and Market)


Saturday night's Cabaret Tables are sold out,,
but there are still some available for Sunday's performances!
Seats at $25 & $30 (front row) for Saturday & Sunday may still be available.

Buy Now Online!

Click for a larger image

Post of the Day

Posted by michaelflanagansf in "Whatever Happened to Ennis del Mar?" panel in LA!

Charles "Badger" Clark
1883 - 1957
The moderator at the panel discussion suggested they were looking for topics for the next 3 panel discussions. I'd love to hear speakers address same sex love as a topic of writers of the west. Here's a great example from Badger Clark entitled 'The Lost Pardner":

The Lost Pardner

I ride alone and hate the boys I meet.
Today, some way, their laughin' hurts me so.

I hate the steady sun that glares, and glares!
The bird songs make me sore.
I seem the only thing on earth that cares
Cause Al ain’t here no more!

And him so strong, and yet so quick he died,
And after year on year
When we had always trailed it side by side,
He went—and left me here!

We loved each other in the way men do
And never spoke about it, Al and me,
But we both knowed, and knowin' it so true
Was more than any woman’s kiss could be.

What is there out beyond the last divide?
Seems like that country must be cold and dim.
He’d miss this sunny range he used to ride,
And he’d miss me, the same as I do him.

It’s no use thinkin'—all I’d think or say
Could never make it clear.
Out that dim trail that only leads one way
He’s gone—and left me here!

The range is empty and the trails are blind,
And I don’t seem but half myself today.
I wait to hear him ridin' up behind
And feel his knee rub mine the good old way.

Read more.   Image:

The Forum Image

Posted by conny in Life Through The Lens 4

"another day at the beach, never boring"

Quote of the Day

“I do like Christmas on the whole.... In its clumsy way, it does
approach Peace and Goodwill. But it is clumsier every year.”

~ E. M. Forster ~

Photocaption of the Day

By Lyle (Mooska) in Photo Captioning Fun 5

before and after

Jack:  "No more beans."

Ennis:  "No more jeans."

Contributors: Chanticleer, killersmom, michaelflanagansf, conny, Lyle (Mooska)

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Re: The Daily Sheet December 16 - 31, 2009
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doing God's Work In Washington and Kalamazoo

Closer to Equality in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. took a crucial step toward possible marriage equality next year when its Mayor, Adrian M. Fenty, signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriages in the District of Columbia.  Mayor Fenty’s parents attended their first bill-signing ceremony in All Souls Unitarian Church, and he told the 150 people present why the occasion had a personal significance for them.  Phil Fenty, who is white, and Jan Fenty, who is black, had moved from Buffalo, New York to Washington in 1967 because of their families’ opposition to an interracial marriage.  “My parents know a little something about marriage equality.”  

The event didn’t lack controversial elements. Bishop Henry Jackson, a vocal anti-gay activist in the District area, stated his intent to contest the bill in both Congress and the legal system: “The people of D.C. do not support same-sex marriage and they are entitled to vote on this issue.”  Mr. Jackson is pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville (Maryland).  A protest staged by Jackson last May led to the formation of Clergy United For Marriage Equality, with a membership of over 200 clergy in the area.

Another state-church controversy surrounding same-sex marriage in the District may be subsiding, however. The Roman Catholic Church had threatened to end its social service contracts with the city if the measure passed; but officials from the Archdiocese of Washington and Catholic Charities have announced that they anticipate finding a way to continue the contracts.

All Souls' Equality Tradition

Signing the marriage equality bill in All Souls Church was the latest event in the church's long history of progressive activism. Founded in 1821 (with the name First Unitarian Church), the church and its leaders took a stand against slavery as early as 1824, although there were divisions about the issue.  John Quincy Adams, one of the church's founders, was the defense attorney for the slaves who had revolted and seized the Spanish slave ship, Amistad; another founder, John C. Calhoun, presented arguments for the prosecution. Later the church supported women's suffrage, civil rights and the anti-aparteid movement in South Africa.

Kalamazoo: Trouble at the Table

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, the eight churches that had formed “Martha’s Table”, a dinner-and-worship ministry for the needy, now number five due to theological differences over homosexuality.  Rev. Matt Laney of First Congregational Church, had publicly supported an ordinance passed by voters last year protecting gay citizens from discrimination in housing, jobs and public accommodations.

