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The Daily Sheet November-December 2011
« on: November 08, 2011, 08:42:17 PM »

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Harper's Magazine Names Larry McMurtry as "New Books" Columnist

Harper's Magazine has announced that Larry McMurtry will join the magazine as its New Books columnist beginning with the November issue, on newsstands this week. McMurtry will fill in for Zadie Smith, who has served as the New Books columnist since March 2011, while she is on leave for the fall. ...

"Larry McMurtry is a major contributor to the world of American letters," said Ellen Rosenbush, editor of Harper's. "We are privileged to include his voice in our pages each month." In further comments, Gemma Sieff, editor of the Reviews section, said: "I've long admired Larry McMurtry's powerful fiction and wide-ranging criticism."

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Mormon bishop says church responsible for gays’ emotional wounds

The way gays are treated and perceived by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an “atrocity,” an LDS bishop from Illinois told a group of gay Mormons Sunday.

“If you leave here not remembering what I have to say, remember this: I’m sorry,” Bishop Kevin Kloosterman said at an interfaith service held at the First Baptist Church of Salt Lake City.

Kloosterman spoke at the final event of a weekend-long seminar dedicated to exploring gay Mormon issues, titled Circling the Wagons. He said he recently became aware of LGBT issues and his views changed from that of the church — that acting on gay urges violates its moral code — and had a “mighty change of heart.”

“If you leave here not remembering what I have to say, remember this: I’m sorry.”

“I began to see the emotional wounds and scars that many of you have today,” Kloosterman said, “and I began to ask, ‘Where did you get these wounds?’ And the answer, unfortunately, was in the house of my friends.

“The straight members of the church have a lot of repenting to do,” he said.

He clarified that he was speaking only on his own behalf and did not intend to represent the views of the church.

The conference drew about 300 people from across the country, said John Dehlin, a researcher and founder of Mormon Stories and the Open Stories Foundation, the organizations that hosted the event.

“I thought it was highly significant just to have a sitting bishop who cares so much for these issues that he’s willing to fly himself out here and speak publicly.”

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Michelle Williams keeps hair short 'in memorial of somebody who really loved it'

Michelle Williams told Elle U.K. that she keeps her hair short "in memorial of somebody who really loved it," possibly referring to her former partner, Heath Ledger.

"What Matilda would love is for her mom to grow out the cropped hair," the actress told Elle U.K. for their December issue. "Though that's unlikely to happen any time soon."

"I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair," she continued, "and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it."

Even though Matilda isn't a fan, Williams said that that she felt like she'd "grown into" the hairstyle.

"I feel like myself with short hair... And it's been a really long time since I had long hair, five years," Williams continued, before admitting, "The only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends. Straight men across the board are not into this hair!"

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Catholic columnist resigns over “devil-makes people-gay” commentary

The author of a column in the official publication of the Boston archdiocese, who also served as an advisor to the U. S. Catholic bishops, resigned on Friday.

Daniel Avila wrote an opinion piece published in The Pilot, a weekly newspaper. Published on Oct. 28, just in time for Halloween, the article suggested that homosexuality is the work of the devil.

Gay rights groups and many among the Catholic laity were upset by the author’s views, which they considered to be bad science, theology, and spirituality. ...

Reactions of gratitude and relief were swift from advocacy organizations.

"Mr. Avila’s dangerous view that Satan causes people to become gay has no place in any credible news publication, whether it be mainstream or religious press,” said Sharon Groves, director of The Human Rights Campaign’s Religion and Faith Program.

“He ignored not only the widely accepted science that [homosexuality] is normal, but also the modern thinking of many religions. I am pleased the Conference of Catholic Bishops accepted his resignation and I ask them to speak up and denounce his dangerous rhetoric.”

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Leonardo DiCaprio (Sorta) Plays Gay in J. Edgar

By now, you've probably heard that Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer share a kiss in J. Edgar.

