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The Daily Sheet January - April 2012
« on: January 19, 2012, 07:09:43 PM »

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Message from Gregory Hinton

Dear Friends:
I have been selected to produce and direct Dustin Lance Black's marriage equality play "8" in Colorado and Montana.
Out West is a partner in the national release of "8" to seventeen communities and counting all over the United States.
Out West is partnering with the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Ft. Collins to present "8" on Feb 17th and the Bozeman Library Foundation in Bozeman on September 29th. I am co-directing with Leigh Selting, Director of the Festival and Executive Director of the University of Wyoming Theatre & Dance Dept..
I will also be presenting a workshop at the festival based on my Windy City Times article Staging Oral LGBT History: Laramie, Beyond Brokeback & "8 with an impromptu reading of Beyond Brokeback.  
Beyond Brokeback deserves to be elevated to the status of Laramie and "8" and the workshop will hopefully propel that fact.

We have a very talented young director, Todd Espeland, pulling Beyond Brokeback together for Las Vegas on February 11th.

On February 27th, for our first event at the Autry we are presenting Out West with Al Simpson.

Gonna be a busy month!


Gay marriage play '8' goes national during 2012

NEW YORK—For anyone who missed the star-studded, one-night-only Broadway debut of the gay marriage play "8" or can't get to Los Angeles this spring to see George Clooney lead a West Coast version, there's hope: The play is coming to a theater near you.

The only bad news—no Clooney.

The pro-gay marriage American Foundation for Equal Rights and partner Broadway Impact are sponsoring dozens of productions of Dustin Lance Black's play starring local actors across the country this election year. It'll be shown in states where marriage battles loom, including Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Adam Umhoefer, the foundation's project director, said the glitzy Broadway show and upcoming California counterpart help fund getting the play mounted elsewhere. "Those big tent-pole shows bring attention to the play so that all these other groups across the country can work on their productions," he said.

The play is mostly culled from the transcripts of the 2010 federal court battle that dealt with the legality of Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage in California.

Black's play was first performed on Broadway as a one-time benefit reading in September starring Morgan Freeman, Ellen Barkin, Anthony Edwards, Bradley Whitford, John Lithgow, Cheyenne Jackson, Christine Lahti and Rob Reiner, who is developing a film based on the trial. The Broadway event raised more than $1 million and Clooney will lead his own starry version in Los Angeles on March 3.

Read more:

Las Vegas Bound: Beyond Brokeback: A Staged Reading with Music
Las Vegas – Clark County Library District, Out West 2012, and the Nevada Conservatory Theatre of UNLV (NCT) are pleased to be the first in Nevada to host the acclaimed Beyond Brokeback: A Staged Reading with Music. Inspired by the landmark film Brokeback Mountain, the program consists of staged reading of messages, essays, poetry, and music.

The event is free and open to the public, to be held in the Main Theatre at the Clark County Library, 1401 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119 on Saturday, February 11, 2:00 P.M.
“Rarely has a film impacted so many from such varied walks-of- life,” said Brackley Frayer, Executive Director of NCT. “The Nevada Conservatory Theatre is proud to partner with Clark County Library in presenting such a remarkably moving homage to Brokeback Mountain from its devoted fans.”  NCT MFA Director Todd Espeland will direct.
Beyond Brokeback: A Staged Reading with Music was conceived and adapted for the stage by Gregory Hinton from the 2007 book Beyond Brokeback: Impact of a Film written by Members of the Ultimate Brokeback Forum website, culled from over 500,000 posts. Excerpts of poignant and humorous messages, essays, and poetry— by writers young and old, male and female, gay and straight— will be interpreted by six reader/musicians.
"Nevada has a rich country-western gay & lesbian culture and Beyond Brokeback is a comprehensive oral history of the rural gay west," said playwright Gregory Hinton. "Beyond Brokeback leads us out of our isolation and into the open - to welcoming communities many crave and all deserve."

Read more:

Discuss the event in the Beyond Brokeback in Las Vegas thread.

Some Like Her Hot

It seemed crazy at first. Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe? Come on. We knew Williams could act—but could she make us drool? America, we have our answer. Meet the winner of GQ's (okay, yes, unofficial) award for best actress.