Rev. Laney said that the withdrawal of Agape Christian Church, Word for Life Church of God and Centerpoint Church was “incredibly disappointing. It’s also mystifying.  I was very shocked and surprised when they pulled out.”  Martha’s Table as an ecumenical ministry had taken no position on it and “the founding principle of Martha’s Table was that churches would come together and put aside their differences in light of what unites us, which is our common commitment to serve Christ and others,” Rev. Laney said.  However, “this difference has risen above our common commitment to serving Christ.”

Rev. Ron Verstrand, senior pastor of Agape Church, said that Rev. Laney’s views on homosexuality “violated our biblical worldview.”  Rev. Ken Baker of Third Christian Reformed, one of the Martha’s Table churches that is continuing, described his church as “theologically conservative” but did not see “how our integrity is violated by participating in Martha’s Table.”  Rev. Baker hoped to open a dialogue with the three churches: “what better time of year to do that than this season of the year when Christ’s followers ponder the mystery of God coming in the flesh to ‘lift up the humble and fill the hungry with good things’?”

Read the whole story at

Hazardous Journalism Duty in Uganda

Val Kalende is an out lesbian in Uganda, one of the world's most hazardous places for gays.   Earlier this month Ms. Kalende agreed to be interviewed by journalist Rodney Muhumuza for the Monitor.  The story ran in the Monitor under the title "The story of a young Ugandan gay couple" along with two photos, but has since been removed from the publicatoin's website.

Ms. Kalenda told about listening to her pastor deliver a rant condemning homosexuality, warning the congregation that 'we may even have one in our midst.' Ms. Kalenda, "who also serves as a minister, regularly taking her place on the worship team at her church of eight months, chose to let it go. It would not be her last time there."  Other regular annoyances were motorcyclists "who made it a habit to ask if she is a man or a woman" because of how she dressed.  In the interview, she also listed "inquisitive children, gossipy parishioners, bigoted employers and, most recently, a lawmaker named David Bahati."

Mr. Bahati is the Ndorwa West MP who introduced the anti-gay law that proposed "a new felony called 'aggravated homosexuality' committed when the offender has sex with a person who is disabled or underage, or when there is HIV transmission. The crime should attract the death penalty, he proposed, while consenting homosexuals should be imprisoned for life."  A third party could also be penalized "for failing to report homosexual activity, as well as criminalise the actions of a reporter who, for example interviews a gay couple."

In October of this year, Ms. Kalende's partner left for the United States. They had met a year ago through a mutual friend, "one openly gay and one closeted, but soon found the connection that inspired them to exchange rings in a recent private ceremony."  Referring to her partner only as "Mimi", Ms. Kalende told Mr. Muhumuza that "she is a very beautiful woman. It's about her heart, her beauty, and the fact that we share the same faith. . . . She is really scared about what's going on at home."  When Ms. Kalende had decided to talk to a journalist, her partner had agreed but "with the caveat that 'you don't put me out there.' "  Ms. Kalenda had agreed but told her that "she was doing it for the whole LGBT community.

In Newsweek's blog, Kate Dailey reported that she had spoken with Ms. Valende, who told her that " 'My phone has been ringing off the hook since Saturday. Some are telling me it was a brave thing to do. Others have been negative, saying they are going to start campaigning for the bill, that kind of thing.'  Her family told her the decision to talk about her personal life was too extreme. One member of her partner's family asked her to tell everyone the story was blackmail. Her pastor encouraged her to give another interview to the Monitor proclaiming a sudden miraculous transformation into a heterosexual. Failing that, he offered to counsel her to help her drop the habit."  Dailey also mentioned the "direct connections drawn between U.S. evangelical leaders and the Uganda bill . . . . there's ample evidence their misguided missionary work planted the seeds for the draconian legislation."

Next Debate: Was abolishing slavery a bad idea?

On December 16th the BBC News' premoderated talkboard "Have Your Say" invited users to debate the question "Should Homosexuals Face Execution?", acknowledging that it was "a stark and disturbing question."  

The Guardian reported that some of the moderated posts emphatically supported the idea of exterminating gays. "Totally agree," one post read. "Ought to be imposed in the UK too, asap. Bring back some respectable family values." Another said "Bravo to the Ugandans for this wise decision, a bright step in eliminating this menace from your society. We hope other African nations will also follow your bold step."  Within 90 minutes the headline was changed to "Should Uganda debate gay execution?"  

