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Author Topic: What Movie Did You Watch This Weekend? The Third.  (Read 158981 times)

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Re: What Movie Did You Watch This Weekend? The Third.
« Reply #2655 on: Yesterday at 04:48:11 PM »
^^^^ Surely you jest?    :o 

"Field of Dreams" is based on the book "Shoeless Joe Jackson".  I want full body chill bumps and a good tear, then this one will get me every time.  I must have seen it 100+ times now.  Even when it's on TV, I'll stop and watch the scenes.

The younger actor who played the father wrote a book about his experience on the set AND afterwards.  A worthy read.  Dwier Brown, "If You Build It... "  ->   (BTW, it might get you too....)

FOD is in the top 5 of my all time favorite films. Damn right!  It will sneak up on you kick you in the gut, then the nads and then for good measure STOMP on you a few times.  Then it lead you through.  Easily the best film Kevin Cosnter has made to date.

BTW, that ending/parting shot was real... they only had a couple minutes to get it.  Hope you get to see it. V.