Chris Heath – Here is what happens in this article: I meet with Michelle Williams on three days in two different cities over a bit more than a week. Much does not go as either of us expects. On the first day, we mainly talk about her youth, and I make her cry. On the second, we mainly talk about her becoming Marilyn Monroe. This is the only dry-eyed meeting. (Unless—quite possible—I was too insensitive to notice.) On the third, we mainly talk about her life with, and without, Heath Ledger. At the end of the third day, we walk around a park in the dark. At the end of the second day, we tidy up the leftovers of her daughter's birthday cupcakes. At the end of the first day, she leaves in tears, her parting words: "That was really awful."

That's about all. There's also a moment at the very end of the article that could be taken as an atmospheric, ambivalent allegory about the chasing of dreams, but is probably just a brief account of a long hike. The rest is taken up with all that kind of stuff that people sometimes say when they're asked enough questions. If any of it breaks your heart, it was probably already a little broken to begin with.

Read more:

Anne Hathaway explains how Hedy Lamarr inspired her Catwoman

When moviegoers flock to see the ridiculously anticipated “Dark Knight Rises” next July, they might have a hard time understanding villain Bane (Tom Hardy) through his mask. But they should have no trouble hearing Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle in the final Christopher Nolan Batman film.

The actress told the Los Angeles Times she modeled her character’s speech after that of Hedy Lamarr, the screen legend and inventor who inspired Batman creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

“I know this sounds odd, but her breathing is extraordinary,” Hathaway told the L.A. Times. “She takes these long, deep, languid breaths and exhales slowly. There’s a shot of her in [the 1933 film] ‘Ecstasy’ exhaling a cigarette and I took probably five breaths during her one exhale. So I started working on my breathing a lot.”

Read more:

Why everyone hates Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

It seems that everyone likes to hate on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman ... but why?

Now I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t particularly care about the casting choice of Anne Hathaway in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie.”
Or maybe you’re thinking: “I don’t hate that Christopher Nolan picked Anne Hathaway to play Catwoman.”

That’s enough, stop lying to me! You sound like me a few weeks ago with all that pretending not to care. You care and you also hate the idea of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

Some people have been able to clearly explain why they don’t like the choice of Hathaway, and others are disappointed but can’t quite describe the reason. Among the verbal angry, are these reasons:

Read more:

‘Brokeback Mountain’ Has Nothing On James Franco

James Franco’s new film The Broken Tower; which he directed and stars in, is arguably the most homoerotic movie I have ever heard of (except for actual gay porn). Franco attempts to explore gay themes in a black-and-white biopic of poet Hart Crane.

Even before getting into the sex scenes that Vulture describes I have to take a moment to admire the title, The Broken Tower. First thought- it’s a movie about circumcision? I’m sorry I had to say it! That is just a ridiculous title and if it’s not about circumcision then it must be about the serious medical condition known as “broke dick.”

The trailer does not have any expressly gay images, but Vulture made sure to tell us about a few important scenes. “In the first fifteen minutes alone, Franco objectifies his shirtless brother Dave Franco and then, in the film's most notorious moment, fellates an erect, prosthetic penis.” I’d love to hear where he learned his technique but I doubt I could get that interview.

Read more:

NZ body calls for sheep shearing to join Olympic sports

The Federated Farmers of New Zealand are calling for sheep shearing to become an Olympic sport, pointing to the ''shear hard work'' required.

''I can testify to the physical effort shearing takes,'' said federation spokeswoman Jeanette Maxwell.

Shearing is recognised as a sport by the New Zealand funding body SPARC.

In 2008 Sports Shear Australia, which oversees competitions in the country, also mooted the idea for the Beijing Games.

"Surely, time has come to elevate shearing's sporting status to the ultimate world stage?" said Ms Maxwell, in a statement.

Read more:

Michelle Williams Manages to Shine

Michelle Williams is one of Hollywood's gems, in my opinion.

Every time I see her or hear her speak, I can't help but smile, as opposed to roll my eye and groan, which is what a lot of other actresses make me involuntarily do. She seems sweet, genuine, smart, and she's a great actress to boot. So, needless to say, I was thrilled when she took home the award at last night's Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Film Comedy or Musical for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.

But can we talk about her dress?