A comment suggesting that the topic was equivalent to "Was Hitler Right? Should Jews be gassed?" was typical of the negative feedback. Others called the topic "refreshing" and "a valid and thought provoking topic."  In response, many readers brought up the parallels of ‘debating issues’ such as whether Jews should be exterminated or whether lynching blacks should be legal and acceptable. One reader noted the BBC’s recent coverage of an ‘honor killing’ and that “there is no discussion group on the BBC website asking 'Should fathers have the right to kill their daughters?’ “

The BBC did not apologize for introducing the topic. However, World Service Director Peter Horrocks issued a statement acknowledging that "the original headline on our website was, in hindsight, too stark" and apologized "for any offence it caused."  He defended the program as "a legitimate and responsible attempt to support a challenging discussion about proposed legislation that advocates the death penalty for those who undertake certain homosexual activities in Uganda."

Canadian Gothic or Brokeback Brisons?

Brokeback Mountain has earned a mention on a high-profile same-sex married couple's Christmas card.
"Scott Brison describes it as 'Canadian Gothic.'  

“ 'Just a couple of guys and their dog standing in a field,' he says about his Christmas card this year. But there are others, the Nova Scotia Liberal MP says, who are describing it as 'The Brokeback Brisons' – an homage to the Ang Lee movie about two gay cowboys and their love affair on a Wyoming mountain.

"This is the first time, meanwhile, the couple has posed together for a Christmas card and it is likely the first same-sex married-couple MP Christmas card.

"On the card he is standing with his husband of two years, Maxime St. Pierre, in a field on their property with Cape Blomidon and the Minas Basin in the background. Simba, their golden retriever, is with them. It was sent to about 5,000 friends and constituents. The photo was taken by Windsor, N.S., photographer Garey Pridham."

(Comments on the website "have been closed due to an overwhelming number of hateful and homophobic remarks. We appreciate that readers want to discuss this issue, but we can't allow our site to become a platform for intolerance.")

"Same-Sex Desire" at the British Museum

The British Museum currently has a 'webtrail' exhibit titled "Same-Sex Desire and Gender Identity."  The online exhibit includes artifacts ranging in origin from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to a souvenier from the UK's annual LGBT History Month in 2009.

"Winter counts are kept as records of the histories of many tribes of the North American Plains. On this winter count, the year 1891 includes an image representing the suicide of a winkte (translated from the Dakota language as ‘wants to be a woman’). This is a category of males whose occupations and social roles were those of women.

"The episode describes the moment of this person’s self-inflicted death as a result of abandonment by his lover. His name was Grass and he was of the tribe of the Dakota.

"Among some Native American tribes such individuals were considered ‘special’ in that they bridged gender differences. Among the Dakota Sioux Indians there were at any given time up to 10 (recorded) individuals belonging to this class of people.  With the arrival of Anglo-Americans and the institution of reservations in the late nineteenth century the practice of cross-dressing by such individuals was repressed.

"Today a revival of this tradition is flourishing again among younger generations of Native Americans who see these figures as their forebears."

In the Blogosphere

Good As You blog host Jeremy Hooper and husband Andrew Sullivan were married in Connecticut last June, and have now become the first same-sex couple to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.  "It's one time you won't hear us complain about our love being turned into an issue," Mr. Hooper writes.  "Our full equality: Today Martha, tomorrow Congressional Quarterly?"

Click here for a preview view of the article, on page 98 of the magazine's 15th Anniversary issue.

Ginger and Jack

Ennis Del Mark notes that "Legendary dancer and actress Ginger Rogers lived in Ennis, Texas for a few years in her early childhood," adding that she had a husband named Jack.  Jack Briggs was Ginger Rogers' second of four marriages. They were married in January 1943, and divorced in September 1949.

The Forum Image: Happy Holidays

In the "Happy Holidays" thread, Christmas decorations from Miaisland:  

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

Can it get more Christmassy?

and richchan shares a family memory.

"Mother died in August. She was an avid creator of Christmas ornaments,
so I decided to drag all 400 out and display them in her honor."

and CellarDweller115 welcomes one and all to the thread with inclusive holiday wishes --

No mattter what holiday you are celebrating in the near future.....

Winter Solstice:   .......... Hajj:    .......... Hannukah:  

Christmas:    .......... Kwanzaa:  .......... Tet:

Quote of the Day

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create,
to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering."  

~ Ben Okri ~

Fun Question of the Week
This week’s Question: What Christmas food is made from marsh-whorts?

Let us know your answer in the response thread.