DiCaprio stars in the Oscar buzzy flick as the late FBI boss man J. Edgar Hoover with Hammer taking on the role of Clyde Tolson, Hoover's right-hand man, who many believe was also his lover.

There is no concrete evidence proving or disproving that Hoover was gay, so...

It's up to moviegoers to make up their own minds—if they can.

"To tell you the truth, I don't have the answer to that question and I don't think there's anyone still alive who really does," DiCaprio told me last night at the premiere of the movie, which also served as opening night of the AFI Film Festival presented by Audi, when I asked if he thinks Hoover was gay.

"If you talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are staunch believers that these two men carried out a very professional relationship and they were sort of inseparable pals."

Inseparable is an understatement.

"These two men went on every vacation together," DiCaprio said. "They ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together. They went to work together. They were together for 50 years. They lived together. They were buried together. They never had a family. They never had a girlfriend. You know, put it together in your mind and..."

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Anne Hathaway Joins Monaco Royalty At Princess Grace Awards

The princess motif was everywhere you turned last night as Monaco’s royal couple made their U.S. debut for the Princess Grace Awards Gala in New York City. Red carpets and tiaras dazzled left and right. National anthems played. As for a princess in the flesh—I counted four:

Arriving first was Dame Julie Andrews (she played Guinevere in Camelot and Queen Clarisse Renaldi in The Princess Diaries so it counts), who was honored with the Prince Rainier III Award for her contributions to cinema and the arts. Presenting the award was Anne Hathaway, whose role opposite Andrews in The Princess Diaries, also makes her a member of the fictional princess club. Then there was real-life sovereign, newlywed Princess Charlene of Monaco who made a grand, spotlighted entrance alongside husband Prince Albert II. Gazing out above it all was a monumental glamour shot of the American princess, Grace Kelly.

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Buddy and Pedro, the penguins who may be gay

Zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo, believe that two African penguins, Buddy and Pedro, are in love as they exhibit habits common to penguins ready to mate, according to a story in The Star.

Buddy, 20, and Pedro, 10, who are in Toronto as part of the popular African penguin exhibit that opened at the zoo in May, are said to be “inseparable.”

“They do courtship and mating behaviors that females and males would do,’’ one keeper told the Canada-based daily, The Star. ...

“It’s a complicated issue, but they seem to be in a loving relationship of some sort,’’ says Joe Torzsok, chair of the Toronto Zoo board.

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Mary McBride: Rock star reminds the need of ‘Harmony for Humanity’

ISLAMABAD - On a rainy Saturday night, when a tall brunette Mary McBride started singing ‘One more time’, the packed house straight away looked at the erected photograph of slain journalist Daniel Pearl and it seemed that everyone was in search of the noble soul that was lost in 2002. It was clear that the lyrics “Can’t blame you at all / Running here and running there / Crossing border towns / Stop at every last state fair/ I didn’t mean to pull you under /I didn’t mean to take you for a spin / Just one more try / Just one more time / I’ll let you win” had a mesmerising effect at the audience. The rock star with her four-member contingent brought the country music live to the federal capital to mark Daniel Pearl World Music Day.

The event ‘A Tribute to Daniel Pearl: A celebration of Life and Music’ was arranged by the Embassy of the United Sates of America in partnership with Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA). US ambassador in Pakistan Cameron Munter and his wife Dr Marilyn Wyatt graced the occasion that was also attended by other embassy officials, diplomats, music lovers and last but not least Daniel Pearl’s hundreds of fans. The world has come to know Daniel Pearl (1963-2002) as a Wall Street Journal reporter, who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Karachi in early 2002, just four months after 9/11. Since then, people around the world remembered the US journalist as a symbol of hope- who built bridges between diverse cultures, as a prolific writer and a gifted musician.

The basic idea behind the day is to response to the assassination through music concerts around the globe, as musicians commemorate Pearl’s life through the universal language of music to spread the message of hope and bring the people together in a united stand for peace.