Read more:

Chinese entrepreneur strikes gold as locals go mad for sheep-powered taxi

A Chinese entrepreneur has put his own stamp on the traditional rickshaw and hired his strongest sheep to do his gruelling dirty work.

It may not be the quickest ride in town, but Wen Fey has impressed locals in Tianjin, northern China, with his novel sheep-powered trailer.

Farmer Wen gave Yangyang his first shot at stardom when he noticed how strong he was compared to the other rams in the herd.

'He is incredibly powerful and can pull more than his own weight with ease but I don't let him carry anyone too heavy,' said Wen.

But don't deceived by little Yangyang's pretty headgear - he is much feistier than he looks, says Wen.

'No-one would dare try to skip the fare,' he said.

'I'd just take his harness off and he'd butt them into the middle of next week.'

Read more:


Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by Beverly Hills Juice today and picked up four drinks and an organic smoothie to go. He ducked into the bar almost unnoticed, wearing a baseball hat and cargo pants. On Sunday, though, Jake was decked out in his award show finest for the Golden Globe Awards. Jake presented best film nominee My Week With Marilyn, which happens to feature his close friend and Brokeback Mountain costar Michelle Williams.

Read more:

You don't know sheep! (or do ewe?)

Take this fun, fifteen question SHEEP QUIZ to test your knowledge of sheep.

The quiz is available in flash or html format. It's pretty tough. The quiz, that is.

Feel free to discuss your sheep sense in the Response Thread.


Lets get this out of the way: I think Anna Faris is the funniest woman who doesn't have, but totally needs, her own TV show. Even the thinnest material is elevated by her performance -- which is always the result of excellent timing, a singular grasp on what tickles the funny-bone and her signature full-bodied commitment to a physicality that would scare weaker women. Or men.

Anna's latest movie, What's Your Number, features all of those things in spades while adding a bevy of beautiful men into the mix and restricting their wardrobe allowance for good measure. I caught up with the phenomenally funny lady to deduce what was the most intimidating part of making this movie, if she's going to strap on a Proton Pack and when she might actually come to television!

Read more:

Baa, baa, woof? Barking sheep thinks he’s a dog

A six-month-old sheep named Jack is becoming a bit of an online celebrity. Rescued by a farmer shortly after birth, he was raised alongside a springer spaniel.

Jack tries to herd other sheep. He barks. He fetches sticks. He jumps on his hind legs. He even dons a collar and lead when going for walks with his nine-year-old canine friend Jesse and their owner at Adderley Wharf Farm in Shopshire, England.

"He makes this strange half baa, half woof noise which everyone finds hilarious," said owner Alison Sinstadt.

"Jack doesn't even recognize sheep as his own kind as he tries to herd them up when he's in a field with them."

Read more and watch a video:

Fun Question of the Month

This month's question: Lambs often jump playfully with all four feet in the air at once. What is this called?

A. Prancing    B. Pronging     C. Sporking     D. Stotting     E. Jouncing     F. Boinging

Let us know your answer in the Response Thread.

Last month's question and answer: A Christmas episode was the very FIRST episode (the pilot) for what long running popular television series?

Trigger Hippie was correct: "The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"

Post of the Day

Posted by morrobay and fofol in Awards Aftermath – Part 2

morrobay said:

SFgate, second day on Oscar missteps:

Best Picture: What Should Have Won

"BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN: Six years later, the Academy's mistake more obvious than it even was at the time."

fofol added:

At the local Barnes & Noble there is an 'award winners' DVD section.  They started out with 6 each BBM and Crash - with one BBM left, all six Crashes are still available at $ hurry in now before they go to the $4.99 bin.

Keepin' It Cowboy

Posted by huntinbuddy in Go West! The Official "Western Images" thread! (with a related limerick by fritzkep)

There was a young man from Madras
Who had a magnificent ass
Not rounded and pink
As you probably think
But was gray, had long ears, and ate grass

The Forum Image

Posted by conny in Life Through The Lens 6

Quote of the Day

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep;
I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”

~ Alexander the Great ~

Not enough sheep for you to digest? Remember, every Monday is officially "sheep day" in Le Bar Slash!