Last week's question and answer: What was a gladiator armed with, in addition to a dagger and spear/sword/harpoon?

Right again - a gladiator is also armed with a net (in addition to a shield and other body armor). Kudos to Fofol for getting that one right!

Photo Caption Classics

BayCityJohn borrows from the biblical Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) in Photo Captioning Fun 3:

Biblical Brokeback

I will get up now and go about the city,
through its streets and squares;
I will search for the one my heart loves.
So I looked for him but did not find him.

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Re: The Daily Sheet December 16 - 31, 2009
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2009, 06:26:28 AM »

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Happy Holidays

Posted by Rosewood in The "Happy Holidays" thread!

"Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to all my Forum friends.
And here's to a grand New Year as well. :)"

Black America West Museum Sheds Light on the West

"Howdy! Welcome to the Black American West Museum! Founded in 1971 by Paul W. Stewart, the Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving and disseminating the contributions of Blacks in the Old West.

"While famous for telling the story of Black cowboys, we are broader than this with interests in the stories of all those early Blacks who came west and performed as miners, soldiers, homesteaders, ranchers, blacksmiths, schoolteachers, lawmen, and every other profession needed to build up the West. In fact, the Museum itself is in the home of Dr. Justina Ford, Colorado's first Black woman doctor!

"In the Cowboy exhibit, there are many items and photographs from famous and not-so-famous Black cowboys. See saddles, spurs, hats, chaps, boots and other cowboy necessities from many of these cowboys. Learn how each of these daily tools of the Black cowboy were used and valued. Did you know that 1 in 3 cowboys were Black?"

Read more. Source:

Rugby Star Gareth Thomas Acknowledges Being Gay

A former international rugby star has shocked the sports world by revealing that he is gay.

"The 35-year-old retired from internationals after the 2007 World Cup, but still plays for Welsh provincial side Cardiff Blues. He is the first openly gay top-level rugby player, although top referee Nigel Owens came out in 2007.

"He said he knew he had was gay from as young as 16 or 17, but hid it as he sought to establish his rugby career, later going on to captain the British and Irish Lions and becoming one of the top backs in international rugby.

'"I could never accept it because I knew I would never be accepted as a gay man and still achieve what I wanted to achieve in the game," he said. "I'd love for it, in 10 years' time, not to even be an issue in sport, and for people to say: 'So what?'"

Read more. Source:

First Government-backed Gay Bar Opens in China

"China's first government-backed gay bar has opened after a three-week delay sparked by intense media attention, a charity said Sunday, in a nation where homosexuality is still a sensitive subject.

"The bar opened Saturday in a low-key fashion in the tourist town of Dali in the southwestern province of Yunnan, Zhang Jianbo, founder of the Dali HIV/AIDS prevention and health association, the organisation behind the initiative, told AFP.

"The official China Daily newspaper said in 2005 that the number of homosexuals in China came to around 30 million, although it conceded few were willing to acknowledge their sexuality.

"Statements from government departments and academic reports have put the figure at approximately 15 million, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency."

Read more. Source:


Posted by Lyle (Mooska) in The "Happy Holidays" thread!

I always thought Kwanzaa, whenever it was mentioned, was some ancient and/or mystical holiday that African Americans had rediscovered and started to reinstate and celebrate it. Because I have a large collection of holiday music, I incorporated some Chanukah songs and one year discovered some Kwanzaa music. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Kwanzaa was started in 1966 in Los Angeles! That made me laugh as it was so far off from where I had imagined it started. 

Even since it’s rather short inception, the idea of Kwanzaa, much like Christmas, has undergone numerous changes since it appeared. The founder, Dr. Karenga, originally promoted the idea that it was for blacks only, an alternative to the Christmas holiday to celebrate their own culture and ideals, but since the seven principles are of a rather spiritual nature, other people wishing to participate soon emerged and the founder has since changed his stance.

Kwanzaa is a week long celebration from December 26th through the new year. Participants use a seven branched candle holder with three red, three green and one black candle in the center.  Each day (and candle) represent one of the seven Kwanzaa principles, which are Unity, Self-determination, Collective work and responsibility, Cooperative economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith.

As with other holiday observances this time of year, variations based on region, family tradition and personal preference have emerged, but all involve food, music, gifts and the like. Imagine if you celebrated Chanukah and Christmas and Kwaanza, not to mentione New Year’s festivites.  It’s a month long bacchanal!

