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Author Topic: Diamonds in youtube's rough  (Read 28690 times)

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Re: Diamonds in youtube's rough
« Reply #165 on: September 20, 2022, 03:50:22 PM »
Does the name Gordon Jenkins ring a bell? I bet it does, for a lot of you.

He was one of Americaís best known band leaders and popular music arrangers in the early fifties (and maybe my favorite). At any rate, he had several smash hits, using little-known vocalists, one of whom was named Sandy Evans.

Jenkins and Evans recorded My Foolish Heart in 1950. I canít explain it, but I fell in love with the song. I thought Jenkinís one-fingered melody was inspired, and Evans uncluttered delivery was the height of sophistication. I still love it.

But ya know, thereís an odd twist to this story. I have never seen a picture of Sandy Evans. Iíd like to know what he looked like. Google and Bing link to a couple old recordings of his, but thatís about it. He sang a bit with Jimmy Dorseyís orchestra, but that doesnít help much either.

So hereís a challenge for you: find me a picture of 1950s singer Sandy Evans.

And why are we shown this trivial detail? Because that truck carries the most important cargo of our puny lives:  love and hope.