Fun with Photo Captions

Posted by Lyle (Mooska) in Photo Captioning Fun 7

Marilyn                                                            Monroe

Contributors: morrobay, fofol, conny, Lyle (Mooska), fritzkep, huntinbuddy, killersmom, BayCityJohn

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and get the ball rolling to plan a get-together near you.

Beyond Brokeback in Las Vegas
February 11, 2012

Let us know of any events you’d like listed here.

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"Life can only be understood backwards. Unfortunately, it must be lived forward."
... Kierkegaard

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Re: The Daily Sheet January - April 2012
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2012, 01:20:20 PM »

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

IN MEMORIAM: Lydia Wells Sledge

On January 30, 2012, the DCF lost a very dear forum member: Kittyhawk. Our friend Lydia was active in a behind-the-scenes way and offered her help with various projects, most notably Beyond Brokeback: The Impact of a Film, our Book/DVD Library campaign, and The Daily Sheet. For more on our amazing friend, and to view photos and share in your experiences, please visit Lydia's special memorial thread.

BayCityJohn has kindly provided several posts to illustrate the good that Lydia brought to various communities, and below is a "bookshelf profile" she quietly submitted to TDS a while back, with instructions to save it for when we really needed it. I can't think of a better time than now.

We'll miss you, Lydia. Rest in peace.

  Bookshelf Profile: Kittyhawk

On my nightstand now:
Something for every mood:  The Color of Water by James McBride, The Maytrees by Annie Dillard, The Monsters of Templeton, Laura Groff, Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama.

Favorite book as a child:
My great aunt worked in a Detroit bookstore and had a talent for sending me a book that suited me perfectly each Christmas. I can remember reading and re-reading The Smuggler's Sloop by Robb White when I was 8 or 9 years old. In the part where the cousins came to visit the island, I would crack up every time, knowing they were almost going to drown. It was great!  

Reading I hid from my mother:  
When I had measles she told me not to read, that it would make me go blind. I hid a flashlight under the covers and read at every possible opportunity. Comic books, magazines, whatever I could sneak into my bed. It doesn't really make you go blind, does it?

My top five authors:
Impossible. My reading is all over the place. No particular pattern, genre, topic or authors.

A book I faked reading:
Anything by Jane Austen. I swear I've tried. I'd rather be water-boarded than have to read one.

Best book read in the last month:
Without a doubt it's Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote. We had the best discussion at our book club and ended up reading the poetic passages to each other out loud. He was 23 when he published this novel. Does anyone remember Capote's witty appearances on Johnny Carson? Do you know if any are on tape or DVD?

Books I am an evangelist for:
Columbine, of course. This book will endure, not because of the subject itself, but because of the skill with which the facts are woven into storytelling at it's best.  

Beyond Brokeback, because of all the wonderful volunteer work Forum members put into it.

Book I've bought for the cover:
First, A Garden by Jon Carloftis. Turns out the inside of his books is as good as the cover. The author is as handsome and charming as any of the gardens he designs. When he comes home to Kentucky he tells us funny stories about the hoity-toity New Yorkers he creates roof-top gardens for.

Book that made me cry:
Brokeback Mountain, of course. Anyone else find that as you get older, more things make you tearful? These days a dog food commercial can do it!

Book that made me laugh out loud:
O the Clear Moment by Ed McClanahan

Book that taught me something:
Frank Delaney's Ireland, Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea, and any book about other cultures, countries and times.

Books I hated:
The Dante Club - too gory, Dance of the Dissident Daughters - too stupid, and Julie and Julia - too whiney.

Favorite line from a book:
"Good night you princes of Maine, you kings of New England." said each night by Dr. Larch to the young orphans in John Irving's The Cider House Rules.

Future reading list:
The Healing of America by T.R. Reid, True Compass, Edward M. Kennedy, South of Broadway, Pat Conroy

Book I'd most want to read again for the first time:
John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany. Humor, poignancy, mystery, memorable characters—this book has it all.

BayCityJohn writes in Goodbye Lydia: Lydia posted a picture on Fb just a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't even had a chance to ask her about it.

It's a portrait of her from 1960. She would have been 16 here.

Lifetime Developing 'Columbine' Miniseries With 'Moneyball,' 'Mildred Pierce' Producers

"An American Crime" writer-director Tommy O'Haver would adapt the project that's based on the best-seller by Dave Cullen.