There is a new Kwanzaa postage stamp this year.

A Jewish Film for the Soul

At the lunch celebrating A Serious Man last week, the Bagger sat with Billy Crudup, who was more talkative about theater than film, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, who dissected the mural on the walls of the Monkey Bar. Fun, but not shop talk. So the Bagger made a beeline for James Schamus of Focus Features, a studio chieftan we are keen on because he’s a fellow bicyclist, Brooklyn-o-phile and knows the name of the cheese guy at Fairway. Mr. Schamus, who wore a bow tie and an Everyman air, also knows from campaigning; his company has produced Oscar nominees and winners in Atonement, Milk and Brokeback Mountain. He has found a way to make small stories seem big, often with the addition of marquee names. Of course A Serious Man does not have any marquee names, aside from the Coens, who are about as keen to do press as the cheese guy is to recommend Velveeta. So, how was the season shaping up?

“Modestly,” Mr. Schamus said. “This year, I’m much more interested in the answer to the question, how is your year shaping up? And I can say it was a great year. We made real money, we loved the films we did and oddly I believe we’ll actually get a nice handful of nominations.”

That, of course, means spending; Focus is a division of Universal, which has had a rough year, as the Bagger’s colleague Brooks Barnes reported. Focus is also pushing Coraline for best animated feature and has Sin Nombre, a Spanish-language film that has racked up a few festival and critical nods, but is throwing the bulk of its marketing muscle behind A Serious Man.

Read more. Source:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson: Jewish Couple Alert?

It's only been a couple of weeks (according to the tabloids) and people are already playing matchmaker with Jake. Of all the stories out there, this one is a real peach.

"For those of you who read US Weekly religiously (don’t be ashamed, everybody’s doing it) you already know that after three years of dating wholesome blonde Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal is finally a single man. And you probably also heard the news that Jewess Kate Hudson was just dumped by baseball "player" Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez, leaving the actress, as she’s never alone for too long, trolling for fresh tail.
"We were delighted when we heard the news about the breakups, because we knew these two were always meant to be together: Jake Gyllenhaal has a thing for blondes (Kirstin Dunst, Witherspoon, Heath Ledger), but his relationships all inevitably fail due to his partners’s lack of Semitic roots. With Hudson he’ll finally have a blonde to bring home for Pesach. (It might be the Southern thing, but Whitherspoon seems like the most Christian woman alive. If not for her movie career, she could land a correspondent’s gig on The 700 Club. Clearly, a bad match.)"

Read more. Source:

Caught In The Act -- Jake and Anne

"After watching sister Maggie's new movie Crazy Heart, Jake Gyllenhaal and mom Naomi grabbed dinner together at Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills.

'"They seemed to enjoy their soup [since] it was cold outside," a fellow diner says, adding, "Jake was looking good and super-attentive to his mother."'

"Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend Adam Shulman spent the weekend sticking close to each other in Los Angeles. On Saturday, the couple ate dinner at Mexican restaurant Casa Vega with friends, and on Sunday they strolled around the Beverly Hills farmers' market."

Read more. Source:

You ever wonder what Kate Mantilini's is like? Check out the reviews on Yelp. When you visit LA you should give it a shot. Just think -- you might run into Jake himself. Casa Vega is a Valley favorite. Stars like it because it's nice and dark -- so dark you can easily mix up your beans and rice.

Faith the Two-Legged Dog Turns Seven

"Seven years ago this Christmastime, a tiny puppy was born with only two fully formed hind legs to a "junkyard dog" raised to guard a flea market, reports the Associated Press. The deformed and weak puppy was being smothered by its mother when Reuben Stringfellow, 17-years old at the time, rescued the helpless newborn and brought it home, where he and his mother, Jude Stringfellow, cared for the puppy and named her Faith.

'"She just walks around barking and laughing and excited to see them all," Jude tells the Associated Press. "There is a lot of crying, pointing and surprise. From those who have lost friends or limbs, there can be silence. Some will shake my hand and thank me, some will pat her on the head. There is a lot of quiet, heartfelt, really deep emotion."'

"Faith is a "Christmas miracle," Jude states on her website. "Faith's real birthday is unknown but we gave her the date of December 22 to celebrate. We know she was born within a few days of that date."

"This January, Faith will be reunited with her rescuer Reuben, who has been serving in the military, reports the Associated Press. We hope cameras will be there to capture the emotional reunion."