Clad in all black denim trousers, and black cardoi upper, with long dangling silver chain in neck, Mary truly spellbound the audience in a non-stop performance that lasted over two hours.

Read more:

Watch a brief video of Mary McBride performing "No One's Gonna Love You Like Me" for Access Students in Islamabad, Pakistan on

Legal drug addicts? Deaths from painkillers overdose has tripled

Drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin and methadone led to the deaths of almost 15,000 people in 2008. One of the more high-profile cases was the accidental death of 28-year-old Heath Ledger of "Brokeback Mountain: and "The Dark Knight" fame. That's more than three times the 4,000 deaths from narcotics in 1999.

Ledger died from an accidental overdose of painkillers and sedatives in 2008. A few months later, a 12-year-old girl from suburban New York overdosed on methadone she bought from a 15-year-old boy.

Painkillers "are meant to help people who have severe pain," Frieden says. "They are, however, highly addictive."

A new report has found that nearly five percent of Americans ages 12 and older say they've abused painkillers in the past year, such as using them without a prescription or "just for the high."

Overdose deaths reflect the spike in the number of narcotic painkillers prescribed every year, which is enough to give every American a one-month supply, Frieden said. It must be noted, however, that the majority of addicts get painkillers from friends and family, and not doctors.

Read more:


Gay high school student suspended for wearing make-up

An openly gay 16-year-old high school student was given a three-day suspension for wearing make-up in class.

Kasey Landrum was censured by the principal at Lexington High School in Tennessee after being told he had violated the school's dress code.

'The principal walked into the school and immediately started yelling at me for it, and told me to get outside,' Kasey told WBBJ-TV. ...

However Kasey said he had gone to school with three different colours in his hair before and teachers did not deem that a disruption.

The 11th grader also said that another 'punk-rock' student who had been wearing make-up that same day was not reprimanded. 'He had it on all day, and I was like, "If he can wear make-up, so can I,"' Kasey told WBBJ-TV.

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Kim Kardashian, this really takes the cake

Firstly, it is a slap in the face to the 434 gays that pick your clothes, paint your nails, match your handbag, road test your shoes and do your long hair, take that long hair and suture it to your scalp hair for you to use marriage as a cheap way to get attention, money, attention and money.

This is because those 430 gays and their gay brothers and sisters are right now doing their utmost to prove to the straight world that they should be allowed to marry. That they won't cheapen or defile the institution. How dare you piss on this thing for a quid and a laugh, when there are those out there fighting earnestly for it? Those, incidently, that are probably two-feet away from you right now wiping spray tan off your elbows.

And what the hell kind of society do we have that allows scum like this to get married, but not champions like me and my gay mates?

Though maybe we should thank Kim Kardashian for bringing to light what's really going on in the marriage debate. The wedding of Kim Kardashian and The Groom makes abundantly clear that it is perfectly OK for straights to cheapen and defile the institution. No laws are being bandied about to stop her or any or all other straights from wrecking the institution from the inside out. As John Waters says, if you really want to protect heterosexual marriage, outlaw heterosexual divorce. It seems the problem isn't about people not taking marriage seriously, it is simply about keeping gays out.

Read more:

Stuart Walker death: Ryan Esquierdo charged

A TEENAGER was ... charged in connection with the brutal murder of barman Stuart Walker.

Detectives arrested Ryan Esquierdo, 18, days after they questioned him about the killing.

They had taken DNA swabs from Ryan and brother Robert as part of their probe into the death at the weekend in Cumnock, Ayrshire.

A report will now be sent to the procurator fiscal and Esquierdo is expected to appear at Ayr Sheriff Court on Monday.

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The Brokeback Mountain war    ::)

A few things have happened since we last met here. For instance...let's see...oh yeah, I almost forgot: the war in Iraq ended!