Lifetime is turning to the creative team behind Moneyball and Mildred Pierce for its next high-profile miniseries.

The female-skewing cable network is developing Columbine, a miniseries based on the tragic events surrounding the deadly 1999 school shootings as recounted in the 2009 book by Dave Cullen.

An American Crime writer-director Tommy O'Haver, who optioned the rights to the book, would write and direct the project. Michael DeLuca (Moneyball, The Social Network) is in discussions to produce alongside Christine Vachon and Pam Koffler (Mildred Pierce, Boys Don't Cry), with whom he worked on American Crime.

Read more:

Brokeback at the Drive-In

Not only can you see Ang Lee's groundbreaking film on the big screen for Valentine's Day, you can actually see it at an actual drive-in!

When: Sat. February 11th

Time: 7:30 PM (get there early)

Price: $10 advance, $12 at the gate

Venue: Angel City Drive-In, Los Angeles, CA

Source: More info:

Brokeback Pensacola

Brokeback Mountain is also playing later this month in Florida.

When: Friday, February 24 at 6:00pm

Where: OASIS CommUNITY Center, 317 N Spring St, Pensacola, FL

More info on

Check it out! Out West is now on Facebook

Welcome to the new Out West at the Autry Fan Page! We look forward to providing this forum for our Out West at the Autry supporters and keep you up-to-date on all of our year-round activities. Check out our next event featuring Senator Alan Simpson! Please invite your friends to "like" us as well. Thank you for your support!

A Workshop with Gregory Hinton

Region7 Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival


A Workshop with Gregory Hinton

When: Wed. Feb. 15th, 10-11am

More info:

The Hung and the Restless

The American penis once remained mostly hidden on-screen, even when female stars were totally naked. Now it’s everywhere—even starring in Shame—but this new boldness may be a flag of national surrender.

Despite Kevin Bacon’s flaunting-it shower exit in Wild Things, Harvey Keitel’s self-crucifying baring of body and soul in Bad Lieutenant (he would go full-frontal again in The Piano), and Bruce Willis’s erotic skinny-dip in the pool with Jane March in Color of Night, the American penis (long may it wag) has stayed a relative stranger on the movie screen. Note: We’re talking about the real, warm-blooded item, not some prosthetic impostor, such as Mark Wahlberg’s porn-stud stocking stuffer in Boogie Nights, or, allegedly, Vincent Gallo’s ram horn in The Brown Bunny, which he fanatically grips as if it might come unglued. Until recently the organic penis has led a shy, shadowy life on-screen, seldom brought out and formally introduced to the guests. Directors play peekaboo with it, dodging an R rating or worse by deploying a variety of cute fig leaves, such as a hurriedly grabbed teddy bear as an emergency groin protector. Steam discreetly clouds it in the gym shower and sauna. Bedsheets are draped with the care of Saks window displays to shelter the little fella from view even as the actress in the scene goes total nudie. That’s what makes Michael Fassbender so exceptional in Steve McQueen’s Shame, where he portrays an orgasm addict (to quote the title of a Buzzcocks song) whose libido drills like a woodpecker on a staccato rampage. Fassbender emerges from the film with his mystique intact, enhanced. It doesn’t hurt that he unambiguously possesses the power tool for the job. At the very outset of the film Fassbender is presented full-frontal, his penis passing us as he crosses from one room to another and back again as a plain, plump fact of life. As the movie proceeds, his prick seems to be in the driver’s seat; on the prowl, it’s imbued with agency, latent power, pathological drive. Although shot in New York, Shame has a British director, which may spell the difference. In American film, the penis, finally poking out from its pup tent, remains mostly a comic prop, the little brother that insists on tagging along.

Read more:

David Haworth (right) is confident Brokeback Mountain
is poised for a winning comeback in Wanganui today.

Anxious wait for Brokeback Mountain

Connections of Brokeback Mountain have an anxious wait today to see if the talented horse is over his breathing problems.

The Faltaat 5-year-old has not raced since October 2010, but has had a wind operation since and trialled well enough for trainers David Haworth and Matt Dixon to line him up in the G Bristol and Sons 1200 at Wanganui today.

In his only campaign, Brokeback Mountain was beaten by a nose on debut by the talented Jetset Lad, a horse that has gone on to achieve far better things.