Watch the video on YouTube.  Read more. Source:

Word's Smallest Calendar for 2010?

"An Italian graphic designer liked the tiny calendars he'd seen here so much, he decided to take his own crack at designing one. His design is clever, convenient, and folds to the size of a single business card.

"Grab a free, print-able PDF of Massimiliano's calendar at his site... Looking for a different take? David Seah, maker of the Compact Calendar, has already updated his design for 2010.

Read more. Source:

Not big enough for your tastes? Check out the Monster Calendar, found right on the streets of New York. Manhattanhenge is what some call this solar calendar, and you'll have to wait until July 11th or 12th.

Lady Gaga Helping Homeless LGBT Youth

Lady Gaga was in Los Angeles last week for three sold out shows and had some things to say. She's teaming up with Virgin Mobile to help the youth of today:

"Over two million youth between the ages of 12 and 24 will experience at least one episode of homelessness each year and over 100,000 youth sleep on the street for 6 months or more in America. Youth homelessness is the result of other societal problems like poverty, drug abuse and addiction, mental illness and domestic violence which is often spiked in cases of homophobia. 1 out every 5 homeless youth identifies as gay, lesbian or transgender. Young people who've grown up homeless often spend much of their adult lives homeless.

"The RE*Generation is Virgin Mobile's effort to empower a generation to help its own. We're bringing together organizations that care about homeless youth, and connecting them with young people who want to help."

The artist (who is also dedicated to helping end homophobia in the music industry) promises to match every dollar pledged, up to $25,000 dollars. If you are feeling charitable this holiday season, you might want to help out by visiting today.

Watch the video on YouTube.  Read more. Source:

Susan Boyle to Ring In New Year on Japanese TV

"Scottish singer Susan Boyle, the breakout star of “Britain’s Got Talent,” will sing a song on ‘‘Kohaku Uta Gassen,’’ Japan’s annual TV music show on New Year’s Eve. Boyle, 48, shot to international fame in April after stunning judges and the audience on the British show, where her powerful singing voice contrasted sharply with her dowdy appearance."

Read more. Source:

"I'm fighting fit and the happiest I've ever been"

"Susan Boyle has reassured fans she is fighting fit and looking forward to the challenges of stardom by declaring: "I am the happiest I've ever been."

"And Britain's singing sensation chose the Daily Mirror to speak to her fans and thank them for their support in a "roller-coaster year".

"Susan's album I Dreamed A Dream - the fastest-selling debut by a woman - has sold 1.4 million copies in just four weeks across the UK and she is set to be 2009's top artist."

Read more. Source:

WikiWhat? Boxing Day

According to Wikipedia, "Boxing Day is a bank holiday or a public holiday in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greenland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with a mainly Christian population. In South Africa this public holiday is now known as the Day of Goodwill.

"The name derives from the Anglo-Saxon tradition giving seasonal gifts (in the form of a "Christmas box") to less wealthy people and slaves. In the United Kingdom this was later extended to various workpeople such as labourers, servants, tradespeople and postal workers.

"Boxing Day is traditionally celebrated on 26 December, St. Stephen's Day, the day after Christmas Day. Unlike St. Stephen's Day, Boxing Day is a secular holiday and is not always on 26 December: the public holiday is generally moved to the following Monday if 26 December is a Saturday. If 25 December is a Sunday then both the Monday and Tuesday may be public holidays. However the date of observance of Boxing Day varies between countries.

"In Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and some states of Australia, Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday. It is a time where shops have sales, often with dramatic price decreases. For many merchants, Boxing Day has become the day of the year with the greatest revenue."

Happy Boxing Day! Photo:

Post of the Day

Posted by Roco in Fan Fair Vol. 4


A Small Christmas Present

Posted by foreverinawe

The Four Fuckin' Forum Years! thread has me reminiscing, and one of my best memories is of this youtube video produced by jackfkintwist: Brokeback Mountain THE STORY CONTINUES

When I first saw it (three and a half years ago) I was so charmed by its simple and direct appeal to happier times and happier endings that I wrote to jackfkintwist, and he replied. We became dedicated epals.

His outpouring of BBM youtube videos was amazing, almost 100. But YouTube, in its mysterious wisdom, has over the years restricted many of them, so that there are currently only about 70 shown in the US. (FWIW, Canadians can see them all. Not fair!)

jft's craftsmanship is extraordinary, as this video attests. And he can write a story that will melt your heart. If you haven't seen it before, prepare for a ray of sunshine. If you have seen it before, see it again: it's still a joy.