There won't be any famous pix of sailors kissing nurses in a celebratory Times Square, but, nevertheless, President Obama's Friday announcement, heralding the imminent withdrawal of all remaining troops by year's end, will bring overdue closure to one of the most disgraceful foreign policy follies in U.S. history.

And how do the Republicans celebrate the moment? By assailing Obama, because they deem it important to denounce or minimize every Obama foreign policy achievement. And, more importantly, by drawing inspiration from Brokeback Mountain and demonstrating that their star-crossed allegience to the war is still too tempting to resist. They just cain't quit it.

Read more:

Ditch: Two sailors, stranded in the ice and a harsh society

The grisly fate of the men in the lost Franklin expedition is usually the stuff of horror stories, not love stories. But Geoff Kavanagh’s Ditch takes the raw facts of that doomed 19th-century quest for the Northwest Passage and weaves a pathetic, tender tale of two British sailors sharing a forbidden love. You’d be tempted to call it an Arctic Brokeback Mountain, if the play didn’t predate that film by a decade.

Kavanagh’s 1995 Chalmers Award-winning drama – receiving its first Toronto revival by Sometimes Y Theatre – speculates on one of the grim discoveries made in the years after Sir John Franklin and his crew went missing: a lifeboat in a ditch on King William Island, containing two skeletons. In Kavanagh’s imagining, they belonged to a pair of not-so-able-bodied seamen rather amusingly named Whitbread and Hennesey (Kavanagh must have written his play in a pub).

When we meet them, a sick Whitbread (Clinton Walker) is on the verge of death, while Hennesey (Robert Tsonos) has had his foot crushed. They’ve been abandoned by their starving shipmates, who’ve curtailed a desperate trek across the tundra and gone back to the ice-bound ship in search of food. As Hennesey hobbles about, cursing his fate and making futile attempts to haul the lifeboat out of the ditch, Whitbread is already imagining what a future search party will think when they discover their bodies.

Read more:

Hollywood Screen Kisses

Watch Peter Sarsgaard (Jake's brother-in-law) kissing (among other things) Jon Foster in "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

Beyond Brokeback - Roosevelt University, Chicago - November 13, 2011

Dear Friends of Beyond Brokeback:

I am so looking forward to meeting everyone this coming weekend in Chicago for the debut of Beyond Brokeback and also for all of you to meet each other. A year ago at this time, we were rehearsing for our first performance at the Autry National Center Romance Gallery in Los Angeles. I never dreamed that a year later Beyond Brokeback would make it to Chicago at a venue as spectacular as the Auditorium Theater.

At the Autry there is a beautiful painting by Thomas Moran called "Mountain of the Holy Cross," 1875, intended to inspire migration to the far reaches of the American West. 

When I first saw images of the vast and beautiful Auditorium Theater, I was reminded of this painting, and others like it. As we perform Beyond Brokeback and look out from the stage and up to " The Gods," a theater term for the highest, least expensive seats in a theater, as humbling as this may feel, remember that the West belongs to everyone and there's a place for everyone on the West!

I am so grateful to all of you for lending your time and talent to Beyond Brokeback in Chicago, to the Members of the Ultimate Brokeback Forum, some who will be traveling as far as Sweden and France for our performance, and to Brett Batterson and David Zak for producing and directing Beyond Brokeback, to Shawn Kirchner and his beautiful music, and the staff of the Roosevelt University and the Auditorium Theater for the all hard work they have done in making this production a reality.

I will attend each rehearsal and look forward to saying hello. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Gregory Hinton

Fun Question of the Week

This week's question: What arboreal animal cannot walk or hop, though their feet can be used to scoot sideways?

Let us know your answer in the Response Thread.

Last week's question and answer: The two highest rated episodes of the "Batman" TV series (starring Adam West and Burt Ward) featured what villain, played by whom?