Read more:

UPDATE: Brokeback Mountain lost to Gutsy Gus. Details here.

Five Great Movies: Best Picture Snubs

It seemed like it was neck-and-neck that year between Brokeback Mountain, Ang Lee’s quiet and thoughtful western romance, and Crash, Paul Haggis’s ensemble piece about the prevalence of contemporary racist stereotypes. And yet Brokeback Mountain probably never had a chance, because its two romantic leads were both dudes. The Academy, which did its small part in the war against inequality by honoring Hattie McDaniel for Best Supporting Actress in 1940, might not have been ready to jump on the modern Civil Rights bandwagon, choosing as it did to award a film about racism instead of one treating homosexuality as an apolitical lifestyle. Or maybe they just liked Crash better. Either way, barely five years later, Crash feels like the easy way out. If the Oscars were going for posterity, then Brokeback Mountain was definitely the way to go.

Based on a 1997 short story by writer Annie Proulx, Brokeback Mountain tells the story of two cattle ranchers in the 1960s who fall in love over the course of a working summer. Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger starred as men forced to live a conventional, heterosexual life even though their hearts belonged only to each other, and deal with those struggles with quiet dignity. Big speeches about inequality and social hypocrisy need not apply. In fact, Brokeback Mountain is so subtle about its treatment of homosexuality that the film could have easily been played as a heterosexual romance with only a few tweaks to the screenplay, making it all the more daring for treating Ledger and Gyllenhaal’s romance completely, no pun intended, straight. Brokeback Mountain isn’t about acceptance, it’s simply accepting. And while it may not have been the absolute best movie of 2005 it’s certainly the kind of progressive drama that the Academy’s been fond of honoring for decades, and seemed at the time – and certainly now in retrospect – to be more deserving of the Hollywood’s biggest honor than Paul Haggis’s comparatively preachy and hammy Crash.

Read more:

A new year brings new Brokie gatherings!

Compiled by CellarDwellar115

2012 is just over a month old, and already, events are being planned for this year! Here's a list of upcoming Brokie gatherings that you may be interested in attending! Click the linked thread titles and join in the discussion!

Beyond Brokeback in Las Vegas – Feb 11th.

"Out West At the Clark County Library" - Staged readings from the book "Beyond Brokeback" with original music by Shawn Kirchner.

Boston Brokie Bash – June 1-4

The 4th Annual "Boston Brokie Bash". This coincides with the Boston AIDS Walk, and Brokies will be registered to walk and raise money for this cause.

Beyond Brokeback in Indianapolis – August 18

The Eiteljorg Museum, which opened in 1989, was founded by Harrison Eiteljorg. The museum showcases Western and Native American art and cultural objects. The museum's design is also inspired by the land, people, and architecture of the American Southwest. Details to follow soon.

UK Gathering – Possible November date

Jack's and Ennis' outfits worn in the Dozy Embrace scene are going to be part of an exhibition of Hollywood costumes at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The exhibition will last from Oct 20, 2012 to January 27, 2013. Dates for the Brokie gathering have not been officially selected yet, but initial votes lean towards November.

Remember, if you have ideas about initiating a gathering, go to Start Your Own Threads and get the ball rolling to plan a get-together near you.

Fun Question of the Month

This month's question: In honor of this being a leap year and the Oscars being awarded this month, what are the only two films to have been awarded its Best Picture Oscar on February 29th?

Let us know your answer in the Response Thread.

Last month's question and answer: Lambs often jump playfully with all four feet in the air at once. What is this called?

The playful jump is called "stotting", and both royandronnie and garyd answered correctly!

From Wikipedia:  "Stotting (also pronking or pronging) is a gait of quadrupeds, particularly gazelles, involving jumping high into the air by lifting all four feet off the ground simultaneously. This may occur during pursuit by a predator. It might also occur during play.

"Stot is a common Scots verb meaning "bounce" or "walk with a bounce." Uses in this case include stotting a ball off a wall or rain stotting off a pavement. Pronking comes from the Afrikaans verb pronk-, which means "show off" or "strut" and is a cognate of the English verb "prance.""

Keepin' It Cowboy

Posted by huntinbuddy in Go West! The Official "Western Images" thread!