Please consider this as a small Christmas present.

Forum Humor

Posted by doodler in Bring Your Humor Here

The Forum Image

Posted by conny in Life Through The Lens 4

"we got a bit more snow last night"

Quote of the Day

“Matt and I have set a date. Matt and I will tie the knot
New Years Day in the town of Swampscott, Massachusetts.
Reserve your hotel rooms now. I will be having a gay marriage.”

~ Ben Affleck ~

Photocaption of the Day

By Lyle (Mooska) in Photo Captioning Fun 5

Greetings from Brokeback Mountain

Hippie Holidays!

Contributors: Rosewood, Lyle (Mooska), Roco, foreverinawe, doodler, conny

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Today's edition by gnash

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Today’s edition formatted by gnash

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Re: The Daily Sheet December 16 - 31, 2009
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2009, 06:30:36 AM »

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Four F***ing Years!

Hard to believe, but there's plenty to share in this part of the Forum, devoted to retrospectives in honor of our community's fourth "birthday."

From Forum host Dave Cullen:

"I never expected it to last four fucking years, that's for sure.

"This time four years ago we were scrambling to get it up. Things are a little slower this year, finally. I think that's the first year I've been able to say that in awhile. I kept having book deadlines Jan 1, and kept missing them. Last year, it was in, but seemed like a million things to do before pub day.

"I'm tired now and the pace of the forum seems more tranquil to me. The first two years, it was frenetic and it was exciting, but honestly it was also tough. So many problems. I had no idea how many issues a web forum could raise. It's nice that we seemed to sort through them all, eventually. I am happy to say that the members have been exceptionally good to each other this year. That makes me happy.

"It's still amazing to me that the forum took on a life of its own."

Tigs shares some video "memories that will never fade", including the BBM BBQ in 2006.

On Brokeback Gatherings, you can view a visual mini-history of the Forum's many get-togethers.

September 16th, 2007 - Castro Viewing of Brokeback/ Rodeo Event

DontWantToSayGB, LoveEmBoys, Mr.LoveEmBoys, Bethie, Testadura, PlanetGal471, GailR2000, CityGirl,
SouthEndMD, Front_Ranger, OregonDoggie, DejaVu, Andy, Mario, LoneLeeB3, IngmarNiceBbMt, ShakesTheGround,
Rob In Puyallup, SfEricSf, Teresa, MichaelFlanaganSF, IfYouCantFixIt, Ptannen, Peanut, Dank, Lynne, Xqsmwa, Melisande,
Jim.Grr, Trinket, TellYouWhat, Still Learning, Gnash, KillersMom, OhioMyOwn, Audra, BayCityJohn, Jack, JStephens9,
HorseWrangler, Mary, Sid401k, TwistedDude, KirkMusic, EDelMar, Sheera, MissYouSoMuch, Sashca1007, Jer009, lil’ Darlin’.

And "The Cast" is a thread devoted to "the discussion of the principals who gave us Brokeback Mountain:  Heath, Jake, Anne, Michelle, Diana, Larry, Ang, Annie, Gustavo, and anyone associated with the short story or film."  Plenty of great photos and info.

Annie Proulx

Rodrigo Prieto

Michelle Williams

More "Bests" For Brokeback

In "Best.Gay.Decade.Ever", AfterElton editor Michael Jensen shared a bittersweet perspective on Brokeback:

"Will anyone ever get tired of this picture? No, seriously. Anyone?"
"THERE WAS BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN AND THEN EVERYTHING ELSE  Much like 2006 seemed it could be a pivotal moment in kicking down the celebrity closet, the release of Brokeback Mountain in 2005 also seemed like it might mark a turning point in how Hollywood approached gay material.

"After all, the movie was a critical success taking in $175 million around the world while becoming the most critically acclaimed movie of all time before somehow losing the Best Picture Oscar to Crash. Fortunately, our readers have twice named it the Greatest Gay Movie of All Time so not all is lost.

AfterElton also published two retrospective polls, with Brokeback featured in both.  "What was the best gay/bi pop culture story of the decade?" included "The success of Brokeback Mountain" along with "Dustin Lance Black's Oscar acceptance speech" and "George Takei and Brad Altman marry."  "Brokeback loses to Crash" was at the top of the "worst gay/bi pop culture story of the decade" poll, along with Heath Ledger's passing, "Snicker's Superbowl kissing ad" and "The Adam Lambert controversy."