The answer is the villain, "Chandell", played by by the famous American pianist, Liberace. From "Chandell turned to a life of crime after being blackmailed by his evil brother Harry (also played by Liberace). Chandell's plot was to murder both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson then to marry Aunt Harriet so he can get his hands on the Wayne's Foundations funds. He would then use the money to pay off his brother Harry."

Liberace: "Like some of the children, I loved the villains because they were sort of the anti-he-roes and you always wanted to see what they could do to put Batman and Robin in a predicament and then, of course, it was fun to see how they got out of it."


Posted by Donna in Slash Discussion and Recommendations, Part 14

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And post! Your text should appear in the color you chose.

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*my thanks go to BayCityJohn and Cally for their help with this week’s tip!

The Forum Image

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Sailboats in the San Francisco Bay

Keepin' It Cowboy

Posted by huntinbuddy in Go West! The Official "Western Images" thread!

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Re: The Daily Sheet November-December 2011
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sailor's gay kiss is a milepost on a long road of change

Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta's homecoming kiss to her girlfriend shows progress in the military. But more is needed.

When the USS Oak Hill pulled into its Virginia port this week after a three-month deployment, the sailor who stepped off and bestowed the customary first homecoming kiss on a waiting loved one made history. Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta greeted her girlfriend, Citlalic Snell, on the pier with a kiss and embrace, making them the first same-sex couple to be chosen by the Navy for this very public moment. The crowd cheered. It was a small but significant sign of progress in the U.S. military.

Yet, on the same day, military officials announced that the Army had charged eight soldiers in connection with the death of a young Chinese-American private who was allegedly taunted with ethnic slurs and so brutally hazed by men in his unit in Afghanistan that he shot himself in October. According to his family, Danny Chen, who was 19, wrote in letters that he was teased for being Asian and subjected to frequent jokes about Chinese people. Asian-American advocacy groups have demanded that the military work to improve the treatment of Asians in the armed forces.

Read more:

Jake Gyllenhaal has birthday workout

Jake Gyllenhaal celebrated his birthday by building up a sweat in the gym this week.

The actor turned 31 on Monday but opted to have a low-key day.

He spent the special occasion working on his trim physique by attending the SoulCycle spinning class in New York City’s Union Square.

Later on he went out to dinner at Peter Luger in Brooklyn with a small group of friends, according to New York Post.

Read more:

Jake Gyllenhaal, Charlotte Gainsbourg join Berlin Film Festival jury

Jake Gyllenhaal and Charlotte Gainsbourg have been selected as part of the jury for the forthcoming 62nd Berlin Film Festival.

Both actors will join president Mike Leigh in the panel along with The American director Anton Corbijn, Iranian writer and director Asghar Farhadi, French director François Ozon, Algerian writer Boualem Sansal and German actress Barbara Sukowa, reports Deadline.

Read more:


The most important awards at the Berlinale are the Golden Bear and the Silver Bears. They are presented by the International Jury to films in the Competition and belong to the most renowned awards in the international film industry.

British film director Mike Leigh will be the Jury President of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.

The other members of the International Jury will be Anton Corbijn, Asghar Farhadi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jake Gyllenhaal, François Ozon, Boualem Sansal and Barbara Sukowa.

Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal won BAFTA and National Board of Review awards for his poignant performance as Jack Twist in Ang Lee's timeless classic Brokeback Mountain (2005, Golden Lion in Venice).

He was last seen starring in Duncan Jones' critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller Source Code (2011, R: Duncan Jones) and Ed Zwick’s Love And Other Drugs (2010), for which he received a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical.” Gyllenhaal recently wrapped production on David Ayer’s End of Watch, a gritty drama shot on the streets of South Central Los Angeles. The film is expected for release in 2012. Working with some of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers, Gyllenhaal has also starred in Richard Kelly's cult hit Donnie Darko (2001), Jim Sheridan's Brothers (2009), David Fincher's Zodiac (2007), Sam Mendes' Jarhead (2005), John Madden's Proof (2005), Miguel Arteta's The Good Girl (2002), Brad Silberling's Moonlight Mile (2002), Nicole Holofcener's Lovely And Amazing (2001), and Joe Johnston's October Sky (1999). Gyllenhaal made his stage debut starring in Kenneth Lonergan’s revival of “This is Our Youth” on London's West End. For his performance he won an Evening Standard Theatre Award for “Outstanding Newcomer”.