"Robert Fuller, a.k.a. Jess Harper in the 60's tv western series Laramie,
and a.k.a. Cooper Smith in another 60's tv western series, Wagon Train"

The Forum Image

Posted by AustinGirl in Pets and Other Animal Friends

"My beautiful cat "Henrietta". She lets me live with her."

Quote of the Day

Bernheim Forest Bullitt County Kentucky Oct 08 (4) by Erik Hitzelberger, on Flickr

“The thing that is most hardest to accept about the passage of time
is that the people who once mattered the most wind up in parentheses.”

~ John Irving, The Cider House Rules ~

Fun with Photo Captions

Posted by Heath4Ever in Photo Captioning Fun 7

"For he loved a little dog".

Contributors: CellarDweller115, Lyle (Mooska), AustinGirl, huntinbuddy, BayCityJohn

Calendar of Events

If you have ideas about initiating a gathering, go to Start Your Own Threads
and get the ball rolling to plan a get-together near you.

Beyond Brokeback in Las Vegas
February 11, 2012

Let us know of any events you’d like listed here.

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"Life can only be understood backwards. Unfortunately, it must be lived forward."
... Kierkegaard

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Re: The Daily Sheet January - April 2012
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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Is the Daily Sheet Back? ? ?

Hello fellow Dave Cullen Forum members!

I’m sure that most (if not all) of you know me, but for those who don’t...let’s be formal and do an introduction.  I’m CellarDweller115, but please call me Chuck.  I’ve been a member here since December 26th, 2005.  I started as a member, was asked to join the Moderator team, and over the years have seen my duties take on many roles.

I know that many of you miss The Daily Sheet, so this is my attempt to put one together, and see if we as a forum can get this feature back on a regular basis.

All I ask is that you keep in mind that I am not a computer genius, so trying to format one of these is a daunting idea.  I’m sure it will not look like other Daily Sheets of the past, but I’m willing to try, if you’re willing to read!

You will notice that The Daily Sheet may not be as big as in the past.  We are scaling back TDS in an effort to make it a more manageable task to produce.

Thanks & Good-bye.

As I'm sure you've all surmised by my appearance here, DCF member Jimmy (gnash) has stepped down from his position as editor of The Daily Sheet.  Jimmy cites an increasing work load and busy life in general which is keeping him away from TDS and the forum as well.  We would like to take a moment to thank Jimmy for his work on TDS.  Jimmy has been a long-time contributor to TDS, eventually becoming the editor.  Jimmy, thanks for all of your efforts and time that you took to keep this feature of the Dave Cullen Forum running for as long as you did.

Anyone who would like to leave an expression of gratitude for Jimmy can do so in the "Respond To The Daily Sheet" thread, which is linked at the bottom of this edition.

Out West Award

The Out West educational program received an award from the city of Los Angeles for their work to commemorate the contributions LGBTQ persons have made to the history of the American West.

The award reads:   "On behalf of the city of Los Angeles, we salute your contributions to the mission of Out West - a historic educational program series designed to shine a light on the history and culture of the LGBTQ comunity in the American West.  You are all angels in the City of Angels."

Gregory Hinton is responsible for the “Out West” program, as well as the stage performances of “Beyond Brokeback – The Impact of a Film,” the forum’s published book. 

There have been some Brokie gatherings at the performances, the next one will be in Indiana.  More on that later.

Jake Gyllenhall’s Stage Debut.

Jake Gyllenhaal has signed on as part of the ensemble cast of Nick Payne's play, If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, which Roundabout Theatre Company will produce late this summer in its Off Broadway space, the Laura Pels Theatre.

A critical hit in its 2009 premiere at London's Bush Theatre, Payne's comic drama is about an off-kilter family who knows what the problems are, but not how to fix them. At the center of the story is Anna, an overweight teenager being bullied at school. In order to protect her, the girl's mother transfers her to to the school where she teaches, but that makes the situation worse.…

Directed by Michael Longhurst, the play begins previews Aug. 24, with official opening set for Sept. 20. The three remaining cast members and design team will be announced shortly.

If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet

Michelle Williams in Machete Kills?

After six years of waiting and listening to “Sin City 2 is coming” Robert Rodriguez confirmed that Sin City 2 is coming. It doesn’t get any more official than a press release. The film is officially titled Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and is preparing for a summer shoot – but it’s just one of two sequels that Rodriguez is currently working on.