"A Decade Filled With Dark and Light"

From Flagstaff Live:

Editor’s note: Each month, Seth Muller is the one who chooses the book selection for Book Beacon in Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine. Usually, it’s a local or regional favorite. But, Muller is a book weenie in general, having served on the Northern Arizona Book Festival and having written a book or two himself. So, to help fill out yet another one of those end-of-the- decade deals, we asked him to name his top favorite reads from the 2000s, both fiction and nonfiction. Here’s what he came up with.

Annie Proulx's Close Range: Wyoming Stories was listed as #6:

"What E. Annie Proulx did to capture the cadence, nature and humanity of Newfoundland in “The Shipping News” she matches in her collection of stories about Wyoming. Every title in this book shines, but “The Half-Skinned Steer,” “The Mud Below,” and, of course, “Brokeback Mountain” are powerhouse yarns worthy of many re-reads. The latter about two secretly gay ranch hands was adapted as one of the more intriguing films of the decade, with a breakout role for Heath Ledger. Proulx marks another literary master who came to Flagstaff, as she participated in the 2005 Northern Arizona Book Festival. This book helped secure Proulx’s place as one of the great living female authors."

BBM Discussion in Paris

Brokies in Paris might want to drop in on the American Library In Paris for a discussion of Brokeback, specifically about adapting the short story to a film medium: 

"How does story telling in words differ creatively from story telling in films? A Night at the Movies will compare excerpts from books and plays with scenes from the film versions of the literary works. Once a month scenes from a different and popular book/play and its film version will be featured and each selection will exemplify a different aspect of filmic story telling. Discover why films require their own creative conventions and how filmmakers employ visual and aural techniques to enhance and deepen the tale with as few words as possible. And to add to the enjoyment get the scoop on some of the behind-the-scenes history of the evening's film. This series will meet once a month, continuing through June 2010. No RSVP required, just drop on in and join us for a Night at the Movies."

On Tuesday, February 16th, the discussion will be "Brokeback Mountain: The process of lengthening and enhancing a short story to fill ninety minutes of screen time. "

Other films discussed this winter will be The Color Purple and Breakfast at Tiffany's. The American Library in Paris "has more than 2,000 members from over 90 countries. We have more than 500 periodicals available and offer over 200 youth-oriented programs every year."

"Two Spirit People"

michaelflanagansf has posted a brief history of Native American "two spirited people" in Gay History.  He explains:

"The program that Gregory Hinton put on at the Autry got me looking (and thinking that I should post) at material in the traditional 'old west.'  The reason I included both the Boise material and Sioux City (as well as the material from the sodomy law website) is to note that even without famous or legendary people and without the native material there is a history that we can rely on from legal sources.  There probably is more from Spanish speaking sources that we don't know about as well."

This is the place to learn about modern two-spirit gatherings, the history of berdaches and the sacred role they played and a brief review of a film, Two Spirits: Sexuality, Gender and the Murder of Fred Martinez, which premiered Nov. 21 at the Starz Film Festival in Denver.

Fun Question of the Week

This week’s Questions: How many actors have officially played James Bond? Which was the best? Concerning James Bond's code number 007, what does the "double-0" prefix indicate?

Let us know your answer in the response thread.

Last week's question and answer: What Christmas food is made from marsh-whorts?

Huntinbuddy - right you are! As he explains, "Marsh-whorts are another name for Cranberries. Hence, the Christmas food made from them would be cranberry sauce."

The Forum Image

Since the 'sun is setting' on 2009, this photo from conny was especially appropriate:       

"a beautiful ending of the day"

And CellarDweller115 sends fellow Forum members a  Brokie "Happy Holidays" wish.   

Quote of the Day

“To follow by faith alone is to follow blindly."

~ Benjamin Franklin ~

Photo Caption of the Day

from Lyle (Mooska) in Photo Captioning Fun 5, a Brokie holiday/New Years greeting:

thinkin' 'bout Christmas, Kwaanza, New Year's Eve,
Boxing Day and Epiphany,
Ennis decides to start his own festivities...

("Brought to you by the Department of Water and Power!")

Contributors: Dave Cullen, Tigs, Lyle (Mooska), CellarDweller115, conny, michaelflanagansf

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A Night At the Movies
Paris - February 16

Let us know of any events you’d like listed here.

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Today’s edition formatted by denim girl

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