Read more:

'Zoo' surprises with its subtlety

Sometimes, reacting to a movie is all about expectations. "We Bought a Zoo" is about a family that buys a zoo. It's as high-concept as you can get, and it wears its heart on its sleeve. ...

"We Bought a Zoo" is sentimental and overlong, but everyone is so good that it's hard not to be won over. Johansson has a no-nonsense likability about her performance, and the suggested romance between her character and Damon's, while easy to predict, isn't milked for easy heart-tugging.

It's a beautiful film, too: Everything is bathed in this sort of magical sunlight, the work of
cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto ... which enhances the sensation that anything is possible.

The movie could have been mawkish and/or filled with cheap animal-poop jokes. It's not. It's charming and more emotionally understated than the material would suggest, and a lot of that has to do with Matt Damon. He is incapable of faking it, and so he brings great authenticity and gravitas to the role of Benjamin Mee, a widower and father of two. (Crowe cowrote the film with Aline Brosh McKenna, and it's based on a true story with some tweaks.)

Read more:


Movie moguls consider 'Last days of Heath Ledger' movie

In a move that surely borders on the crassest of tastelessness, movie moguls are already considering a film about the final days of Heath Ledger.

Ledger died from an accidental drug overdose in 2008, before the release of The Dark Knight and halfway through the filming of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

And now, less than four years on, there is already a suggestion that his final days could form the subject of a major feature film – something that hasn’t exactly found favour with Ledger’s former partner and Brokeback Mountain co-star Michelle Williams, with whom she has a six-year-old daughter.

Read more:

Anne Hathaway not in Catwoman suit for new 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer

In the new trailer for the "Dark Knight Rises," released Monday on iTunes, New Jersey native Anne Hathaway gives Bruce Wayne advice that could have come from an “Occupy Gotham City” speech.

In this latest trailer, Hathaway, playing Catwoman Selina Kyle, tells Wayne at a masquerade ball, according to, "You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits you're all gonna wonder how you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us."

Read more:

Gustavo Santaolalla to Score The Last of Us video game

We already knew that The Last of Us had an amazing studio developing the game, but now it has been revealed that multi-award winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla will also be working on the post-apocalyptic title.

Santaolalla won back-to-back Academy Awards for Best Score for Brokeback Mountain (2005) and Babel (2006), as well as BAFTA Awards, a BMI Icon Award, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 2 Grammy Awards and 12 Latin Grammy Awards.

The main theme will be acoustic guitar-led, like much of Santaolalla’s work.

Read more:

Lesbian/Gay Chorus Broke Us Up with BrokeBACH Mountain

The Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco presented BrokeBACH Mountain at the Mission Cultural Center under the baton of Artistic Director William Sauerland. This delightful concert featured an eclectic mix of hit music from classical composers Bach, Offenbach, and P.D.Q. Bach - and country – with an emphasis on the music from the Brokeback Mountain movie. Sister Dana dressed the part in a way trés gay pink, sequined, rainbow tiar’d ten gallon cowboy hat. The show began with the Chorus all in black doing “Chorale 151” by J.S. Bach, sung by Jim Oerther, as a classical music warning to shut off cell phones, followed by Bach’s “Bourree” and Offenbach’s “Can-Can” – both sung as la-la doo-doo wah gibberish. Paul G. McCurdy, assistant music director, soloed on piano with a lovely “Barcarolle” by J. Offenbach.