Machete Kills, the sequel to 2010 Grindhouse spinoff Machete, also received a green light – and now the filmmaker is looking for a couple of new faces to join star Danny Trejo.

Deadline has word that Rodriguez is eyeing Michelle Williams and Mel Gibson to star alongside Trejo, but does not say what roles they would have in the movie.

The most surprising name that is being considered is Williams. The actress more known for her indie work than being in something as heavy as a Rodriguez movie, but if the actress is looking to be more versatile, then Machete Kills is just the movie.

Machete Kills

Gay Media Group Honors Chaz Bono, Betty White.

Media watchdog the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation brought out some big names in Hollywood over the weekend including American sweetheart Betty White to honor movies, TV shows and performers.

At the annual GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday night, the group gave one honorary trophy to transgender activist and celebrity Chaz Bono, the child of superstar Cher and Sonny Bono, for promoting equal rights in the media. The makers of documentary "Becoming Chaz," Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, earned another trophy for their film about his transformation.

GLADD Media Awards

Museum of Modern Art Hosts James Schamus & Brokeback.


Focus Features: 10th Anniversary Salute
Brokeback Mountain

Followed by a Q&A with James Schamus, Focus Features CEO and Brokeback Mountain producer

Thursday, May 3, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
(Additional screening on May 6, without the Q&A)

The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street  New York, NY 10019
(212) 708-9400

This could be a prime opportunity for NYC Brokies to get together and see James, maybe get an autograph?

Speaking of Brokies meeting up........

2012 Brokie Gatherings!

The year keeps movin’ on, and this brings us closer to upcoming Brokie gatherings.
The first one on the calendar is the Boston Brokie Bash – AIDS Walk.  This will be taking place June 1st – 4th.  Team Brokeback is participating in the walk, and hoping to raise $5,000.00 in total.  If you would like to attend the event,  please visit the Boston Brokie Bash thread here.

4th Annual Boston Brokie Bash

If you would like to sponsor Team Brokeback, you can do so here.

Team Brokeback Mountain

You can sponsor the team as a whole by clicking “Support Team Brokeback Mountain,” or you can scroll down to the list of team members’ names, and click a specific team member to support.

Please DO NOT contact walkers to give them funds.  Any donations should be made through the website to ensure funds go where you have donated them to.

The weekend of August 17th - 19th will have Brokies gathering in Indianapolis, Indiana. The event will feature a performance of "Beyond Brokeback - The Impact of a Film."  The performance will take place at The Eiteljorg Museum, which opened in 1989.  The museum showcases Western and Native American art and cultural objects. The museum's design is also inspired by the land, people, and architecture of the American Southwest.

1:00 PM Hidden Histories Gallery Tour with curators, James Nottage, Jim Wilke and Gregory Hinton

3:30 PM Screening of Brokeback Mountain

5:30 PM Dinner Break

7:00 PM Beyond Brokeback, presented by the Indiana Repertory Theatre

For more information on this event, please visit the thread for it, here.

Beyond Brokeback in Indianapolis - August 18, 2012 

The weekend of November 9th - 12th will have Brokies gathering in London, England.  The Victoria & Albert is running an exhibition called "Hollywood Costume" and Jack's & Ennis' outfits from Brokeback will be on display along side costumes of Dorothy Gale, Indiana Jones, Scarlett O'Hara, Jack Sparrow, Holly Golightly and Darth Vader.

Links to purchase tickets for the exhibit (as well as the date & time that Brokies are going) and a link to affordable lodgings for the weekend are posted in the thread.  For information on the event, please see the thread at the link below.

Exhibition of BBM Costumes

A new forum thread, The Places We've Been!


One of the newer threads on the forum has been getting a lot of attention lately, and with good reason.  Suggested by IngmarNiceBbMt, this thread is set up for you to post pictures of your travels, and to discuss the sights, and cultures you experienced while away. 

This thread has already passed 120 pages, and features images from around the world.  Feel free to read, learn, and post your own additions to this interesting new thread!

The Places We've Been - Pictures from Abroad and Travelogues

Contributors: BayCityJohn, CellarDweller115

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