Joan Goldman lent a solemn alto to the heartbreaking “A Love That Will Never Grow Old” from Brokeback Mountain “in a world that may say that we’re wrong.” Changing the mood radically, Ellen Miller and Lisa Vogt soloed with the Chorus cowgirls backing them in the rousing “These Boots Were Made for Walkin” with appropriate boot stompin’; followed by the whole Chorus doing a line dance to Brokeback’s “I Will Never Let You Go;” and then inviting brave audience members to join them onstage to get a quick dance lesson. Very few “suckers” took them up on their offer, except Sister Dana gave it his best try at line dancing. Not pretty.

Read more:

Celebrating Six Years!

Well, one more wonderful year has passed!

Join us in celebrating the 6th Anniversary of the release of the film that changed our lives, Brokeback Mountain.

It was commemorated by the Autry Museum, with an appearance by Diana Ossana, and the attendance of the Gay Rodeo Association and numerous Brokies. Since this time last year, "Beyond Brokeback, The Impact of a Film" has been presented four more times in 2011, and we anticipate two more presentations in 2012. Hopefully, there are more to come.

And now, we are coming up on the 6th Anniversary (12/24) of the Ultimate Brokeback Forum!

Leave your thoughts here: 6th Anniversary of Brokeback Mountain, and the Ultimate Brokeback Forum!


Forum member HR has passed away, and will be sorely missed by those that knew him. As a veteran of the Photocap threads, he crafted many poignant vignettes of life with Jack and Ennis, as well as drolly comedic examples, for our enjoyment. His partner, Mark, has suggested a donation to the Human Rights Campaign if you wish to honor HR's memory. Below is a photo caption HR posted in Photo Captioning Fun 3 back in 2008.

    Cowboys 'r like that, y'know...

They leave without sayin' goodbye.

Fun Question of the Week

This week's question: A Christmas episode was the very FIRST episode (the pilot) for what long running popular television series?

Let us know your answer in the Response Thread.

Last week's question and answer: What arboreal animal cannot walk or hop, though their feet can be used to scoot sideways?

The answer is the hummingbird, and FIXorSTAND was the first to answer correctly. Here is rare video of a hummingbird scooting sideways!

flickr photo by nicnac1000

Happy Holidays from the Fan Fair thread!

Posted by Lyle (Mooska) in Fan Fair Volume 4

Didn't know if I should post here, or in movies, or in the Christmas thread...

The Hollywood Stars of old all had their 8x10 glossies that they sent out to
fans and once in awhile the studio would have them do a Christmas themed 8x10
for magazines or fans. (Sometimes it might be because they were doing a holiday film,
but I'm specifically talking about ones used for fans and magazines at the holiday season.

I love those shots, like this one:

Holiday Affair

Visit Fan Fair Volume 4 for more vintage shots of movie stars!

Stars on display in the Happy Holidays thread!

Posted by Killersmom in Happy Holidays 2011

"I took a few pictures of the Christmas lights from around the neighborhood."

"Brisbane [California] is known as the City of Stars.
This is a shot of the hills behind the house."

Keepin' It Cowboy

Posted by huntinbuddy in Go West! The Official "Western Images" thread!

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Posted by Cally in Life Through The Lens 6

"A couple of pics from the bedroom window yesterday..."

Quote of the Day

“Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.”

~ Victor Borge ~

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Posted by morrobay in Pets and Other Animal Friends

"Greendale, Wis. – In a reversal of fortunes, a once-unwanted cat has come to the rescue of an animal shelter in need of a new home.

"However, this orange-and-white tabby named Daniel is no typical cat. He has a near-record 26 toes, a phenomenon that is helping the nonprofit Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center raise money to relocate to a new building.

"Normal cats have 18 toes, but Daniel has two extra on each foot due to a genetic mutation called polydactylism."

See more of Daniel 26 Toes on the thread!

Photo Caption of the Day

Posted by royandronnie in Photo Captioning Fun 6

"Jack? Somethin you want a tell me about that party you went to about, oh, nine months ago?"

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